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Almost two months ago I've ordered the 'Out of Boneville deluxe edition' (game CD with the two first books) and the Sam&Max prints; with international shipping it had cost me almost 90$ bucks.
I've made my order in Feb 08th, got the invoice emailed immediately after, and got shipping confirmation later that day.
"Your order from TellTale Games has been shipped and your account has been charged.”
I assumed the package will arrive in 2-3 weeks... so I wasn't in a hurry.

30 days later (Mar 08'th) for my surprise I received an automatically generated mail warning me that my order is still in 'back-order' since some of the items I've ordered are out of stock (not specifying which). And assuring me my bank account won't be charged until the order will get shipped.

Later that week I found that 43$ (of the 90$) were charged from my bank account (probably the price of the game CD 2 comic books , tough nothing has been shipped yet)

Of course I sent an email to DigitalRiver's customer service asking for some answers...
and received a very polite letter thanking me for my patience and understanding , but not giving any actual answers such as – why they do not inform the customer when a certain product is out-of-stock before the actual purchase (and actually why they remembered doing it only after 30 days!) ; why i received a confirmation email that my order was already shipped; and even more important – when my package will be sent!

And here lays the problem – I already downloaded and registered my game, so I cannot just cancel my order (and actually I do not wish to). But on the other hand – it seems I'm gonna keep waiting for at least another month.

Now, I'm not here to put the blame on TellTale Games. I know how this business works -
they out-sourced their sales department to a company which specializes in e-commerce (in this case DigitalRiver). And the responsibility is first of all theirs , since they charged my bank account.

well... at least iv'e learned my lesson, from now on I will buy only the downloadable edition.


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    Hi there,

    I'm very sorry to hear you've had this problem. I appreciate your understanding, however, we take full responsibility for any problems encountered with services related to Telltale. We'd like to make sure it's done right.

    It sounds like your order was placed before we had the cheaper international shipping in place. If your order still has not shipped, we will work to refund it so you can place an order with more reasonable shipping costs.

    We have been actively working with our fulfillment source to resolve some back-order issues. If you can forward your order information to support@telltalegames.com I'll make sure your issues are resolved promptly.


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    I have a similar problem here.
    I bought the online version of Boneville the first day it become available. Then, on february 8, I bought the CD version, but after TWO months I haven't received it!!!! And they charged my credit card the first moment I bought it (february).

    Today The Digital River Custom Service has said to me that the item is on back order and that they will send it as soon as possible. But I don't understand that after two months the game isn't available, if TellTale is selling it now on their webpage....
    I am from Spain but I used International Postal service, not UPS.
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    Sorry the shipping process has given you trouble! Much like thegreymatter, if you can forward your problems on to support@telltalegames.com, someone will take a look and help sort it out for you.
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    Hi Lahoreh,

    I'm sorry to hear about this problem. Please send an email to support@telltalegames.com with all the information you have about your order (order number, date placed, email address you used, etc.) and Terry in Customer Service will work with you to get it resolved.
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