xbox trials

so, how will you handle those trials that microsoft makes you have for every live arcade game?
and yeah, i know this has been asked before, but will sbcg4ap be avaible for xbox in futre?


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    There is a demo available on the website for the PC version...
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    no, i ment how every xbox live arcade game has to have a trial game included. they cant use the one they have now for all of them, because the demo for pc consists of the tutorial, and parts from FOTB, witch shouldent be in the last resort, muzzled and bogey man.
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    Well, as much as I hate to say it, Yes they could have parts from FOTB in every epsiode.
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    The Xbox demo will be the same as the PC demo.

    Also, we do hope to bring more games to XBLA in the future, but don't have any specific announcements about Strong Bad at the moment...
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    Yep, it's the same: tutorial, garden and chase sequence. It looks pretty much like the PC version at maximum settings, and moves smoothly for the most part. I was surprised to see leaderboards though :D They seem to be for how many unique lines you have gotten through your playthrough.
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    will it be like that for episode 2 is my question.
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