the adventures of sticky!

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WOW i bet you saw this coming.
logos for the win.
unlike my last adventure, this one has pictures! woo.


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    okay, first scene:
    you are in a room. im getting real deja vu here. there is a box of B-real on the table, a lul poster and a bottle of stuff beside you. have a picture.
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    Pick up real deja-vu
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    okay, your INV only has room for three items at the moment.
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    > pick up the bottle of stuff, stuff always comes in useful.
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    > use real deja vu with lul poster
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    >Don't turn around... Just kidding, do it!
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    Very...VEEEERRRY familiar...

    >Eat the lul poster yaaaayyy
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    once i get on my comp that has my pictures on it, ill update.
    oh, btw, Giab and mouldcube were accepted. if i find another poster, ill eat it.
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