Gamepad/keyboard doesn't work in "bookmarks" screen?

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I'm using a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 on Vista to play, and it's working great (although being able to re-map the controls in the game would be nice), but they gamepad doesn't seem to work in the screen where you load your saved games.
Although I just noticed that neither does the keyboard, only mouse controls seem to work.

Bug? Feature? :D

Also, why are they called "bookmarks" in this game? Any W&G-universe-reference I'm missing?


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    I think they're called bookmarks because the game is presented more like an interactive short, with the cinematic framing and no dialog options, rather than a traditional point and click game like Sam & Max.

    It helps to the feeling of the format if I can say that way.
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    prefect47 wrote: »
    Bug? Feature? :D

    Yes. On the PC, the bookmark menu is not navigable with a controller.

    Hopefully you shouldn't need to manage bookmarks too often anyway. The game autosaves very often, including when you exit.
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