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Welcome to the Wolf Among Us forum on the Telltale Community!

If you have a problem, you can report a post with the "Flag" button on the upper righthand corner of a post, or you can also start a Private Discussion with one of the Moderators.

Visit Telltale Support Center for Game Support

Instead of making a thread asking for game support, please consult the Telltale Support Center for assistance.

Any game support threads created will be locked and moved to the archived Support Forum, as it is preferred you Submit a Request instead.

Forum Guidelines

As a general rule of thumb, let's pretend you're at a house party with friends. You're here to have fun, but you don't want to get kicked out of the party...and you presumably want the people there to be your friends at the end of the day. Oh, yeah, and keep your feet off the couch. Thanks.

[Please note that the below guidelines are in addition to the website's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.]

1.1 R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Be respectful to other community members, moderators, and Telltale team members. Avoid insults, hate speech, platform wars, and trolling.

Let’s talk “Trolling”...
Trolling is posting provocatively with reasonable expectation of provoking an emotional response (intentional or not). Trolling can include:

  • Non-constructive feedback or comments.

  • Accusing Others of Trolling - Calling someone a troll or accusing them of trolling is a form of trolling in itself. If you feel someone is behaving in a manner not consistent with these rules, please check in with a Moderator.

  • Excessive Reporting of Posts - Using the "Report this post to a Moderator" function of the forums to draw attention to a specific cause, to target an individual or to bypass a forum suspension or ban is considered trolling, particularly if it is used frequently for the purpose.

  • Personal attacks which include calling someone stupid, saying "You suck," "I wish you would die," or "You should be fired."

  • Attacking groups of people, companies, and other countries is similarly prohibited.

  • Attacks specifically regarding race, religion, abilities, or sexual orientation are grounds for immediate suspension or banning.

1.2 If discussion gets heated or breaks guidelines, use the "Flag" button to report offending posts/discussions instead of fighting back! Moderators can look into flagged posts and clean up offensive content/get discussion back on track. Don't abuse the Flag system.

1.3 Avoid posting content that is obscene, gross, violent, or otherwise NSFW. We are not going to have debates on what is considered NSFW, just use your common sense and good judgement. Also avoid discussions of topics that lead into controversial or inflammatory discussions such as politics or religion.

1.4 Let's communicate constructively. Whether between players or directly with Telltale employees when they pop their heads in here. Be constructive. You've got questions? Ask away. Got comments? Go for it. Please note that most staff members cannot directly comment on future episode release dates, upcoming episode spoilers, etc.

1.5 Try to keep off topic posts to a minimum. If you think a certain topic is not worth discussing, don't try to destroy the ongoing discussion with arguments, ironic posts, trolling, etc. Just refrain from posting in that thread, or flag any posts if necessary.

1.6 Posting two (or more!) times in a row in the same discussion and replying to yourself are considered poor forum etiquette. Use the "Edit" button to update your comments if you suddenly think of something else to add.

1.7 Avoid cross-posting the same topic or conversation repeatedly and/or across multiple threads. This splits conversation into multiple channels. If a conversation is relevant to multiple groups, post a link to the main conversation. Cross-posting makes it harder to track the whole conversation for everyone.

1.8 Before you open a new discussion, please check for existing discussions on the same subject. That'll help avoid seeing your posts locked, moved, or merged.

1.9 If you want to discuss things like Character Shipping or Character Appreciation, do so in a thread that already focuses on actual story discussion. General Chat Threads dedicated solely to statements of the "Yeah, [insert character name/ship here] is pretty cool" nature just do not make great community discussion material.

1.10 Spoiler Warnings: use 'em! If your comment contains spoilers, warn people. When an episode is newly released, avoid putting direct spoilers in discussion titles - stick to vague spoiler references or use asterisks to hide spoilers.

1.11 You are entitled to one (1) forum account. Please don't create confusion by using more than one forum identity, and don't create confusion by sharing your password or letting others post under your account.

1.12 Don't post in old and/or inactive threads just to "bump" them back up to the top. If something new and relevant comes up or if you otherwise have a good reason to add something new to discussion, that is fine.

1.13 Do not post personal information about a user or staff without their permission, including (but not limited to) names, pictures, etc. Do not make memes of users, moderators, or staff members (past and present). This is a big one. We respect your privacy and we expect you to do the same. Violation of this is grounds for a ban.

2.1 Fan art, fan fiction, and let's play/walkthrough links may be posted by community members in the appropriate discussions. Games you made, books you wrote etc. which do not concern one of Telltale's games can be announced in the "General Chat" section.

2.2 Make sure that you're still here for the community discussion first, not primarily for making people aware of this video walkthrough or that fan fiction. Only participating community members have that right.

2.3 We love all our fans streaming out there, but please keep all posts promoting your Let’s Plays in one thread.

2.4 Links or references to any kind of community-made patches/game modifications for Telltale's games (including unofficial foreign language subtitles) cannot be posted here. Additionally, please refrain from discussing content found within game files that could potentially be relevant for future episodes.

2.5 Advocating intellectual property piracy of any kind (software, movies, music, comics, etc) on this forum, posting links to download sites or naming these sites for reference, admitting to piracy or threats/insinuations/announcements of such actions will all lead to an immediate ban. Community members are discouraged from discussing piracy even if they respond with counter-arguments to a piracy-advocating member.

2.6 Telltale and our community are absolutely not interested in home loans, Nigerian bank accounts, online streaming services and the like. Please report obvious spam threads/comments using the "Flag" button and do not reply to them.

2.7 Take your customer support questions directly to our team! Customer Service interactions are sensitive, due to privacy concerns. We are never going to ask for nor should you share personal information in our forums. If you do, in fact, need help, your first stop should ALWAYS be the Telltale Player Support Page.

3.1 Use swear words if you like, but sparingly. There are no swear filters on this forum. Try to not make us regret this. Seriously.

3.2 Please use accents like large font, colored text, all caps, pictures, animated gifs, emoticons etc. sparingly and for good reason. Typing a Hashtag makes your font large, so if you want to type a Twitter Hashtag instead of using a large font, type a space or something else in front of the hashtag.

3.3 Within a reasonable amount, try to communicate clearly. Your posts don't have to be perfect but it's better if you avoid posting in "txt" speak, ALL CAPS, a single long wall of text with no paragraphs, etc. (It's okay if you have disabilities or other valid reasons to not post clearly).

3.4 Meme responsibly. Memes, reaction images/videos, etc are fine in normal amounts, but we prefer you focus first on making actual posts with genuine substance when you can. Accounts that focus only on posting gimmicky or low effort content might get a time out until posting quality improves.

4.1 Ignoring the forum guidelines or warnings from moderators may result in a forum member being temporarily banned (duration to be at the mod or admin's discretion). During such a timeout, all games purchased from the Telltale online store by the banned member will remain intact and can still be played.

4.2 Never attempt to circumvent a ban by creating a new account. The timeout would at least be doubled immediately, or longer than that if deemed appropriate.

4.3 Do not talk about users behind their backs during a ban. If you have concerns, send a Private Discussion to a Moderator.

4.4 Moderators and Staff reserve the rights to edit/delete/close discussions at their discretion. Do not derail public discussions to talk about Forum Moderation; if you have issues or questions in regards to Forum Moderation, contact a Volunteer Moderator or one of the Community Managers from Telltale Staff.

These rules are not comprehensive and are provided as a general outline of conduct for Telltale-maintained forums and communication channels. Please be civil, follow the rules, and keep doing what you've been doing here for years -- having fun and connecting with fellow fans. Failure to follow these rules or any direction from Telltale staff or volunteers may result in your posting privileges being suspended, either temporarily or permanently.

Anyhow, with all that out of the way, let’s just get back to doing what you’ve been doing all along: Having fun - and sharing stuff!

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