Telltales' #Seeyouaround tweet

It's been a year and a half since they tweeted that :(
#Seeyouaround tweet

If they were to release it, I think it would be towards the end of the year like season 1, or possibly early next year due to walking dead season 3 and batman.
Be ironic if they premiered it in February next year, which would make it 2 full years since the tweet.

If only someone tickled season's 2 confirmation out of job stauffer lol :P

It hurts to know the last episode was out in 2014, been 2 years since season 1 ended, we need season 2 bad!

P.S, I think the tweet was a hint they started production. Makes sense that we've heard nothing because I think It was their way of announcing production on season 2.


  • You're reading way too much into that one tweet, sorry to say, but chances are this game will not get a sequel

  • Who knows what it was about, the tweet definitely references Wolf Among Us, and it came out on the year anniversary of episode 2, but that is probably the closest bit of "news" about Wolf 2 we have ever gotten.

  • The tweet was unusual, and I don't think it was for nothing.

    We'll just have to keep on waiting...

  • I'm probably holding onto too much hope for a second season, but I can't think of any other reason why they'd tweet that unless they were doing something with it. Either that or they like fucking with the fans, which is probably just as likely...

  • To be honest, I do not think it really meant anything... I feel like their intention was to tease us about the upcoming convention or something (SXSW 2015 perhaps?)

    I don't know, it really feels odd... On one side, the sane part of me believes that it had nothing to do with the TWAU S2, on the other side tho it is so obviously a reference to the game that it feels unlikely to be just a random tweet.

    Time will tell, I always predicted that if S2 is going to be announced then 2017 will be the year when the chances will be the highest. I've heard that Batman season is supposed to be complete by the end of the year, which means that announcement of a new game associated with DC Comics won't be out of the cards in 2017. I think I've said that in The Hope Among Us topic already but I'm gonna say that again - Batman seems to be a happening because of the initial success of Wolf, so if Batman does well then TTG might be able to negotiate a new season for TWAU without major issues. Then again, it's just a wishful thinking of a fan but it seems fairly reasonable to me.

  • The game is aewsome, I do not think that we NEED a Season Two, but I hope they do it anyways.

  • I believe the tweet had something to do with TWAU because it was mentioned so many times in the game, by faith, by bloody mary, bigby even had the option to say it the the woodsman towards the end of episode 4 when leaving the pawn shop, hm weird...

  • At this point i think Wolf Among us is a cold project in Telltales eyes. Granted Telltale could always decide to make a S2 down the line but i don't think it will be anytime soon. Initially i firmly believed it would get a sequel but as the years went on its become quite apparent to me that The wolf among us was a one time project. It was a really good game and i think it certainly is worthy of a sequel with a substantial amount of content to go on.

  • it was unusual....

    HazzatheMan posted: »

    The tweet was unusual, and I don't think it was for nothing. We'll just have to keep on waiting...

  • At this point, it doesn't matter what TT produces, ppl will buy it.

    They know, ppl loved TWAU and they for sure have the option on making another Season.

    But they don't have to, since, as I said, ppl will buy anything anyway. And as long as they have ideas for other projects, might as well pour them out first, before making a S2.

  • When you see Telltale tweeting even more Wolf stuff + Job hinting wolf Season 2 but you already know Season 2 still wont happen

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