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Here's something fun my friends and I made up. I don't think it belongs in the game section, because it's just for people who know Sam and Max. If I'm wrong, please move this thread to the games section. Thanks!

It's called "101 Ways to Annoy Sam and Max". All you have to do is put something you think would annoy them, until we have 101 ways. You can put up to five if you want. Be sure to number them. I'll start.

1. Call their phone claiming you're the commissioner and you demand donuts NOW.

2. Refer to them as "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers". (XD)

3. Leave them a voicemail telling them that they've got a new voicemail.

4. Constantly say "Hi, I'm Hugh Bliss!" to them.

5. Stalk them. Nuff said.

(Edit: You can put more later if you think of some, but wait a few posts between your last post)


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    6.Call Sam McGruff.
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    7. Put sam and Peepers in the same room, who will survive?!?
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    8. Transport Sam and Max back in time 1 1/2 years
    9. Offer Sam an item that cost 8 dollars to make for a million dollars
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    I've got a few.

    10. Sing the Soda Poppers theme song to them.

    11. Sue them for endangering the safety of others.

    12. Compare them to cartoon characters.

    13. Resurrect the Soda Poppers.

    14. Smoke. Sam, at least, doesn't seem to like it.
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    15 Separate them from their treasured vices.

    16 Hypnotize Sam.

    17 Put Sam in his own personal Hell.

    18 Talk about Brady Culture a whole lot.

    19 Force Max to work out a non-violent solution to a problem.
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    20. Lock Max in a closet. He seems to be claustrophobic.
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    21. Sepperate there bliss.
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    eh, good point
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    22. Rally all of England and Canada for a Hostile takeover of America.
    23. Paint the words "B*ll*cks to Sam and Max" on the moon.
    24. Summon Shambling-Incorporated-Greg for a DDR contest.
    25. Ruin Christmas.
    26. Force them to play Kaizo Mario and Syobon Action back to back.
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    27. Guard every door that they want to get through.
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    28. Draw on their window with lipstick.

    29. Give Sam a pink-belly. (LOL)

    30. Dress Max like a girl.
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    31. make the Woman equivalent of Max hit on him.
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    32. draw a picture of sam and max and label there names oppisitely
    (under the pic of sam it says max and under the pic of max it says sam)
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    33. Sell the veryveryveryveryVERY early beta of Sam & Max: Freelance police (NO TEXTURES, DIALOG, OR ANYTHING!)
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    34. Point out their grammatical mistakes
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    35. Point out how they *should* have ruined the universe in 204
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    36. Tell jokes that are not funny or related to anything else.

    37. Set Leonard free. (Even though I would NEVER do this, it would still be hilarious)

    38. Ask Max where he keeps his gun.

    39. Hint that their relationship is "more than just friends".
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    40. Run for president of the US.
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    42.Call Max an overgrown mouse
    43.call them and tell them that there in a game and you hate it (of course,i would never do this)
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    As much as I hate bumping old topics...

    44. Apply logic to their world.
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    45: Become a policeman and move on the street they live.

    46: Call Max hello kitty.

    47: Put clothes on Max.
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