Fanfic: Skin-Deep [Sequel to Growing Pains]

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"I wish the others were here..."

Title: Skin-Deep [Part 1/5] -Sequel to Growing Pains-


Characters: Luke, Clementine & others in due time.

Genres: Friendship/Family

Rating: T

Details: A chance to live like normal human beings, that’d once been a dream too big to contemplate it ever happening beyond all this. Yet here they were behind those walls of safety in Wellington, with that one chance in a million to start over again. It wouldn’t be easy, nobody ever said it would be…but they’d deal with it, one day at a time.

Themes: Walls by Anadel & Yellow Light by Of Monsters & Men



  • Months late in doing so, but I forgot to update this thread:

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    "You should count yourself lucky and be thankful to that little girl, because she's the only reason you're here right now..."

    Title: Skin-Deep

    Chapter 2: Hurdles


    Characters: Luke, Clementine & others

    Genres: Friendship/Family

    Rating: T

    Chapter Details: When life gives you lemons, it was maybe best not to go pissing folks off by squirting said lemons in their eyes. One of these days he was going to catch a break, but right now? Nah, not so much. It was more of a uh, work in progress kinda deal.

    Why bad luck kept following Luke everywhere, he’d never know.


    Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men:

    We Sink - Of Monsters and Men:

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