Wallace and gromit dvd question for telltale team

Hello ladies and gents I am a massive fan of all the games that are released by telltale and have both seasons of sam and max, monkey island on pre-order full season and the first two episodes of wallace and gromit. what I want to know is I bought the wallace and gromit episodes individually and intend to do the same with the 3rd and 4th episode when they are released as I wll then have the full season is it still possible to get the dvd? I really hope so. with sam and max and monkey island I knew the type of thing to expect so went ahead and got these and paid the $10 for the dvd at the end of the season, with wallace and gromit I was unsure but now that I am enjoying these games I would like the dvd when the season is over.


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    From previous cases that I've seen, you generally just have to send an e-mail to support and they'll take care of it for you.
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