If there was another JP Game, Which Dinosaurs and island would you want to see?

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This Section is dead......Title says it all, Which Dinosaurs would you want to see if Telltale did another Jurassic Park Game? Also which island would you want it to be on? And would you want it styled more like TLW and JP 3 or something more resembling Jurassic World? I would be okay with a game on Sorna or Nublar but if it's on Nublar I would like to see something involving Jurassic World (I know Telltale has a lot on their plate but if they did Jurassic World sometime then I would see potential for lots of money) and here's the Dinosaurs I would want to see:

T.Rex Alt text

Velociraptor Alt text

Spinosaurus (Cameo) Alt text

Brachiosaurus Alt text

Stegosaurus Alt text

Triceratops Alt text

Pteranodon Alt text

And possibly a type of Predator we haven't seen yet .......but I doubt Telltale is going to make another JP game anytime soon, if they did I think they could make money if it's related to Jurassic World but as I said, I doubt we will get another JP related game anytime soon, Also I think all of us want TWAU Season 2 :)


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