Jurassic World, gimme your thoughts.

Alrighty guys, tell me what you thought bout Jurassic World?
As we all know, this movie is a HUGE succes in the box office and its not to bad either.
Gimme your thoughts and bring this subforum out of extinction....okay that didnt work. I'm so sorry...


  • I loved it. Great action, and it never felt slow.

  • Just got back from watching it, best of the series! (except for the 1st movie)

  • Saw it on opening day in 3D

    I loved it and walked out of the theater feeling like my life was complete.

  • I think Jurassic World is the sequel that Jurassic Park needed! It's a great move with a lot of action. The story isn't that great but hey we have books for that. I loved it :)

  • I admit, it was a good film. Not as good as the first bit still good!
    Also the last fightscene? HYPE!!!

  • I liked it as well. I was expecting a ho-hum sequel. but I was proven wrong. I see it as the spiritual successor to the first movie.

  • This was much better than what Jurassic Park 2 and 3 were, but I still think that the first movie was the best. However I think that the characters were collection of clichés without any hint of originality and there were hardly any surprises in the plot. 3D dinosaurs looked nice (Their looks had the same style as the previous films of the series which is bit outdated, because during the last 20 years scientists have changed their view and seem to think that many dinosaurs had feathers. Although this lack of feathers can be explained with genetic manipulation) and the action scenes worked very well.

    It was an entertaining film and I enjoyed watching it, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece.

  • I loved it. While the characters were a bit clichéd, they were still likeable. The fight scene was just beautiful at the end, making the T-rex bad ass again. The dinosaurs were beautiful. I do wish they did a little more the Indominous Rex camouflage, since there were an entire human buffet waiting to get pounced on but that's just me being nitpicky.

    TellTale could probably do something with the park, if they wanted.

  • I got to write another comment about Jurassic World, because i just rewatched the movie on DVD. And CRAP, The feels came back! I didn't say anything about this. But when i was watching it in the threaters. In the end, i had a tear in my eye when the music was playing and the T-rex let out a big roar. Because it gave me a thought that we might not see another Jurassic park movie, or Telltale might not make a season 2 that follows Jurassic World. Jurassic World might be the last time we might see Rexy, the park, and most importantly...THE MUSIC!!! That thought scares me.

    I wrote about this on 2015 movies thread, and remembered there was a Jurassic World thread. :P

  • Yeah, this thread was pretty dead for a while :)

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