"USS Pennsylvania" Episode Discussion

So after a pretty hammy episode two weeks ago, we are back with Fear...on a submarine! Nuclear missile, cultists, and all your favorite characters (...and June too).

This season has been better than the last one, although some episodes have been mediocre. I hope this episode is an interesting one, considering that they've building up to it this entire season. We'll see what happens. Feel free to add your thoughts whenever you'd like.


  • I feel like Morgan got bit by that first zombie, but at the same time I feel like that would be obvious (a neck bite kind of is).

  • I liked it. This season has been great in my opinion amd even though this hasn't been the strongest of episodes I do like it still. I have seen a lot of people complaining about Morgan letting Teddy and John Connor go, which I understand. But I'm happy he did because John Dorie and Teddy need a showdown, and I also understand Morgan thinking he lost already and they're all gonna die now anyways, so what does it matter.

  • Morgan was overpowered and annoying this episode, it's laughable that John Dorie Sr. stood behind while Morgan hunted Teddy instead. Didn't really understand why Strand did what he did or what they're going for with him. overall one of the weaker episodes of the season.

    I'm glad the bombs are off though, that ought to make for a stressful finale.

  • @captainivy1 and @IronWoodLover I have mixed feelings on this episode. I loved the setting - it was awesome and interesting. And there were some great moments - the Teddy - John Dorie Sr. and Teddy - Dakota conversation stand out - but the more I think about it, the more plot holeish it seems. Morgan not getting bit (or even covered in blood?)? Come on. I will be especially annoyed if Morgan dies in the next episode from the nuke, because it would have been far cooler to see him covered in bites (kind of like that girl whose name I've forgotten in episode 4 of The Final Season of the Telltale game who chased Clementine with the axe - that was awesome). Strand acting out of character was ehh, but not the pushing Morgan part - remember, he pushed a guy into walkers earlier this season - but the whole being a hero thing. They could have done more to explain this. Dakota should have died. I also thought it was kind of dumb they led Teddy and Riley go, but I understood it (not caring anymore from hopelessness). A line of dialogue ("What's the point?" We're all dead anyway.") would have helped alleviate this issue. And it was kind of dumb that they brought everyone on the sub but made it a Morgan-Strand adventure for like half the episode. I wanted more from the rest, specifically John Dorie Sr. Lastly, I thought there were supposed to be more cultists on the submarine. Didn't Dakota allude to some? This was confusing.

    Now, I applaud the writers for actually getting a missile off. Not only was the launch awesome (the whole submarine shaking), but the thought of something like this permanently shaking the landscape up is really cool. Maybe they'll thin out some of this cast (do we really need so many characters). hope they don't find a way to stop it or something, because that would be very stupid. We'll see what happens next week.

  • What I don't get about Strand is that he usually does ruthless things with a purpose, be it for his own benefit or for someone he cares about. This with Morgan just felt silly as they could've both escaped easily and apparently all Strand wanted was to look good for Alicia... by killing Morgan?

    As for Teddy and the other guy I just feel like even if one bomb is already off they clearly would've launched more if they could and who knows, might still try it! But honestly, Teddy dying there would've been underwhelming so it's whatever really, I can overlook that.

    I fully expect a whole warhead to drop right on top of Morgan next episode and him surviving it! He just has insane plot armor and it's become dull to watch him being put in these impossible life threatening situations where nothing ever ends up happening to him long term.

    @captainivy1 and @IronWoodLover I have mixed feelings on this episode. I loved the setting - it was awesome and interesting. And there were

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