"Splinter" Episode Discussion

Last week had Robert Patrick and was actually pretty good. This week has the Commonwealth and honestly it should be good. I look forward to watching it.

Comment after, while, or even...gasp before you watch.


  • InGen every week

    You hate to see it

  • Where's that gif with the drawing guy raising his finger but then lowering it? Because I could use it right now.

    At least the episodes have been better lately.

    Poogers555 posted: »

    InGen every week You hate to see it

  • Excellent performance from Paola, nice to know some background on Princess and the twist made things a bit more interesting, but that's it. Nothing happened and when something does, the episode ends.

    Like i already said, I don't expect anything from these episodes. It never seemed like a good idea to me. Especially knowing AMC and their filler episodes. But at least I hope that all these set-ups help to have a good pace in the next season. Really looking forward to Negan's episode though.

  • I actually really liked this episode. Of the batch so far I'd rank it just behind last weeks episode. Paola Lázaro gave a really great performance as Princess in my opinion and I really liked how unreliable of a narrator she was which makes me wonder just how much of the episode was in her head and actually happened. How much of the interview or her escape actually happened, etc.

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