Benevolence: The Journey Chapter 2 (Story) Mature Content

Benevolence: The Journey Chapter 2

Destiny alone and scared, after having thought that The Woman Natalie was her mother tries to escape by opening the Door to Her Car, However it will not budge Natalie asks Destiny what was She doing in the town of Benevolence and who let Her in? As this place is very strict in allowing Children to enter.

Destiny bursts out Crying tapping on the Car window just as Shiloh and Sierra walk-by, "Destiny" Shiloh shouts and with that The Girlfriend of Lord Barnes threatens to run Them over but Shiloh and Sierra manage to move out of the way. They enter Sierra's Car and Begin to chase after Lord Barnes car, evading obstacles in the way of the Road.

Soon Natalie enters the manor closing the gates before Shiloh and Sierra are able to get in and are forced to make a tight turn to avoid crashing into the gate which causes Them to go down a hill and hit a tree. Destiny witnesses this and soon believes Them to be dead She loses all hope of ever seeing them again as tears pour down Her cheeks. Natalie demands Destiny to get out of the vehicle and into the Manor quickly, Destiny comes face to face with the Lord Barnes himself an exquisite Man of fine taste who appears to be in His late Sixties,medium length Grey Hair and a slight Mustache wearing a Business type Suit.

"Hello there my Dear? What is that fine Jewel around your neck? May I see it?

Destiny looks down for a second and gets ready to take off the chained necklace from around Her neck to show the Man when out of nowhere Lord Barnes hits Her in the back of Her Head with the end of His Pistol as Her vision goes black She hears Natalie shouting
"No what are You Doing Lord Barnes"

As he begins to respond to Her
"it's for the best my dear the Child must not touch Me as it could result in"

as He is about to finish the Line Destiny blacks out.

Destiny awakens in a strange but never the less beautiful room,pink walls,with pink carpet, a nice pink fluffy cover on the bed filled with stuffed animals, Destiny notices that Her compass is not around Her neck anymore getting up out of bed She searches for it to no avail.
Soon she hears talking and puts Her ear to the Door and overHears the Lord Barnes and His Girlfriend Natalie talking about how They must get rid of Destiny, as Lord Barnes no longer has any need of Her now that the Compass is in His possession.

Natalie insists They keep the Child as She could prove rather useful but Lord Barnes is not impressed with the idea He demands Natalie if She wants to keep the Girl She must force Her to take the Capsule in which will turn Destiny into an Adult. Only then will She be Accepted into the City Natalie heads up to the Room in order to force Destiny to swallow the this mysterious blue and red Capsule and become whole as They call it, as Children are worthless in the futuristic City of Benevolence.

Destiny hides behind the door as Natalie opens it and begins searching the Room for her as Destiny moves out from behind the door and begins to creep out towards the hall She gets caught by Natalie as She squeezes Destiny's Cheeks and begins to Put the capsule into Her mouth, Destiny Feels a shocking sensation which Quickly makes Her spit it out In Natalie's face,

Angry by this Natalie slaps Destiny across the face making Her land on the floor, Destiny a bit dazed by this struggles to get up crawling on the floor towards the door Natalie quickly closes the door behind Her and kicks Destiny in the face Destiny spits blood out of Her mouth as Natalie gets on Destiny's Back and pulls her hair and tries again to put the Capsule in Her mouth but Destiny bites down on Natalie's finger and Natalie screams quickly getting up.

"If You will not take the capsule You leave Me no other choice" exclaims Natalie.

As She pulls out a Revolver and gets ready to shoot Destiny in the Head Shiloh kicks in the door a startled Natalie shoots Shiloh in the stomach and He falls to the floor Destiny screams out "Shiloh" and Natalie quickly turns around and points the Revolver at Destiny

"Be quiet little Brat" shouts a Deranged Natalie

Sierra runs towards Shiloh to comfort Him as Natalie laughs and points the Gun at Sierra and tells Her,

"Things didn't have to be this way, if only You Two would've stuck Your noses outta other Peoples business"

As Natalie is about to pull the trigger on Sierra a Gunshot is heard but it didn't come from Natalie's gun a stunned Sierra looks around and notices that Natalie's chest has been stained in blood as She falls over, Sierra realizes that Someone is outside with a Sniper rifle trying to pick Them off one by one Sierra crawls towards Destiny and helps her up Destiny quickly searches Natalie's body for her Compass but it isn't on her body while destiny is crawling towards sierra She is nearly hit by a Bullet from the Sniper outside, Sierra Insist that Destiny come over quickly and help carry Shiloh to a safer place. Destiny manages to make it safely to Shiloh and helps Sierra move a now wounded Shiloh to the next room as They make Their way upstairs an explosion is heard from within the Kitchen.

"Lets get Them we know you all are in there, come on out or We will be forced to burn this place to the ground" says an angry Poacher.

It seems the entire place is surrounded by poacher's, as shiloh, sierra and Destiny enter The Lord Barnes Bedroom They notice Books of Dragons and sacrificial Artifacts on how to resurrect the Dead into a mind controlled state littered on the Desk. Though the Lord Barnes was nowhere to be seen its assumed He was there not that long ago and seems He left in a rather hurry, Sierra and Destiny make haste to stop the bleeding caused by a Revolver Sierra is shocked to see that Shiloh wasn't in worser shape than He is as the Bullet had exited the wound. Sierra and Destiny wrap Shiloh's side and spot a Few bulletproof Vests putting Them on under Their clothing and heading towards Natalie's car after its revealed Destiny managed to Steal Them off Her Corpse however it is not safe to go out in the open while a Sniper is in the area, And goons have broken into the Manor setting fire to it Shiloh tells Sierra to take Destiny with Her to the car while He holds off the Swarm of Poachers who have now busted their way into the Manor as They close in and start blasting the door to Lord Barnes room apart with Their Axes Shiloh Shoots at the Sniper up on the Roof sending Him hurtling over the balcony giving Destiny and Sierra enough time to get Natalie's car. As Sierra starts up the Car and parks it next to the Window for Shiloh to jump onto Shiloh runs and jumps onto the roof of the Car just as the Poachers break down the Door.

"Whew that was close" says Shiloh after having nearly been face to face with Death. However a Vehicle begins gaining on Them it appears to be more Poachers shooting at the Vehicle They are determined to send their Car off the road, Shiloh takes potshots at the Poacher's vehicle hitting its tires and stopping them in their tracks soon Shiloh realizes that They are lost and needs to take a glimpse at the Compass to help guide Them to their Destination,
However Destiny informs Shiloh that Barnes had Taken it from Her while She was Unconscious and that They have to find Him if They wish to get it back and reach Destiny's Parents.

Sierra mention's an Establishment known as maple pines to the North which is where the evil Lord Barnes regularly holds His meetings.

"So what happened to You Shiloh? At first I didn't recognize You?" asks Destiny "And seeing You kill that guy back there Shiloh What have You become?"

A quiet Shiloh soon discovers what it means to be Speechless only saying that He wants nothing more but to protect Her in this Harsh World and that by doing so means that sometimes it leads to bad things happening to others for their own safety.

A few hours later while driving past the main Road at sunset leading out of Benevolence Sierra looks towards the backseat of the Car and catches Shiloh and Destiny sleeping calmly in the Backseat "So sweet" thinks Sierra to Herself, Destiny awakens from Her sleep after Sierra goes over a slight bump as She opens Her eyes a Giant Birdlike Creature is seen in The Shiny surfaces of Her pupils She shouts
"its the Hollow watchman"

a Giant Winged Creature Swoops down towards the car and scratches the roof. "What was that?" Shiloh asks Destiny as She responds "He is the hollow watchman he is a servant to the King looking for Children and taking Them to Him" Explains Destiny. "Step on the gas Sierra" shouts Shiloh "Im trying this Vehicle only goes so Fast" replies Sierra. The hollow watchman moves in for another attack this time removing the Roof of the Car.

"We're completely sitting Ducks down here Sierra" Screams Shiloh.

"Hold tight back there let me try something You prepared to Jump"? Explains Sierra

"what!? are You crazy jump?" Responds Shiloh

"It's either that or die unless You have a better plan Shiloh Explains Sierra"

the hollow watchman makes one last attempt to stop Them and heads straight for the Car as They quickly jump out and the Car smashes right into the Birdlike Creature as it lets out a Hysterical Screech.

Now on foot and alone Shiloh must find Sierra and Destiny and fast as the 9 foot tall Birdlike beast known as the Hollow watchman is still alive and stalking Them in the Forest. Shiloh limps through the thick woods of the forest Whispering "Destiny ,Sierra" the Bird like creature stops suddenly next to Shiloh and it begins sniffing the Air soon it spots movement and reels back its leathery black feet as it spotted Sierra and Destiny Shiloh takes a Branch and whacks the Bird in the foot and it begins making a sudden loud noise as Shiloh, Destiny, and Sierra regroup the Bird runs after Them cornering them behind tall trees, Shiloh moves in front of Sierra and Destiny telling the Bird "If you want them You gotta go through Me first foul Beast"

The bird strikes with its thick sharp Orange Beak towards Shiloh as He holds the beast back with only a small stick as the birds beak gets closer to Shiloh he Remembers His Gun and grabs for it in his pocket Shooting the Bird in its body 2 Times as its Hide is so Thick it has no affect on the beast however the sound startles the beast just enough to give Shiloh and Destiny enough time to move out of the trees unharmed.

Shiloh shouts to Sierra to hurry up and get out of the corner but too Scared to move she stays put as the watchman comes back and takes a Jab at Sierra with its razor sharp talons and tears off a piece of Her jacket giving Shiloh enough time to notice its Yellow Eyes are made of Glass and Shiloh shoots it's Eye Blinding it as it lets out a horrible shriek in agony it claws at Sierra slicing Her open with its poison

"Shiloh" moans Sierra as She falls to the ground

"Sierra" cries Shiloh as He angrily reloads the Gun and Fires off Round after Round of ammunition into the Chest and Other eye of the Beast finally the watchman falls and lands on the ground where Shiloh continually stabs it with a Sharp branch cutting into the Beasts chest killing it.

Shiloh soon rushes towards Sierra and puts pressure on the huge cut using His jacket
"I'm sorry Shiloh" responds Sierra "I remember that beast from long ago take off with My kid Brother and it bought up bad memories and I I panicked"

"Its going to be alright" replies Shiloh, the Noise from earlier attracts poachers to Shiloh, and the Group

"What are You doing here? We don't take kindly to Strangers Boy" asks the Poacher with an Ak 47 pointed at Them

Shiloh responds "Please Sir show mercy My Friend here She needs help"

"Oh I remember You three You disabled our car You got A lot of Nerve coming to Our Camp"
Responds an angry Poacher.

"All We need is someone to help Cure my Friends Poison then We will be on Our way" says Shiloh

"What You got a little Girl" exclaims a shocked Poacher "A rare commodity in these parts do You realize how much She could be worth to us Man" explains a Poacher

"worth enough for us to negotiate a Deal with You and Your Friend there Sir"

"I can Help remove the Poison from Your friend there in exchange for the Girl"says a Meek old Man Poacher.

Destiny Frightened by the Deal replies "please Shiloh don't let them take Me" and begins to Cry

"No Deal man" Replies Shiloh "She is under My care You People are not to touch Her"

this angrily makes the Poacher upset and He pulls out a Magnum "Wrong choice of words" responds the Poacher "on Your say so Boss replies the Poacher as He readies to fire at Sierra

"We Could have made things much easier for You and Your Friend" says the meek old Man nodding his head at the Poacher to fire a Shot.

as his friend begins to laugh "My pleasure" and shoots Sierra in the head.

"No Sierra" Shouts Shiloh

"She was going to die anyways nobody ever survived the poison associated with the Hollow watchman" the meek old man says

angrily, Shiloh gets up and is about to Shoot the Poacher when His Gun is smacked away by a long rope one of the Poachers had used. "Tie up the Girl and get Her ready to ship off to the King for a fancy reward and the rest of Youse take care of Him" responds the meek old Man to the others

They pull out their guns and begin shooting at Shiloh as He hides behind cover and glimpses up towards Destiny He Spots Destiny get caught in a net attached to a Zeppelin as She is getting carried away to the King.

(To be continued)

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