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Help Telltale, I want to participate in the grand adventures. I scaned my idea in my computer, I register in the WG Website. Then when I upload the picture it says it must be appoved. It was a day ago and it hasn't pop up on the site yet. the contest is nearly over. Can you do anything for me, I just want to have a chance to illustrate my creations. I'll upload my picture in the site. Can you put it on the contest selection. Please Telltale, please.
Thanks, SB
P.S.: I'm registred on the WG site with Superbosco2 and there's my artwork.

Edit: please ignore this comment, my image was publiled in the web site but you can check my picture though


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    Is the contest is about to draw a Wallace and Gromit scene, or about draw a new character which I did, or is it freestyle?
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    I believe its just any Wallace and Gromit styled artwork; something that would fit in their world. Be it landscape or characters or whatever.
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    Wheew, thanks... I'm relived
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