Cowz utopia

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Since someone closed the much loved I luv cowz I am starting a sequel.
This time around you get to name your own cow and take it on adventures. All you need to do is write down what your cow does

I'll start

My cow is called little miss daisy

Yesterday She decided to eat the forbidden fruit and she became all powerful. Until someone whacked her over the head with a frying pan. Today she has gone and had cream tea with the queen, who was so distraught by having a cow in her castle, she ate her own dog


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    Here we go! Something original!

    My cow is named Jeremiah Stort. He is an Aperature Science test subject who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Daisy and The Queen invite him over for a tea party, and they dress up like shiny, white round pods. Jerry mistakes them for military androids and kills them both and throws their bodies into an incinerator.
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    Fortunately for Jerry, the Queen and Daisy come back to life. They were so happy that they invited round all their little demon friends who danced a little dance
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    After the dance, out of the sky comes a giant... butt. It crushes several random explosive objects, followed by Doctor Rabbit and Jeremiah Stort.

    Doctor Rabbit then climbs out, still alive, and hounds on The Queen for eating a bag full of powdered starch, waving the Colgate logo in her face.
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    The colgate logo promptly explodes, showing the queen isn't real, just a giant robot controlled by aliens! Daisy finds this hilarious and shoots jerry and doctor rabbit while laughing manically. Out of nowhere comes angel cow, who gathers up the little demons and gives them a giant chessboard to play basketball on. Confused, the demons decide to eat the angel cow, thinking she is a victoria sponge.
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    Jeremiah, with only one 1-Up left stops the madness by destroying the little demons, but only succeeds in getting knocked of a cliff into oblivion by Doctor Rabbit's hot air balloon, most likely to have been killed.

    The hot air balloon then revives Doctor Rabbit with some type of telekenetic powers.
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