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I'm sorry but this ahas been asked so many times and we still don't have anything yet, why is it taking so long to get subtitles for the games. I mean I'm not a programmer (not in game though) but when thinking on making a game the fact is that everything is not in the engine but in specific file like dialogs, scenes, ... So I really don't understand why it's taking so long to get subsitles. It should just be an added file and an option in the menu to switch them to the choosen language.

I must say that I was really looking to get them for Bone, and now that almost one year have gone by, and that there are still no clue about this specific and very important thing. To me it's like saying We don't care about non english speaking people. I'm sure you don't really know that many people wants these game in their language, and of course I can speak only for France, but there are a lot of people asking for them. As well as for Sam & Max, which is really awaited here, but I can tell that if it comes without any french subtitles not som much people will buy it.

So try to get them closer to the games release, I think it is really important and it could draw more sales in, which is a good point fo you, I don't think that just translating texts subtitles is so long to do. I

I really hope you'll be able to provide some information on that matter, so that I might be able to gave information back in french to people who awaits it. I4ve bought the first bone, and I must say I did not bought the second episode and will not buy the new Sam & Max until they have localized subtitles available.



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    Hi Wedge,

    Thanks for the feedback. Several months ago we were all set to release subtitled versions of the first Bone game (French, Spanish, and German), and then a deal came up with a European publisher that caused us to put those plans on hold for a little while. The plan is still to get out localized versions of the Bone games to as many European countries as possible! But the details of how it's going to happen are still being worked out.

    Believe me, we absolutely DO care about non-English speaking people. :) We know that a lot of our customers are outside of the US, and that some won't buy games that are only released in English. But we're also still a pretty small company, and the Bone games are self-published which means we don't have the same resources for localizations that big publishers have. Getting everything done that we want to do can be a balancing act sometimes.

    As soon as we have the details of localized Bone games nailed down, we'll make that info available to the fans!
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