Can I install the demo and full version together?

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Hello, I have the "Fright of the Bumblebees" installed but I would like to put the demo on my xbox too. Can I load both games or will installing the demo wipe out my paid version of the game? Thank you.


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    I'm pretty sure they're both the same download, the only difference is you have a key file saying you're entitled to play the full game. What I'd expect to happen is that if you downloaded the demo it would just replace the full game with the full game.
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    That was the case with Sam and Max and SBCG4AP, Rubarack, but not for W&G - check the file sizes! The demo is much smaller.

    I don't know if both can be installed together. I uninstalled the demo before installing the full game.
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    We're talking about the Xbox one here right? I haven't got the full game on that but the PC full game is 335 meg, almost exactly the size of the 360 demo. It could be down to lesser compression but I wouldn't have thought so.
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    I don't know WHY you'd want the demo, but still, it'd be easy to get.

    Just delete the game from your hard drive, and download it with a Live account other than the one you bought it with. Make a new one just for it if you have to. The Live account that bought the game will be about to re-download and/or re-activate the full version of the game when you're done messing with the demo for whatever reason.
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