english subtitles, please !!

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dear telltale team, i bought the complete wallace&gromit season via steam.
sadly, my steam version has german subtitles, only.

for some native language subtitle might be fine, but i find it very irritating to hear english but have to read german. i definitely would like to have english subtitles to support my medium good english listening.

is there anything that you can do for me? i would really appreciate a patch or something that would enable english subtitles.

thanks in advance!


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    With Steam, it should be possible to right-click the episodes go to Properties and choose another language via the Language tab. At least it is with VALVe games, e.g.
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    thank you for the tip, i will try that this evening.

    but - are there english subtitles for w&g, at all ?
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    herc wrote: »
    but - are there english subtitles for w&g, at all ?
    Yes. - At least for the version Telltale sells in their online store.
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    thank you both alot! switching the language setting under steam options for the game to english solved my problem.
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