Wallace and Gromit vs. Diablo 3

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Does anyone think that telltale has a blizzard attitude toward release dates?

"Diablo 3 is ready when it's ready", sort of like how telltale has given us the date: "Soonerish" for Wallace and Gromit. (wait, no that was grumpy gamer)


  • NickTTGNickTTG Telltale Alumni
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    Diablo iii ftw!!!
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    Telltale is normally pretty good about giving release dates when they actually have them and then those dates being correct. If they say there's none yet it's because there's none yet. But "coming this spring" means one could assume sometime in the next 2 to 5 months and is not as vague as "when it's ready."
  • ShauntronShauntron Telltale Alumni
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    I'd like to think Wallace's Spring 2009 is less vague (and much closer) than the yet unknown release date of Diablo 3 :)

    That said, Telltale shares Blizzard's desire to release games when they're ready.
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