Any TWDG Roleplays/interactive fics here that are open to canon characters?

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I see a lot with OCs so I'm just curious, esp. since season 2 had some missed potential and I've love to have fun exploring some what-ifs. (If you'd like a sense of my writing style then here's a link to some fic stuff, if you're interested)

I roleplay Luke off-site (surprise surprise, right?) from just after his death (or an au situation where he's been rescued and basically have been dying to bounce off a Carver, Kenny, Bonnie or, hell, just any of the Cabin Crew. S1 folk would be wicked, too. Where I'm at, TWDG RPers are rare and 99% of new ones are Clementines, haha. Not that there's anything wrong with Clem, she's absolutely adorable! But it also means you rarely if ever get to see a Carlos or Sarah or Kenny or get the chance to write with them. /geek woes That said, I'm totally open to throwing Luke at OCs, if that's welcome, so please offer recommendations if you have 'em.

Anyway, thanks guys, keep on writing, and have fun!


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