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Hey all.

Jurassic Park, wow. It was a big, big thing when I was a small boy of nine. Saw it on VHS, and it was fun and scary. Stan Winston (RIP) was a genius. The Lost World was the first of the series I saw in theaters with my dad and brother. It was decent and I believed a good round off to the series, especially that ending. Less said about JP III the better, felt it was a waste of time.

The years came and went, didn't miss that much, but it still had it's moments. Saw Jurassic World early this month, upon hearing about it, I figured it would be a typical ho-hum dino disaster. I was wrong. The film, in my opinion, was a spiritual successor to the first movie. Seeing the dangerous Indominus Rex rampaging, the Raptors, the panic when the park came under chaos, I felt like that little boy watching the first film all those years ago. So, Jurassic World gets my seal of approval.

I learned Telltale made an adaptation about a year and a half ago, so I followed YouTube user IDwLoD and watched the whole walkthrough, and learned they used the same mechanics as Heavy Rain, I watched. (Also, I've played Heavy Rain, it was good, but not good enough. One of the nails in the coffin was when Scott Shelby, who became my favorite character, was revealed to be the killer. Also, the dialogue was a little forced or not given effort. Plus, good graphics usually doesn't mean a good game.)

Back to the topic, I liked seeing there was more to Isla Nublar than what we were seen in the movie. The references to the first film and the traditional dino's appearing were a nice touch as well. The dinosaurs were given much work as were the human characters and all the surrounding areas, very nice. The QTE may look challenging but I believe that adds to the fun and to keep you on your toes.

Especially the part of the marine facility and the Tylosaurus (Mosasaur), NO way i'd get in the water with that swimming around, it was Jaws x 30.

The major factor what makes this game for me are the characters: I liked Gerry and Jess, trying to mend things as a family. Gerry was an exceptional lead, smart, daring and ever vigilant to keep his daughter safe To be honest, I adored Jess, so spunky, cute and has skills to boot (scuba diving, being able to use a forklift to rescue her father from the raptors). Jessica's pros far outweigh her cons, hence she is my fav character. Nima Cruz was also a nice edition, learning her backstory showed she wasn't your typical mercenary. She had good intentions with getting the embryos for BioSyn, her daughter and all, showing her care was heartfelt. Learning her backstory to being a part of the island was also refreshing to learn. I liked her.

The only other character earning my respect was Oscar, the merc who sacrificed himself to save the others from the raptors, plus he killed one by hand. Awesome.

Pity I never got a chance to play it but from what I've seen (and believe me I've seen a lot of games in my lifetime) and numerous reviews despising it, I must say I found it fun and an good add on to the series.

My favorite part of the game, hands-down was "The Swim", escaping the Tylosaurus looks like a heart racer and using the scuba gear was a impressive idea.

So, in closing I had this Telltale title along with the infamous Walking Dead series as a worthy gem in this group of games done by this company.


  • I enjoyed this game as well but the mechanics I found very frustrating.
    The QTe's were annoying but I liked how you had actual PUZZLES in this one. I liked being challenged and enjoying a interesting story.
    I kinda wish they use this license still if possible, TT leanred from its mistakes and I think given time they can make a good game fitting the franchise.

  • Did a small review a while ago, here below if you wanna read.

    So in anticipation for the movie that's coming out in two weeks, I done goofed and decided to play the Telltale game "Jurassic Park". I'll just give you my thoughts for each episode as i play along.

    Episode 1:, Telltale really learned a lot here when you see The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. I died here more times than I ever did in Dark Souls and the traveling across areas mechanic is rather wonky. HOWEVER, the thing i do like in this game is that you have the good ol' point-and-click of figuring puzzles out. Something that is sadly missing in today's TT games. There is some potential here so im willing to be suprised here bout the plot and the characters. Note there's no real choices here like you got at the other games (insert sarcastic tone here) where you can change the narrative so keep that in mind.

    Episode 2: I dont know if it's me sucking at QTE's or my laptop' systems or the game itself but I died so many times it's silly buggers! Kinda glad they stepped doing that shit in the later games. Also I really dig the puzzles here! I feel like a smart cookie after I figured out how activiate a roller coaster ride with arranging all the cars and such. As for the T-Rex, no idea what I ever did to offend him. That bastard is chasing me throughout the entire game and is out for my blood! I mean...there are a lot of other dudes to eat, guy!

    Episode 3: Episode 3 aka the episode where I get Avatar flashbacks since I am rooting for the supposed "evil" merc guys instead of the peace loving hippies and the helicopter bitch THAT NEARLY LEFT A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL ON A ISLAND OF BLOODTHIRSTY DINOSAURS! Also I died over 28 times due to those damn QTE's, glad Telltale improved in that regard. Still liking the puzzles and dialogue tho. And the T-Rex still goes after me, the hell did i do to you man?!

    Episode 4: I finished episode 4 and thus the game...aaaand yeah, mixed feelings bout this. Two characters suddenly get a case of the crazies and start acting REALLY OOC. Billy the merc guy becomes homocidal and will leave people behind and Dr Sorkin just becomes...i dunno, nuts. Also once more the T-Rex came after me at the end. You know in the movie the bloody thing became the Deus Rex Machina, in here it kept coming after my goddamn blood! The hell?!

    But let's not get to rushed here. All in all this is a alright game. The characters are interesting, dialogues is good and there is a lot more lore on Isla Nublar they left out in the movies...and it's canon to! In fact the character Futterman plays is part of the original inhabitants of Isla Nublar and that forced relocation gets mentioned in the website of Jurassic World. Also the Mosasaur in the Laggoon might be the same dude we see in the trailers of JW, same goes for good old Rexxie. Also we find out Hammond is still bit of a dick. Not as much as he was in the books but still pretty bad. One thing though....I would've liked if they had at least one character in this game that came from the movie or had a cameo by phone. You only see Nedry's dead ass!

    My verdict, I suggest you buy this is you are a fan of classic Telltale games or a Jurassic Park fan...but I dont think this game is worth 28 bucks.

  • Ok, thank you for your opinion.

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    Did a small review a while ago, here below if you wanna read. So in anticipation for the movie that's coming out in two weeks, I done goo

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