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Last week, there were a lot of plots. One in the Commonwealth, one in Alexandria, one in the Hilltop. This week...only one? Maybe two. Who knows. But it'll feature Virgil and Connie for the first time since last season, so that's cool, right?

Comment if you care. No pressure if you don't not.


  • How is the final season? It has been years since I have followed the show.

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    Might be my favourite episode of the season and by far the scariest episode of the show in a long while. I loved how they showcased how absolutely terrifying being deaf in a zombie apocalypse can be. The way the sound cuts out when it switches to Connie's perspective was heart palpitating and the feral people were just really unsettling to see in general, though I did think it got kinda silly when that one dude says "Hungry." I feel like they should have stuck with simple animalistic sounds rather than have them speak. Also them eventually being eaten by the horde was great poetic justice. I also really liked that they set up the walker that makes it into the house at the start which Connie then uses to hide themselves. Of course, it was nice to see her finally reuniting with the Alexandra crew. Looking forward to her meeting up with Daryl again.

    Speaking of Daryl, while I don't have much to say, I did enjoy his side of the episode. It was messed up seeing him forced to torture one of Maggie's friends like that and then having to hunt down the rest of the group. I wonder if him being a double agent and having to do these things will have any effect on him or if it'll be brushed off. Hopefully the former but it'll probably be the latter lol.

  • Not to bad. Some misses of episodes, but surely better than anything in Season 7.

    How is the final season? It has been years since I have followed the show.

  • Definitely a scary episode. I'm surprised they haven't done any feral people before, come to think of it, and it was done well, although as lupinb0y said it was kind of silly having the guy say "hungry." Also, they weren't as dirty as they should be. Connie's deafness was really well-used to create tension, and panic and fear was apparent on her face. I also thought her dynamics with Virgil were rather compelling - trying so hard to communicate, Virgil going on this whole speech knowing she can't hear...very interesting. I do wish we got more of their first interactions, because that would have been interesting.

    On the Daryl side of the show, I thought him torturing Frost was real rough. That poor guy didn't deserve it, and I hope he appreciates what Daryl was trying to do (which I think he does, based on what happened in one of the previous episodes). I did appreciate the Reapers' use of actual tactics in clearing the houses, although I must say they are not as intimidating without the masks on. Still, how much longer is this going to go on? Kind of hoping we wrap up this Reaper plot soon.

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