Big thunbs up!

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I just wanted to say I really liked the demo of the bumble bee that made me hit the order button in no time at all ;) I love the dark humor of Sam and Max but I also like the subtle humor of Wallice and Gromit. Well done guys (and gals)! It looks and feels very good. It made me smile at a game again, and that hasn't happened a long time indeed.

Keep up the good work and keep 'm coming!
Kind regards


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    Indeed a great game!
  • IcyIcy
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    Loved it! The style is true British and really catches the W & G theme. Think Telltale and Aardman Animations can be proud with this effort. Looking forward to the next part, May can't come soon enough.
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    The episode is just as charming as the movies. I was smiling the whole time and loved Wallace's comments and Gromit's reactions.
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    I love how the game really looks like a Northern town, too. The faintly industrial skyline behind the terrace homes, that blue-grey light, even in full sun. Subtle, but it makes it really feel true to the place. Not that I'm from the U.K., but I know people who live in Sunderland.
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    Second thumb up, this game met my expectations and blew them through the roof. Loved the art direction and general feel. Cracking good job.
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    I haven't played through the whole game yet but I am in agreement, definitely a thumbs up. You guys did an excellent job of capturing the feel of the shorts and the setting and artwork is brilliant and full of charm. I am very glad that Aardman teamed up with Telltale Games to create a game that finally does justice to these characters.
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    Love it!!!

    I've just served breakfast. I'm feeling like playing 'the day of the tentacle' again!
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