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    ,,The people want answers, My lord.''

    The news about King Joffrey came to the lands, and everyone knew about it. Time is hard for the Hens. Many of their men is travelling Kings Landing to take their duty there and protect the new King Tommen to his throne. Marian Hens, the third one to take the throne out of Fillips, the brother of him, is also travelling to Kingslanding to pay their respect and visit. 700 people is in front of the main castle, to hear Lord Fillips speech about the situation. ,,My Ladies and My Men. This is a sad day for all of us. We lost our only real Baratheaon few days ago, by his own uncle, Tyrion The Traitor. We will not give up, even not on these hard days, and we will fight to our glory, and become the biggest again. We will supply the lannisters to the end, and many may not agree, but this is not the end. Not at all. Ladies and Gentlemen.'' The speech was a succes. People were clapping and screaming in happiness, because when Lord Fillips is still fighting, everyone is. He was idolized by thousands, and still will be. ,,My Lord?'', the background whispers. Its his advisor, the respected, Sir Alex. Fillips looks at the people, smiling, and then leaving to speak with Sir Alex. ,,What is it?''. ,,Tyrion has demanded trial by combat''. ,,Wow, the news comes quickly'' Fillips looks surprised. ,,He may live. And if he does, we can't have James Snow living. He knows everything my lord.'', ,,You've prisoned him after all''. ,,He is loyal. I'm not gonna kill him.''. ,,You think so, my lord?'', ,,He tried killing you, when he got offered, but then played nice and games when he didn't succed. You also realize that he had a knife with him, but never used it because you were awake, my lord?''. ,,I dont know if I should belive you, Alex. He is just a kid.'', ,,Up to you my lord.''. James had a knife, but he got forced to use it. The 8000 gold dragons, was actually just a attempt to make him do it, when he declined, he got poisened and took the knife and went to the room. Luckly for him, he feel down for 10 minutes, and came back to his mind, then running to the room to tell him about it. The hitmen got arrested and killed on the place. Fillips haven't talked to his wife in two weeks. She is there to help the children and make his image countinue being good, and her not getting killed for incest and cheating. But at this point in time, he needed to talk to her. ,,What do you think about James Snow'' he said and looks at her. ,,Good kid..'' she said in silence and rubbed her face in water. She is in a large depression. ,,He is.. he tried to kill us'' she said and left. There where two options for Fillips. She was either insane or actually right. Fillips thought more of the second option. Again, for Fillips, James Snow is just a bastard and a servant. Who cares about him?

    The Two Rebels

    The killing of Jacob Hens, was just one step for them, for their big revenge. Rigar's legs is damaged, but she can still keep up, after all of these years. It was time for them to leave and go closer to kingslanding, for some trades. Vagner got the news about Joffrey, and it was just in a matter of time before the lannisters died - all of them. He wanted to take advantage of the situation, and thats how he is going to kill Fillips, he thought he was the one to send the letter, to kill Vagner. He always saw Fillips in his dreams, and always thought of killing him, and he thought Jacob was a hitman, job to kill Vagner, and if jobs not done, it was just for revenging his cousin. Enough was enough for him. It was time for revenge for everything.


    The guards took James Snow up to hear his penalty. James thought he would get nothing, and Fillips setting him free. But he was all wrong. ,,James Snow. Your court case is tommorrow, and its a needed one. You need to answer for everything, - including the attempted murder, and your association with Tyrion Lannister. You can Demand Trial by combat if executing is the penalty, but thats only if you want more pain.'' the large guard in the back laughs. ,,See you tommorrow''. ,,But my lord, it'' he cried, but the guards took him down, and back to his cell.

  • You can now create your own characther. Its going to be interactive, - the first two was only a intro to the story.


  • There is not many characther creations. I cant countinue if only 1 or 2 is creating their own characther.


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    You can now create your own characther. Its going to be interactive, - the first two was only a intro to the story. http://goo.gl/forms/7DhqTIy5VM

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