Lee Evereet 333

Real Name: Hunter Country : US State : NJ Age : 15 Hobbies: Duh! The walking dead! and stuff and thanggggs! I'm just your average Walking Dead fan, I've been watching the show since I was Nine. Also a pro gamer on Xbox live gamer tag is Hunter11725. Decent gamer in my PS3 games and my gamer tag there is the same as my Xbox live one. Major jerk in GTA V online and offline what not, Pro at minecraft for over 2 years, YEAUH! Good friends with Saltlick123 and Markd4547. Fencer (The one with swords not fences and hammers,trolls) for over seven years and an E rated. Major fan of Snoop Dogg/Lion, Dr.Dre, Slim Shady, Nas, Bigge smalls and Tupac. MY MOST HATED PERSON IN SEASON 2 OF THE WALKING DEAD IS ARVO #F*CK ARVO! JOIN THE CLAN AND TOGETHER WE CAN KILL ARVO IN SEASON 3. Xbox 360 games: GTA V, GTA IV, COD BO (1&2), COD GHOSTS (PUKES), ADVANCED WARFARE, MINECRAFT, LEGO BATMAN (1&2), DEAD ISLAND (1&2) , WALKING DEAD SEASON 1, WALKING DEAD SEASON TWO, CABELA'S BIG GAME HUNTER FOR KINECT (MEH), KINECT SPORTS (1&2), WOLF AMONG US, MASS EFFECT, MODERN WARFARE (1,2 AND 3), METAL GEAR SOLID HD COLLECTION, DISHONORED, ARKHAM ASYLUM, ARKHAM CITY, ARKHAM ORIGINS, HALO 3, HALO 4, NHL 12,KINECT ADVENTURES, WORMS and ASSASSIN'S CREED 3. Ps3 games: UNCHARTED (1,2&3), METAL GEAR SOLID 4, THE LAST OF US, HEAVY RAIN (MY FAVORITE!) Xbox ONE games: ASSASSIN'S CREED IV, ASSASSIN'S CREED UNITY, MINECRAFT, THE MASTER CHIEF AMERICA F*CK YEAH!!! Smoke Weed Everyday!


Lee Evereet 333
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