Jurassic Park: The Game on ID@Xbox?

I was wondering what the chances are of a release FINALLY in Europe? With the new ID@Xbox set up, self publishing and no fees for updates, it seems the perfect time to cash in on Jurassic World, the hype of Telltale Games AND the fact the European market has been begging for it forever?

I'm one of many people who had the title preordered for Xbox 360, only for its release to be cancelled.

I own all the Walking Dead, but have no interest in Borderlands or Game of Thrones. I'd love to see Jurassic Park rebooted or re-released. Possibly even Back To The Future that Xbox also missed out on?


  • Seeing as how people didn't like Jurassic Park as much as they did the newer titles and how Telltale's current focus is on porting modern, choice based titles from Walking Dead: Season 1 onwards, I doubt Telltale would take the time to port Jurassic Park over nowadays.

    (For what it's worth, I'm only a community volunteer Moderator taking an educated guess as a fan and not a Telltale Staff member.)

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