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I hope I am doing this right. So My daughter sings in her room all day and sings for no one. The other day I had her record a song. I think she is good but I am her dad so I am asking others for their opinion. She does no know I am posting it! I set it to an anime she said she likes, which I do not know much about. I want her to try other music and she has a few familiar songs from Telltale games she is working on. If you have a second or two. Please listen and tell me what you think. If she gets good feedback I will show this to her. If not, ehhhhhh....maybe not.

Ed Sheeran She Cover He


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    10/10 She is really good! it sounds very professional. Reminds me of Sarah Mclaughlin a bit.

  • She is pretty good mate. Like the comment before me, very professional sounding. She really has a talent!

  • Damn. She's surprisingly good.

  • I'm gonna admit, this put a huge smile on my face. She's really good! It's something I'd listen to whenever I have time honestly, and definitely better than Ed Sheeran himself imo!

  • This is surprisingly good, she definitely has a future in the music industry if she's willing to go for it. I'd listen to it.

  • She's really good! From what I heard it seems like she could sing any genres she wanted! Folk, R&B,rock, or "acoustic" if that counts!

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    Honestly, she's very good!

    I think she should really consider to be a professional singer, since she has the potential to be one. :)

  • She's pretty good for the song. I would have to hear her sing something more complicated, though, before I would echo others' opinions about her going pro. :)

    Oh, and just to prepare you for when you tell her you did this:


  • She's really good! Her voice is beautiful and serene! If she has the passion and she definitely has the voice, I think she can get a career in the music industry :)

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    Do I even need to actually comment what I think? Because everyone else has the exact same opinion it seems.

    Joking aside, she sang rather well. A lovely voice, indeed! Sitting in her room, singing to no-one but herself is a waste of her talent.

  • Wow! I really appreciate the feedback. Its really nice to know I'm not just thinking she had talent for the fact shes my kid. It's super sad that she doesn't have the confidence to let others hear her sing. I'm going to send her a few screen shots now of the comments. After she looses the urge to kill me for posting it, she may realize that I'm not the only on who thinks that shes got something. Thank you all so much for taking your time to help.

  • Of course! It's difficult to get out there and thrive in what you're good at, but once you do and find people like you with the same aspirations, it's the best place in the world!

    Wow! I really appreciate the feedback. Its really nice to know I'm not just thinking she had talent for the fact shes my kid. It's super s

  • She sings very well! :) I hope the comments will give her the confidence to express her talent.

  • So, I sent a screen shot of the comments and after she yelled at me, she cried. She told me she had no idea that people would care at all. I think this helped her with her confidence tremendously. We will see.

  • Aw she's really good. Are there any singing classes she can take? Maybe she could take a solo ones without a big group if she's shy. I think your daughter should give them a try if there's any out there. She might enjoy those ^_^

  • Damn, pretty good, 10/10!

  • Aha, that's very "dadly" to do this kind of stuff, it's kinda cute.

    She sings really well, I particularly like the softiness of her voice. I don't know which age she's but she can (or should) definitely sing to people. And actually, if she lacks confidence, she should sing even more to people: as theater does, singing is a good way to gain confidence and to feel better about yourself.

  • Over two years later and she performs. You folks are the bomb. The comments helped a lot

  • Now this is a piece of history I haven't got to see till now. She really does have a remarkable voice, though she didn't know it at the time. And to think of how much she could've grown her talent since then because of your positive encouragement. You must be so proud. :)

  • Awesome!

    Over two years later and she performs. You folks are the bomb. The comments helped a lot

  • 10/10 would do again

  • Sounds good, except I wish it had the whole song in it. :) Maybe she can record a complete song she likes. Her voice sounds like it would be good for a really emotional song.

  • I wanted to put it all up. Her sister kept pulling on my arm so it appeared we were on a rollercoaster until the part I put up. Someone suggested she sing some of the Life is Strange Before the Storm songs. Problem is, she isn’t really willing to record much. She still won’t sing in front of me. I cut the music for her and asked her sing along so we could make sure it was right. She would only hum. When I got her to record the song on the YouTube page, it’s cause I heard her singing it in her room. She just does it when we aren’t home now. She doesn’t know I’m a dork and made a YouTube page for her. She thinks I posed the 1st recording somewhere on a forum. I sent her screen shots of the comments. She cried. I showed them to her again before she decided/was convinced to do the show. She cried again. It just helped her to know that she had talent because she see’s herself as a nobody. Unfortunately, anxiety has impacted her life negatively. Once again. Thank you all. I’ll see if I can get another recording session out of her.

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    Then, she had the courage to sing in front of her high school at the graduation ceremony.

  • She's come a long way! :)

  • Crazy, and the comments here gave her motivation to continue singing. Thank you for contributing to her confidence. This was her 2019 graduation.

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    She's come a long way!

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