The Biggest of Cities

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This is a new adventure, It'll be posed in Gmod (So don't expect regular updates, Maybe 1-3 updates a day) and will work on a multiple choice system.

You are Ray Thason, a College graduate going to the City on his private Helicopter to seek his fortunes.
You must find a hotel to spend the night, But it occurs that getting off the building may be somewhat a problem, as the door down has been locked.
What do you do;
A) Brake the door down.
B) Jump off the side, After all, You'll only suffer minimal injuries *Hic*.
C) Use the Rope you have to abseil down slowly.
D) Call a Superhero/Magical Being to help you.


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    > B
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    You wake up in some sort of clinical center.
    You: What... Happe-... Who's tha-...
    Man: That wasn't smart was it?
    You: Who're you?
    Man: names Heath Sturgeon, local Medic.
    You: Medic!? Don't those guys just ease the pain until you d-
    Sturgeon: Yes. It wasn't me who cured you of your 2 broken legs, cracked skull, fractured arms and possible puncturing of the lungs.
    You: Then... Who?
    Sturgeon: The City's caster, She's a quiet one, but undoubtedly useful.
    You: Caster? Don't see many of them around anymore.
    Sturgeon: Indeed, But anyway, You should be perfectly fine to leave right now, Ok?
    You: Sure, Got any suggestions of hotels?
    Sturgeon: Well, There's always the Devious Dartmouse or th-
    ???: Head to the Writer's Block. They are good.
    You: O... Kay then...

    That was an odd encounter... But at least you aren't dead.
    What should you do;
    A) Head to the Writer's Block, Sounds like a nice place.
    B) Go looking for a job. There has to be SOMETHING in this city.
    C) Go looking for an old contact, Who moved to the city 2 years ago.
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    A) Head to the Writer's Block, Sounds like a nice place.
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    Snicklin wrote: »
    A) Head to the Writer's Block, Sounds like a nice place.

    A nice place, but certainly not a nice situation.

    Despite this, I agree.

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    Who was that mysterious woman? Why did she send me to the Writer's Block? Regardless, I headed over to it posthaste...
    Looks like a nice enough place... If you can get over the battered and mangled robots...

    I'm beginning to have second thoughts... What should I do?
    A) Go inside. It can't be as bad as the outside looks.
    B) Go looking for that woman, She sounded familiar...
    C) Runaway screaming.
    D) Do the Chicken Dance!
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    B) Go looking for that woman, She sounded familiar...
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    Using the telescope that is on a high building, You search for her, But to no avail, However... There's a note in your pocket that says;
    It seems to be written in another language, And your degree didn't cover things like that.
    How strange...

    *Strange Note added to Inventory*

    That was pointless... What should I do?
    A) Head Back to the Block.
    B) Look for a store to buy some Supplies and food. I'm hungry.
    C) Go to the Arcade. I'm real Bored.
    D) Look for a bar or someone to pick a fight with.

    (Also, Are you guys gettin' tired of bad over-the-shoulder shots with bad DoF?)
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    "Back to the turn. It's not too late." it says.

    A) Head Back to the Block.
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    EDIT: *Sigh* Ray is experiencing technical difficulties taking the last picture (Very bad Vertex Errors) So I'll get it posted tomorrow, But you can see the first 2/3 of the post.
    You go into the hotel, and see a bright flash of light. When you open your eyes... You see something odd.
    You proceed down the *ahem* Stairs and come to the realization that you aren't in the city anymore.

    I think I'm going to go to the tunnels. What should I do;
    A) Go to the tunnels.
    B) Go to the tunnels.
    C) Go to the tunnels.
    D) Dance! Just kidding.
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    D) Dance!
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    D) Dance!

    Then, B) Go to the tunnels.
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    hmm...I can't choose btween A and C, but B's just stupid, so I'll leave that one.
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    ...Be... Grateful... I had to change map JUST to get a shot in an Orange and Grey Tunnel, But sadly, It's not as good as the tunnel in the other map. *sigh*
    You walk into the tunnels and-
    AH! Some kind of monster has jumped out at you!
    Somehow, There's a sword in your hands, But you don't think your fighting skills will do much good...

    Ah! What do I do!
    A) Fight this beast, HEAD ON!
    B) Run! You haven't got a chance!
    C) Try and lure it away from the tunnels and get a sneak attack in.
    D) Try and take it down BARE HANDS!... No, wait, That'd be dumb.

    (Also, For those who want dancing, It'll be in the "End of Chapter 1; Bonus Features")
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    I'll post it tomorrow, But only about 3-ish more parts until Chapter end, And Chapter 2's format may be different. That okay?
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    That okay?

    Fine by me.
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    You Fight the beast and eventually end up outside...
    You dodge a blow from the beast, And it loses track of you, And while it is emitting a loud, High pitch sound...
    You sneak behind it and notice a strange symbol, Perhaps some kind of weak point...
    You stab your sword STRAIGHT THROUGH the Monster's back, Bringing it right to the ground, Moaning in pain. The beast is vanquished!

    You turn around and walk away, but...
    a bright light appears before you, And suddenly, you feel... different.
    Alright, Since the last part's plot is already decided, Let's have a vote for bonus content on the Episode 1 Bonus Chapter, There'll be two, One for this part, And one for the next.

    A) Character Bios/Facts/Interviews
    B) Next episode preview
    C) Random Funny Poses (From Ray's screenshot folder)
    D) Serious Stuff.
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    I vote C
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    I also vote C.
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    (Also, For those who want dancing, It'll be in the "End of Chapter 1; Bonus Features")

    I was promised dancing!

    >E - Dancing

    However, since I suspect that random funny poses may include dancing, I'll also vote for a choice presented to me,


    the least useful and most entertaining choice of the lot.
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    When you open your eyes, You see something else that's strange
    "I swear- I'm really getting sick of dimensional travel now".
    You look forward, and there's some kind of glow...
    You do not understand what it is saying, But you seem to get the message.
    "Umm... Hello?"
    "冷静さを保つてください。 私はあなたを傷つけるものではありません。"
    "Well that's a relief, Say, Wouldn't know why I'm going through these really trippy dream worlds, Wouldya?"
    "Doesn't surprise me... but... Who are you?"
    "私はキャスター番号7 。わたしは...
    "...That sounded better in your head, yeah?"
    "*sigh* I guess you need ME to rid the world of some evil or fulfill some prophecy, right?"
    "Fine, Take me back to the city then..."
    "I'm gonna throw uuup!"
    Time to vote for Bonus thing content 2/3;
    A) Character Bios/Facts/Interviews.
    B) Next episode preview.
    C) List of what things say in japanese.
    D) Serious Stuff.
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    B) Next episode preview.
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    C)List of what japanese stuff says
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    Guys, Sorry there haven't been updates in a week, I took a break for half term, I'll try and get back on track next monday.
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    Question about gmod? Did you get the pack with orange box or just half-life...
    Cause it looks like one of the stages is a TF2 Stage.
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    I DO have TF2, But none of the maps themselves are from it (gm_bigcity, gm_develepor_otter, and gm_construct, I believe).
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    Well,I am expecting next part to have some heavy weapons guy..And maybe a Pyro,and a scout...
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    I would usually say something about my game idea rules, but since my game is dead now I'll let anyone use my idea. Plus, yours has G-mod.
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    In this episode, use characters from Team Fortress 2.
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    I am REALLY sorry guys, But my bandwidth has been cut and I can't log in to steam and just when I get the Outlaw Star theme on HLSS...
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    Same thing here. I can't go on TF2, because Steam's server is too busy for anyone else logging in. Maybe we should wait until next week, guys.
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    Indeed, I may get the preview bonus but thats about it.
    Also; Here's a preview of the preview; "I AM CRUSH PUNY MEN WITH MY HANDS!"
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    Dundidledun Dundidledun Dundidledun Duh Dun Dn Dun dn duh!
    I'm Heavy weapons guy.
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    "I am full of sandvich and I am coming for you!"

    Ha ha ha ha!
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    "Ommm Nommmm Nommmm!"
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    No. It goes "nom nom nom om nom nom".
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