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Wow, so many fanfics..

Hi guys, I'm Ethan_Neck, and welcome to this fanfic. I used to have some other user in this forum but I forgot the name which is just dumb. But I've been reading fanfics for a very long time, and I finally want to create one. I created one earlier but was a big failure, because it made no sense. I hope you'll follow this one, and also be interactive.

So what is Interactive, the never being-here person would ask,
let me tell you. A interactive fanfic is not like a normal fanfic. A normal fanfic is just a story made out of another story, but here you will be the story decider. You make the choices, you create the charachters, and almost everything is up to you.
Lets just quit the jibbi jabba.

The story

The story is set 302 years before Season 5, and this is also the time of the Targaryens. North of the wall, a group of wildings is set to go into the south and create a house there. They have an army with over 600 men and thinks that if they support the Targaryens, they will be rewarded. But first they need to get past the wall - which also will cause alot of problems, so they want help from the other side. 4 wildings is taking on a mission, to get past the wall, and then to the Targaryens. But its harder than said.

On the other side a small house called House Polantis, is in large problems, when the Reynords are after their swords. Polantis is known for their incredible sword making, and Reynords are with the Targaryens. Polantis are not, and this is here the Reynords are taking an advantage.

CHARACTER SUBMISSIONS (Submit at many as you want:


The Four Wildings:

House Polantis

House Reynord


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