I'm through with Lucasarts.

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I hate to turn almost every single post I make into some sort of whine about how annoyed I am with Lucasarts for cancelling the sequels to two of my most favourite games ever so I hope this will be the last time. This means I will also stop demanding that Telltale buys out the license to all of the SCUMM games (Although that would be almost too wonderful to believe). But I realised something today, Lucasarts (or Lucasfilm Games as they were once known) has changed into an enormous filthy arse of a company compared to its once wonderful awesomeness. No longer are they concerned with trying to make quality titles on original products and unexpected but cool licenses and are now too concerned with trying to milk every last drop out of the now truly empty bucket of Star Wars ideas (yeah, maybe it has been pretty obvious for some time now but I kind of hoped deep down that they would change back and surprise me with some exciting new game filled with the old Lucasartsy love).

In 'The Worlds Fastest Indian' (which, by the way is a really good movie) which I just saw there was one scene where they're getting escorted by this band of bikers and the similarity to Biker Ben and his gang from Full Throttle felt so enormously strong I briefly wondered if maybe they were based on them. Then, when the movie finished I thought about when Lucasarts cancelled the second game because apparently it was too beat-'em-up styled for the license and they didn't want to upset any of the fans by screwing around with the adventure fun of the game. As I was travelling home it occurred to me that if that was the case, why didn't Lucasarts just take the Beat-'em-up sections out of the game and remake it? Then I realised that Lucasarts doesn't give a rats arse about their licenses as well. Look at all the crap they've released under the Star Wars banner. Even the Dark Forces games (One of the few good games based on Star Wars) have had Raven come along and screw about with them and Jedi Academy was the result. So we can see from this that Lucasarts obviously doesn't give a damn about their stuff and have turned into yet another faceless money grabbing company. I think I needn't say anything about Sam and Max as that license is now safe and warm with Telltale games.

I'd like Lucasarts to know that your old fan base is gone now thanks to the fact that you seem to have lost the ability to make anything good and are content to continue wheeling out your Star Wars related smut to the general public. They too will eventually lose interest in Star Wars. Mister Beardy (Geroge Lucas) has taken care of that by screwing up the new movies and slowly but surely attempting to bugger up the classics. It is my hope that you see the error of your ways and try to make some new, original, and above all FUN games but I say this laughingly because I know you won't.

Good day.


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    I would have loved to see LA continue with adventure games but it is their loss. At one time I had hoped to work from them once I was finished school but I had to cross them off my list since I don't really feel like making Star Wars games either. Although I am interested in seeing what empire at war will be like. I don't think the tech tree has enough depth to it (where are the B-wings???? as well as some other ships). I'm not too sure how accurate the galaxy map is in the game and could probably use a little overhaul. Also the galaxy interface should have been turn based to allow players to plan out and manage their attacks better. The space and ground battles still need some tweeks but hopefully we will see that before the game is released on the 16th. If the game isn't that great I think it is a step in the right direction for a star wars game. (honestly I hate mostly all the prequel content in the recent star wars games.) I won't reveal too much of what I'd do with a game like that since I want to get credit for it and not have someone steal my idea :p
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    Although I am interested in seeing what empire at war will be like. I don't think the tech tree has enough depth to it (where are the B-wings???? as well as some other ships).
    They have to save a FEW things for the obligatory expansion pack they'll release a couple months later.
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    Too bad this game is so close to the release already. I would have liked to start a petition like the fans did for Heroes of might and magic V to delay the game so it could be better. oh and vaders ship isn't in it either :(( . To me I don't know why a designer wouldn't want to put this into the game. Everyone wants to rule the galaxy with an iron fist.... but well I guess it shouldn't get this post too far off track. To sum things up. Many of the games start off with a good idea but then fall flat on their face. Take the star wars bounty hunter game. I don't know why they used Jango fett for the story but it was a mistake.... sigh before I get going too much on why episodes 1-3 should be destroyed and forgotten lets just say that a bounty hunter game with boba fett (before they wrecked his character in episodes 1-3) could have been a great game. hmmm I still seem to be yammering on... I would like to see the company turn around and make good games again but I fear that won't be anytime soon
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