Benevolence: The Journey Chapter 3 (Story) Mature Content

Shiloh, shiloh help me" exclaims a frightened Destiny as she is taken aboard a huge Zeppelin via a secret compartment hidden within the Side "I'll rescue You Destiny you can be certain of that" Shiloh says to Himself as an arrow shoots a Tree inches away from Shiloh's Head

"Your shooting Me with Arrows now? Come on You can do better than that I'd have thought" Explains Shiloh to the Poacher's

Shiloh looks up at the Poachers Zeppelin to see a Chain dangling just low enough to jump onto holding His Gun and preparing to fire upon the Poachers Shiloh realizes that he has run out of Ammo He catches a quick glimpse of a Man on a Horse as one of the Poacher's gets ready to light a Molotov cocktail Shiloh realizes what He must do and rushes towards the Horseman and waves a Gun around, the Man soon gets off the Horse scared saying

"take it just leave me be"

and Shiloh says "thank's" to the man He looks out towards Sierra's dead Body and remark's "I'll make sure They pay for what They have done to You Sierra"and with that He tells the Horse to "giddy up"

The Horse races towards the Zeppelin getting closer with each frantic step avoiding the Gunfire and arrows being Shot at Them by the Poachers.

"He is heading for the Zeppelin stop Him" cries out an angry Poacher from the tree's.

Shiloh looks back with a Smirk on His Face "Hello and Goodbye now it's High time to get back this Cutie pie"

Shiloh soon taunts Them, However the Poachers bring out Their Horses and give chase after Shiloh. Shiloh Remark's to the Poachers "What are You kidding Me, You had Horses too? So I could have just stole One from You Guys Ah Shucks Giddy Up".

And with that Shiloh is Confronted with a Masked Poacher wielding a Whip in His Hand "Oh I remember You Your that Imbecile that smacked My Gun out of My Hand, Give Me that" Shiloh says to the Poacher as He grabs at the Whip causing the Poacher to fall off His Horse now wielding the Whip Shiloh swings it towards the other Three Poachers that have just come up from behind Him knocking them off of their Horses.

Soon Shiloh is just close enough to jump onto the long chain attached to the zeppelins Side and quickly grabs hold as He quickly climbs up Eventually getting to the top of the Zeppelin and Noticing that there is no way to be stealthy as there is see through glass on the top of it and with the Sun beginning to rise in the Early Am Poachers from within the Zeppelin soon Spot Shiloh

"There He is up on the Roof" says a Poacher as a Giant 7 foot tall muscular Poacher exits from the top of the hatch "How'd You manage to pull off a stunt like that you little Rascal, getting Up Here from all the way down There"

Shiloh responds "it wasn't easy, now if You'd kindly step back and Give Me Destiny I will take Her and We'll be on Our way"

"Gonna be One nasty fall" Replies the Giant Poacher "The Kid stay's with Us as For You" He pulls out a Giant Axe and gets ready to swing it at Shiloh "You will Die and I and My buddies will Cash in on Your lil Girl"

Shiloh dodges out of the Path of the Axe and uses the whip to slap the Axe out of the Giant Poacher's Hand which then causes the axe to get stuck into the Zeppelin filled with helium that has been keeping it afloat.

"What the Ell" says the angry Giant Poacher as He prepares to pull the axe out of the side of the Zeppelin

"I wouldn't do that if I were You" responds Shiloh

"and Why not" says the Angry giant Poacher

as He clenches His Fist and Pulls out the Axe this in Turn causes the zeppelin to begin to Deflate and pushes the Giant Poacher off the edge of the Zeppelin Shiloh quickly picks up the Axe that the Giant had dropped and balances himself on the top of the Blimp and Rushes towards the hatch and finds Destiny tangled up in the Net as He cuts Her loose using the Newly acquired Axe.

The Other Poachers are busy trying to keep the rapidly falling zeppelin in the air long enough to find a Safe landing but Shiloh tells Destiny to hold onto Him while They land cause it might be a bit Bumpy. A Small Poacher tells Shiloh and Destiny

"it's Your fault were in this mess now get up to the control's and help find Us a safe place to land" and with that Shiloh and Destiny head up to the Controls to help the Pilot find a safe Passage.

Destiny Spots what She thinks is the Perfect place to Land right in front of them is a Ray of Sunlight pointing down towards a Grassy Plain and Shiloh Confirms to the Pilot that She may be onto Something and the Pilot listens landing the Zeppelin safely however the Poacher's once safe are not willing to let the Girl go so easily as She is worth a Fortune to the King in Benevolence.

"The King in Benevolence"? Shiloh thinks to Himself outloud "didn't We just come from there?" He Replies to the Poacher

"Silly Boy that was the Town of Benevolence Certainly if that was the "City" of Benevolence we'd be a Rich as We wouldn't need to go back and fourth on this Ere Blimp"

"How far till We reach the City of Benevolence then" asks Shiloh

"another Day or Two I'd reckon if Your going to walk by Foot, heck we'd a been there by tonight if ya hadn't made Me Guy puncture a hole in Me Blasted Zeppelin" replies the Poacher

"thank's Now come along Destiny" replies Shiloh

"now old on there a Minute You can't just take her wit Ye, She belongs to Us She is our get Rich ticket and wat is an Older man want with a Child anyway"

"An old Man now just wait a Minute why are You calling Me old?" Replies Shiloh

"Wrinkles in Ye skin not tell a Lie there Fella" Explains the Poacher.

It was clear after asking for a Mirror from the Poacher and taking a good long look at Himself that Shiloh seemed to be Aging at a rapid pace for reasons unknown with time ticking-by and the Compass not within His and Destiny's Possession it would be allot harder to find the City of Benevolence without it The Poacher felt so bad for Shiloh's predicament that They let Them go free as long as Shiloh had promised to get Destiny somewhere She would feel Safe.

After trekking through the Thick Forest like island Shiloh and Destiny Ran into the Horse That Shiloh had taken Previously to get aboard the Zeppelin Shiloh the horse & Destiny follow the Voices in the trees after realizing they were going around in circles-listening to the voices, Destiny asks Shiloh that maybe They should ignore the voices and go in the direction where it is Silent Shiloh agrees and They enter into a Desert like valley dry on supplies the Two take the Horse to a Small section of water it appears to be black and filled with sludge but that doesn't stop the Horse from drinking it

"I think we should steer clear of this water Destiny" remarks Shiloh

"Yeah I think Your Right but I am terribly Thirsty and Hungry Shiloh"

"I bet You are lets just Keep going" replies Shiloh

after what appears to be like Days they Begin to hear a jukebox playing in the distance Destiny and Shiloh soon follow it and They stumble upon an old rundown Bar in the middle of Nowhere

"I think We may have found something Destiny" Says Shiloh "now We just gotta get in there"

as Shiloh tries to open the Door it appears to be locked, and breaking down the door in Shiloh's Weak state does nothing to help the Situation any further.
Destiny decides to crawl in an old vent just below the building but as She opens it Rats start scattering out of the Foul odored Vent

"You know what You must do Destiny" replies a weak willed Shiloh

Destiny gets down into the vent and the side of Her skirt gets caught in the vent Tearing off a piece of it as She continues crawling through which makes a loud Noise from within the Establishment.

"Destiny be a little more quiet will Ya" says a worried Shiloh.

"Im trying Shiloh its not my fault this Place is so Old" replies Destiny

"I know, it's just I'm really not in any mood to be in a confrontation again I feel as this time I may not make it I'm so Weak" says a weak willed Shiloh and with that Destiny crawls out of the Vent within the establishment.

While walking She hears a few noises this kinda scares Her and She unlocks the Door and opens it as She opens it Shiloh falls to the floor in Exhaustion as Shiloh must regain the Lost Compass due to his Current condition.

Destiny drags him into the building and closes and locks the door behind Her turning on the light she Finds plenty of food and a Few drinks that had been prepared on the Table, She takes water from the faucet and wets a Towel calmly wiping cold water on Shiloh's Forehead as He and Her eat and Drink the fresh food and Drink.

After awhile a Black Limo drives up to the Building and a strong Gust of wind blows a piece of cloth off the Sign and suddenly it's revealed that the place Shiloh and Destiny are at is Maple Pines the Exact place that Lord Barnes is about to hold one of His daily Meetings, Soon a Knock at the Door get's Destiny's attention "Who's that" Whispers Destiny to Shiloh

a Weak Shiloh answers destiny in a weak voice "hide Destiny , in the Pantry behind the Bar"

"I don't want to leave You" replies Destiny in a sad tone of Voice

"Your not going to leave Me ill be fine just,just do as I say all-right Destiny" Responds a frustrated Shiloh.

Soon Lord Barnes break's open the Door with one of His Henchman and looks around going behind the counter he soon spots Shiloh covered in a Blanket on the Floor.

in a Crackly voice Lord Barnes says "What have We here!? Hey old Man what are You doing on the Floor Your going to catch Your death of Cold down there.

"A weak Shiloh stays silent"

HEY!!! don't You Hear the Boss asking you a question old Man What are You doing in His Bar!!!?" Say's the angry Lord Barnes Henchman

Destiny gasps loudly as Lord Barnes aims His Pistol at Shiloh

"What was that noise Who's there?" Looking at the Pantry Lord Barnes pulls out another Pistol from His Swanky black suede Suit pointing it towards the Pantry.

"I know Someone is in there, now come on out, I got a Pistol aimed right at the old geezer" says Lord Barnes

"Don't test my patience any Monkey Business and I'll shoot Him, now come on out where I can see You"

as He cocks His Pistol and readies to Fire Destiny slides opens the Pantry door and surrenders.

"That a Girl I should have figured it was You" Remarks Lord Barnes,

"So You came all this way to find this" Reaching into His Pocket and Holding open His Hand to reveal the Compass.

"Here Kid i gotta hand it to ya You have some Nerve coming all the way here to get back what rightfully belongs to You, Here take it"

Destiny Shakes Her head and steps closer to Lord Barnes Just then Lord Barnes grabs Her by Her Hand and picks Her up violently off the Floor

"Your coming with Me Brat You have been enough trouble"

Destiny struggles to get the Compass from Lord Barnes as He drops it and it suddenly cracks Opens to reveal a Clock ticking Faster and faster and Shiloh slowly begins to inch closer and closer to the compass as if He were a Magnet drawn to its Power

"Help Me Shiloh" Yells Destiny

and as Shiloh puts the Compass around His neck filled with anger and Hatred He gets enough strength and the Wrinkles soon begin to fade revealing a Smooth face although still an Adult He now begins to feel better than Ever and rushes after Lord Barnes But His henchman jumps in front of Shiloh and a Struggle between the two take place

Destiny is put in Lord Barnes Limo and prepares to Leave, Shiloh takes a Pool cue and hits the Henchman in the head repeatedly knocking him unconscious and runs after Lord Barnes pulling Him out of the Limo.

Lord Barnes pulls out a pistol and Shiloh breaks His arm and Takes His Gun and Shiloh Prepares to Shoot Lord Barnes Destiny looks at Shiloh Shocked yet again to see How violent Shiloh has Become.

Shiloh takes the Gun looks around as The Storm Clouds have begun to surround them once again and Shiloh Empties the Gun of its ammunition.

Lord Barnes angrily says to Shiloh "You won't get Far Boy, ill see to it that You will be hunted across the Land You will have no Rest Day or Night so If I were You, You better kill Me because if My Men don't get You, that wicked Storm on the Horizon Just might"

a Cackling Lord Barnes continues talking "I Mean who do You think Your running away from Boy"

Shiloh hits Barnes in the face with the rear of the pistol knocking Him Unconscious and responds "People like You" Destiny Smiles and Shiloh drops the Gun and takes lord Barnes keys to the Limo driving Off as the Storm closes in Behind Them.

(To be continued)

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