Nymeria's War (ongoing fanfiction)



  • I'm really glad you are continuing the story. This Turtle Prince seems to be a huge deal in the criminal world. Sort of like a mafia boss. My guess is that he is a big backer in the conspiracy against Nymeria. I'm interested to see how Femi will interact with her brother now that we don't have choices to influence her.

    Femi Femi glared at Ayron and shook her head. “I’m not going to answer that,” she hissed with a spiteful tone, to which Ayron just nodded

  • Update time!

    So first of all, thanks everyone who shared their thoughts on the latest part, it is super appreciated! Now that the voting system is gone I'll try to keep up the spirit of interactivity with answering to your thoughts more often =)

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I've started to work on the next part, which will be Gwendis PoV. She is still in Volantis, but the High Priestess is sending her and a bunch of other servants of R'hllor on a mission to Dorne. Or more specifically there are two separate missions: the strange Valyrian named Myraalduin has been tasked by his master in Asshai to aid Nymeria in her war, whereas Desirea has been sensing Valerie's return from shadows and seeks to finish the job of freeing Dorne from the influence of the Great Other. Given the choice, Gwendis decided she'd go to meet Nymeria with Myraalduin. This next part of hers will mainly focus on the journey from Volantis to Dorne.

    The part will be posted once its ready! :)

  • Alright, a little update (no, sadly not the new part yet). So, as you probably already know Telltale has recently gone bankrupt and basically laid off all their employees, which will eventually mean these forums shutting down as well. It might still take a while, but the creative community here has nonetheless already started to migrate to a new forum called Creator's Haven. Most of you probably know all about this already, but if you don't I recommend checking out Liquid's post on Forum of Thrones to catch up. So, basically the point of this post is just to announce that the future parts of Nymeria's War will be posted to Creator's Haven. You can already find the sub-forum for NW there, feel free to make threads there or post to the "Introduction & Overview" thread if you have questions :)

    See you around folks!

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