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What games do you like to play online? What platform do you use? What do you think about online gaming in general? Lets chat and maybe make some online gaming buddies along the way.


  • Literally, the only game I play online is The Last of Us' Factions. Seriously man, IT'S ADDICTING.

    Other multiplayer games have been kinda ruined for me because they all have this fast paced-twitchiness hehe.

  • I play Battlefield 4 quite a bit. It's fun to play but the randos I end up playing with are usually toxic as hell which detracts from the fun sometimes.

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    • World of Tanks
    • War Thunder
    • PangYa
    • Mabinogi
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    Im on ps4

    I play borderlands and have loads of random games from ps+

    There isn't enough coach co-op for ps4 yet, im sure some good stuffs coming soon.

    If anyone wants to play on psn that would be realy cool, pm details.

  • Final Fantasy XIV

  • Borderlands 2 and Overwatch, nowadays. I can finally play the latter now that the beta is open.

  • i play gta 5 with friends because the public servers are warzones now but at the moment im playing cod black ops 3 but it seems the ones with the fastest reaction times seem to win i dont have many games ive played online on the ps4 at the moment

  • Don't starve together on PC. I'm kinda a newbie in this game but it is pretty cool, I look forward a story mode for it.

    GTA V sometimes on PS4.

    My favorite online's game was Red dead Redemption, I hope the next one will have it aswell.

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    Xbox One

    • GTA V
    • CoD
    • Garry's Mod
    • PAYDAY 2
    • Left 4 Dead 2

    That's pretty much it, LOL.

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    Mostly MGO (Metal Gear Online) And

    Dragon age Inquisition multiplayer.

  • Online gaming exists only for Final Fantasy XIV, unless if you mean online gaming network which is Steam for almost all gamers

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    On PS4:

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    GTA V multiplayer

    DC Universe Online

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    There hasn't been many online games that i have played recently but i did have fun playing Battlefield 3&4, i also enjoyed some GTA V online but the people i normally played with got bored of it and it wasn't as fun playing with randoms so i stopped playing.

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    I can only remember playing 3 games online but: CS:GO - though I haven't played in a while -, L4D2 and TF2

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    The overwatch beta is available right now in the PlayStation store so it should be available elsewhere, now I just need to wait for to install :)

    No codes needed

  • CSGO and I want to play tf2 again but I can't connect to servers so I just abandoned the game.

  • I play my PC sometimes. Mostly bad MMOs, RWBY and Left 4 Dead 2.

  • PS4

    • Battlefield 4 (Mainly)
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