Hi, I'm Faye. I'm 30 and an official autistic savant. I have a degree computer science and was the department valedictorian. I never once had sex in college, and now my goal in life is to prevent other geeks from making my mistake. Actually, autism is a special kind of "retarded", where you're really smart in one or two things, but except for that you're an ordinary retard. What I'm smart at is language and higher-dimensional hyperbolic geometry (which I discovered independently as a kid). I am HORRIBLY shy, at least I think that's how to describe it. I don't FEEL like I'm shy. I feel like I'm normal and everyone else is scary, judgemental, and probably dangerous. I wrote a gamma-ray spectrometer interface and designed a neutron-damage detector for the CRDM of a power reactor, but I talked about something WONDERFUL I did one weekend that was apparently "inappropriate", and people's reaction freaked me out, so I just walked out. Now I live in the woods because everyone else in the world is either evil or stupid or angry or jealous and they tell lies like it's uncontrollable. I like being sodomized by strangers while tied to furniture because it's embarrassing and humiliating. I don't want to TALK, which you have to do with friends. I don't want friends either. I prefer to be gagged so I don't HAVE to talk. I abandoned "humanity" and for 3 years I’ve lived naked in a cave in the woods hacked into the power grid w/ my dorm fridge, A/C, wireless broadband & lotsa cruel porn. Yeah, you don’t believe it. http://tinyurl.com/kanecave Hah! See? Fuck you.


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