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I think Microsoft really needs to make a decent Win95 emulator.
Seriously, on my desk just now i have a bunch of games including: The 11th hour, Escape from horrorland, Dark Forces, and a whole lot besides. Iknow they're not actually often that good but i want to play them nonetheless.
However, the only way i'm going to play any of these is if i go down to the garage, lift 2-3 fairly heavy boxes of crap up to my room, lay out the ol' Win95 computer inside onto my desk, plug it all in, and then spend half an hour while it laughs at me getting it to work. It's not fun. Hell, the only reason it all still works is because the viruses are too busy fighting it out amongst themselves to bother with the actual computer.
Surely Microsoft could spend a month or two making an emulator just so i can relive my past gaming memories and realise that many of the games i played then are nowhere near as good as i thought they were at the time.
I have DosBox and ScummVM but surely someone could be so kind? Besides, then Linux and Apple users can experience the fun of having their childhood memories dragged out and crushed!

(Yes, i know about Virtual PC and such but really? come on!)


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    Dark Forces is DOS native and works fine in winXP. I can't recall if VDMsound is required, but I don't think so.

    I've never run up against a Win95/98 game that I couldn't make work in XP, though the 2 others you mention I don't own.

    Have you tried winXP's compatibilty modes (right click the executable and choose 'run as win95') or used the Compatibility Fix?

    What exactly is the problem when you tried to play the games you listed above?
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    Compatibility mode never ever seems to work.
    Whenever i try to run a game such as toonstruck, it comes up with an error message along the lines of:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications
    with an option to either close or ignore. both of which close it
    This (as far as i can tell) means 'I can't run this because it is not designed for my use!'
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    I solved my older DOS game compatibility problems easily.

    I grabbed an old Pentium II - 350 MHz w/ 1.6 GB disk, threw PC DOS on it (I still have the floppies), threw Win for WG 3.1.1 on it (CD), added network drivers, the TCP/IP stack for WFW w/ DHCP, Sound Blaster, and of course a CPU slowdown tool - MoSlo, I believe. Now I have a genuine DOS environment so that I can FINALLY finish "Magic Carpet". :D I must admit - it's very ... er ... interesting to run Netscape 4.03 under Windows 3.1 over a broadband connection. But I'll give it this -- running DOS/WFW311 on a 350 MHz system w/ 96 MB of memory is freakin' fast. No virtual drive here!

    Anyway to save space, I bought a $60 Belkin KVM switch at BestBuy. So now my DOS system and my Linux/"whatever I want it to be" system are connected to the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor. No need for emulation, and the most "space" that's lost is the floor space for the DOS/WFW system, which is a mini-tower anyway. It's a much better solution than dual-booting or using emulation. No reason why the same can't be done for a Windows 95 system -- and if you install it on more modern hardware w/ 256 MB or so of memory I'll bet that it would be screaming fast as well.
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    Compatibility mode never ever seems to work.
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications

    Copy and paste the autoexec.nt file from




    Then try to install again... :-B
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    If it's a DOS-native game you could try the ultra-wonderful DOSBox, with the D-Fend front end to make your life a little easier. It can run most of the stuff you want it to - including Dark Forces...
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    Luckily i found these two sites...
    if anyone else is having trouble go to them. they will be your friend. i managed to get the 11th hour working and i think if i follow the help from the second site and bang my head into my computer enough i should get ToonStruck working. oh, and i think i can probably get Dark Forces working now that i have the patch from this site
    which basically stops WinXP Service Pack 2 sticking its ugly head into my emulated DOS type fun. (Sorry i didn't make these into proper links and stuff but i'm far too lazy.)
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    Hello all. I was wondering if any of you could help me with a little problem. I found this forum entry on a google search while looking for a way to make some of my old games work, in particular 'Escape from Horrorland'. I have installed DOSbox but can't seem to get it to run the game. Am I doing something wrong?

    so far have done the drive mount and set it up for C:

    then tying in the game file name simply gives the error message

    'this program cannot be run in DOS mode'

    Which is strange since many one of the sites quoted here in this thread leads to another webpage that lists games which someone has been able to work in xp INCLUDING ESCAPE FROM HORRORLAND IN DOSBOX. This confuses me. lol.

    I present the ultimate challenge to all pc users more literate than me. Help me please!
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    Simple and possibly dumb question, but any chance there was a Windows re-release at some point? Many older games got a re-release around the advent of Windows 95, and quite a few of them were Windows-only releases (and would therefore not work in DOSBox, even if their older-release DOS counterparts did). I know nothing about Escape from Horrorland, though, so my comments are almost anti-relevant.
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    11th Hour is playable on XP with no tweaking, but it will slow down and speed up at random times when moving throughout the game. It's still quite playable, though.
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    I just can't get Croc:Legend of the Gobbos to work under WinXP.
    Exception code: C000008E FLT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO
    Fault address: 0051BD80 01:0011AD80 C:\Program Files\Fox\Croc\croc.exe

    SS:ESP:0023:0012E374 EBP:00000000
    DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000

    Croc 2 runs perfectly fine in XP, BTW.
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    Have you tried compatibility modes (95 or 98)?
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    Yes, and it doesn't work.
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