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    ((This is based on the other rewrites i ve posted before in this thread.))
    Alright here comes everyone s favorite Episode Amid the Ruins:
    The episode Opens with the same scene you get in episode 4 if you kill the walker instead of cutting Sarita s arm off with Sarita saying she s dead because of the bite and you responding to her and Kenny showing up to take her with him.
    At the same time Luke announces he s going after Sarah and Nick follows him.
    Pete gets separated from The rest of the group as he runs off alone.
    You then get a choice to go after either Sarita and Kenny ((Who would be with Mike , Carley and Lily.)) or Luke and Nick.
    Luke And Nick:
    If you go after Luke and Nick you catch up to them and run after sarah until you reach the trailer Car where Sarah hides in.
    Nick will volunteer to go out to try to Warn the group to which Clem can either Protest or Go with him.
    Protest: Clem will convince Nick to stay in the trailer and a timeskip happens until Jane showns up with Lily who volunteered to go with Jane to search for Clem and the others.
    The same thing as usual happens where they hold off the walkers while getting one person per time to the Top but there s a difference if you try to Leave Sarah Nick will still be there and he will die holding Off the walkers until Sarah gets up.
    Go with Nick: You get to talk more to Nick and save him from a walker who showns up behind him until you find Jane and Lily who were looking for you from there you put the Walker in the car to attract the other walkers and get back to the trailer and then everything proceeds the same as if you protest.
    When you get to the Meeting Point you see that Sarita became a walker and was attacking Kenny but she s quickly shot down by either Carley or Mike.
    Go with Sarita and Kenny:
    After you leave the Herd you have the chance to suggest to cut Sarita s arm off which would end up saving her life she doesnt wake up again until after you get back with Luke and ((Determinantly)) Sarah because Nick would get his Cop out Fence death .
    If Sarita s alive she will help Kenny with delivering the baby and give you a bit more information about herself if you talk to her in the Hub saying that she and her Sister travelled to Savannah to Visit a relative of theirs but that the outbreak started and she had to Kill her sister after she got Bitten and that a couple of days later she found Kenny in an abandoned Bar and they started travelling together.
    Nick will stand Watch with Luke If he s alive and Carley will Go with Jane and Clementine.
    The choices with Going with Bonnie and Mike / Going with Jane are the same except Carley takes only the pain killers and tells Arvo to go while pointing her gun at him.
    Pete will Arrive after You go after either Jane or Bonnie and Mike.
    if Nick died then he will be sad and go sit away from the others and if you try to talk to him he will tell Clem he wants to be alone .
    If nick lived then he will go talk to Kenny and go to where Nick is to watch for Walkers with him.
    Later on when the walkers shown up Nick will give them a heads up that they re coming if he s alive and they get to the upper part of the place where Jane and Clem go to before the walkers arrive which pretty much instantly saves sarah
    Sarah will Survive If either Nick Or Pete are alive because if Nick is alive he will tell the others about the walkers coming while if Pete s alive he will jump down With Matthew and lift the Rubble to get her out of there but unfortunately Matthew ends up dying while trying to hold the Walkers off after a Brick falls on Pete and then there s a later scene where you talk to Sarah and she starts getting over her Father s death .
    The episode still ends up with the Russians starting a shootout with the Group.
    1: I just thought up this now so there would also be something with Rebecca where she would survive episode 4 if you gave her the pain killers and waited a couple of days so that when the russian group arrives the shootout starts because Rebecca starts it instead of because she was shot as a walker.
    2: here s how i would actually have handled Nick s fate in episode 4 if i had to kill him off in it:
    After Jane and Clementine scavenge those walkers for ammo they then find Nick who s fighting off the 2 walkers that you use to beep the horn to attract the other walkers attention .
    After killing them Nick fills Clem and Jane in on what happened and about Sarah s state when Clem suddenly notices something on Nick s arm but he hides it.
    While Clem and Jane figure out how to attract the walker s attention Nick announces that he will be guarding the area they came from so the ´´Lurkers´´ cant get them by surprise.
    When you enter the room that originally has the 2 walkers that attack clem and Jane while they re making their way to the trailer you see that they re dead because Nick killed them.
    When you enter the trailer Nick helps Jane hold off the walkers that are trying to get in .
    Now here are the differences of how the Sarah choice plays out this way:
    Leave Sarah: As Clem is boosted up to the top the Walkers break in and Nick Pushes Sarah to Jane s hands and tells them that he s not giving up on her he then holds off the Walkers as Jane and Sarah are lifted to safety by Luke and Clem sacrificing himself in the process to make sure the others make it.
    Convince Sarah/Slap her: Instead of just having the option to slap Sarah if you played your cards right in the first dialogue with her after you entered the trailer you can convince her to go with you without having to slap her while if you failed to convince Sarah you need to slap her to snap her out of her state in both outcomes Nick lives thought that scenario.
    During the walk back Luke notices Nick is acting a little weird and they discover that he was bitten by a Walker , Nick then tells them that he wants to atleast say goodbye to the rest of the group.
    Luke agrees with him despite Jane s protests and when they make it back to the historical site and after Clem gets Kenny out of the tent Luke finishes Nick off after he says goodbye to everyone in the group and wishes good luck for Rebecca with her baby.

  • i worded it badly i meant that in the 1st flashback Clem would go to sleep which would end the flashback and flash to the van with Tripp or the horses with Eleanor.

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    Okay, so I got time to kill at the moment and am rested up from actually taking my ass to sleep early, so I think I'll try to go for 2+ page

  • also i put Shell in there because i actually liked her character the most out of the 400 days group and was sad to see it being Wasted on a couple of Cameos at howe s .

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    Okay, so I got time to kill at the moment and am rested up from actually taking my ass to sleep early, so I think I'll try to go for 2+ page

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    i worded it badly i meant that in the 1st flashback Clem would go to sleep which would end the flashback and flash to the van with Tripp or the horses with Eleanor.

  • Same.

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    also i put Shell in there because i actually liked her character the most out of the 400 days group and was sad to see it being Wasted on a couple of Cameos at howe s .

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    So here s the last Rewrite of season 2 For no Going back .
    The episode starts with The shootout of course which can have different outcomes depending on your previous choices:
    -Matthew is shot down by one of the Russian members if He is still alive.
    -Mike will Die if Nick is dead because he never makes it to the safe spot Bonnie calls him to While if Nick is alive he shoots down Buricko who was shooting at him ((Meaning Kenny doesnt get to kill him.))
    There will be choice to whether you go to the Cover where Nick and Sarah are or The cover where Luke is.

    • Sarah will shoot Walker Natasha if she s alive and Was teached how to shoot if not The walker will attack clementine and she will have to fight it off like Kenny does if you dont shoot the walker that attacks him in the later part of the episode.
    • Nick will die if Pete is dead but if he s alive he will take the shot for him and you will have a brief scene after the shootout to say goodbye to either of them as they bleed to death much like Kenny s season 2 death scene.
      -Jane still showns up.
    • During the moment where Jane stabs Vitalli he actually manages to fire a shot althought because of Jane stabbing him his aim is off and instead of hitting Kenny he hits Carley/Doug. ((Honestly i killed Carley and Doug off here because i really dint know what do with them anymore.))
      After the shootout Lily will antagonize Kenny for mistreating Arvo with the others and he will tell them about the house .
      During the scene where you have to Put new bandages on Kenny s eye you get a hub in case you want a detour to talk to the others.
      Bonnie: Bonnie will just ask if Clem already switched Kenny s bandages to which Clem will reply with a no and Bonnie will send her away.
      Nick: Nick will talk about how Carley/Doug s deaths were his Fault and he will apologize to you to which you can either reply Negatively or Tell him it wasnt his fault.
      Mike: Mike will voice his opinion on how Arvo is being mistreated.
      Sarita: Sarita will voice her worries about How Kenny is acting if she survived instead of Nick in episode 4 .
      Lily: Lily will tell Clem she doesnt trust Arvo but that what Kenny is doing is going too far.
      Rebecca: Rebecca will be sad about the deaths that happened in the shootout and will feel guilty about Carley s death and Pete s death ((Also Rebecca would be holding AJ in this version and she would still be a bit weak.))
      the scene where you switch Kenny s bandages is the same.
      During the walk to the Power station Lily begins to warm up to AJ .
      At the Power station you still have to Get Jane to come to the camp but Sarita will convince Kenny to come back if she s still alive.
      Nick will joke around with Mike about Luke and Jane.
      During the scene with The ice Luke still dies ((Bonnie is no longer determinant because she will trust Clem about Luke being able to get out of the hole but he ends up cracking the rest of the ice and falling giving Bonnie a better reason to be angry at Clementine)) .
      Nick and Rebecca are with Jane about going back to Howe s while Lily also wants to go to wellington like Kenny because she thinks the strategic advantage of the walkers being slower is too good to pass up. ((If sarita is alive she will also want to go to Wellington.))
      During the scene where Bonnie , Mike and arvo steal the supplies Arvo can act differently depending on how you treated him.
      If you were good to Arvo he will only Knock out Clementine and say he s sorry and he then runs away with Mike and Bonnie.
      If you were Antagonistic to Arvo he will shoot you which will cause one of 2 scenes to happen:
      1: If you tried to help Luke instead of shooting the walkers Bonnie will have her talk with Mike about not letting him touch her and unlike the original game she will stay there as Clem blacks out.
      2: If you shot the walkers to help Luke Bonnie will cold heartedly tell Mike to leave her causing Mike to rethink what he s doing after Arvo just shot Clem and Bonnie showed a new side to her he decides to stay instead of run away.
      When you wake up instead of being on the car you wake up inside Arvo s ´´Toothpick´´ house again as you see Kenny Yelling at Bonnie/Mike while Jane just stares at them.
      They ll Notice that Clem s awake and talk to her asking if she s okay but when Mike/Bonnie talk to Clem Kenny tells them To ´´shut it the reason why she s Like this is all because of you´´ with Jane surprisingly agreeing with Kenny.
      If Nick is alive he will also be angry at Bonnie/Mike while if Sarita is alive she will defend Mike/Bonnie that she stayed and that she/he obviously regret it so dont blame what happened on them Kenny is surprised at sarita s statement but either way Kenny plans to leave Bonnie/Mike in the house you then get a choice to Agree with the group or defend Bonnie/Mike if you defend them and sucessfuly convince the group Kenny will allow them to come with them on the car althought he still doesnt trust them.
      After Kenny turns on the car the scene transitions to the regular car scene where Clem originally wakes up as Mike/Bonnie thank Clem for defending them if you did.
      After Kenny leaves the Car the walkers start to come towards them and either Sarita or Lily take action and start the car again and leave.
      The car still Stops and several things happen at once.
      Mike/Bonnie escape with Nick if they re alive ((If Nick s dead Bonnie goes off on her own.)) while Sarah is attacked by the walker that originally attacks clem in episode 5 and you have a QTE to shoot the walker and save her if you fail it Sarah gets bitten and is put down after the fight between Kenny and Jane.
      At the same time Lily runs out of the car and Jane leaves with AJ leaving Clem either Alone or with Sarah and Rebecca ((If Sarita is alive she will get separated from the rest of the group too.))
      When The Kenny and Jane fight breaks out if Nick is alive ((and determinantly with Bonnie/Mike)) they ll arrive and stop the fight if not then the scene remains the same.
      They go to Check on Rebecca if she lived thought episode 4 and they notice she s gotten even worse Rebecca then asks Clem to take care Of AJ saying she s a ´´Natural´´ as her eyes close and she dies because of the cold she s stopped from turning by either Nick , Kenny or Jane.
      After that one of 2 things happen:
      If the fight happened and Kenny died ((Kenny is shot on the head this time around.)) : The rest of the group arrives as they see Kenny s dead body and discover that AJ is still alive most of them forgive Jane except for Sarita ((If she lived.)) Jane tells them that they should go back to Howe s because its safer there Sarita then says she s not going anywhere with the people who murdered Kenny Lily stays with Sarita because she was planning to go to wellington too. the rest of the group sets out and the screen goes black with a shot of Sarita Crying looking at Kenny s dead body with Lily comforting her.
      If the fight Happened and Jane died: The group arrives and see Jane s dead body , After finding out that AJ is alive most of the group gets angry at Kenny because he murdered Jane and call him unstable they plan to go back to Howe s but Lily Sarita and Clem dont agree with them and they set out for wellington .
      If Nick stopped the fight:
      the group tries to decide where to go next but they dont seem to agree with each other:

    • Jane , Sarah Nick and Mike/Bonnie want to go back to Howe s.

    • Kenny , Sarita and Lily want to go to wellington.
      If you go to Howe s you still get the choice between Letting the family in or not.
      After you let the family in or not Jane tells Clem they should Check the other rooms to see if There are still walkers in there.
      Clem will then head to Carver s office if Alvin died in episode 3 to find him and put him out of his misery.
      If you go to wellington:
      After the 9 day timeskip Kenny , Lily , Sarita , Clem and AJ arrive at Wellington they then Run into Edith and a Familiar Face: Brie.
      Brie will tell Clem about how she found a Truck and made her way North using it and that she arrived a couple of days before Clementine.
      Brie tries to plead with Wellington s leader Leo to let them in But he only allows 3 of them to enter.

    • If sarita is alive Kenny and Lily will tell her to go with Clem because they both trust her .

    • If Sarita s dead Kenny tells Lily that while they ve had their differences he s gonna let her enter Wellington instead of him because he wants to atleast make sure as many people from the group he s part of are safe he then tells them To give his Hat to AJ when he s older and leaves.
      Sadly there is no longer an Alone ending option.
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    Well I wouldn't change any of S1 because it set the foundations. So the first major change I would make would be in 400 days and I would mak

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    So im gonna restart the New frontier rewrite based on the season 2 ones i made So here we go Ties that Bind part 1 because the wall of text for part 1 and 2 was too big and i had to split it in half:
    The episode starts out in the same way with the flashback Javi has of his Dad s death and the walker scene so here s what i would change about that scene:
    When Hector goes to approach Rafa/Salvador you get a choice of Letting him or Stopping him and going yourself.
    If you let him go the flashback just goes like the normal one with the mother and Hector getting bit but if you stop him you get into a QTE fight with Walker Dad David then gets Salvador off of Javier and the flashback then proceeds the same way as normal with Javier s mother getting Bit and Javier killing his father and the others going to the hospital except Hector never got bit.
    If hector did not get bitten he is on the van with Javier s group and when Kate offers her weed to javier Hector wakes up and asks Javier if it really is a good idea to do that while driving either way he goes back to sleep but if you accept Kate s offer Hector Replies with: ´´Well wake me up when you guys Crash the car.´´
    During the Hub section you can talk to Kate , Mariana and Gabe as usual but you can also talk to Hector and he will talk about how they re lucky that they ve found Gas and made it thought so long into this with only the same plan.
    When you have the choice about whether to leave or stay there for the night Hector will be with Kate on the argument and if you side with Gabe then he tells Javier that he has a bad feeling about this i mean why would there be a truck which convieniently has Gas in the middle of a junkyard?
    Which of course turns out to be true as Max appears with his buddies and take Javi on a trip to Tree fall land.
    After you either murder Rufus or not Clem appears and depending on your ending there will be a silluette approaching her as the flashback begins ((If there is no silluette then the flashback is postponed for later on at Prescott.))
    Jane Nick Mike/Bonnie Sarah and the family:
    The flashback opens with Clem fixing a board at Howe s Jane comes to Clem and begins to talk to her about the events of season 2 and she also adds that there were some people that she saw at Howe s that they dint find their Body.
    After you fix the board you get a hub to the area with The comic shop and the place where Kenny and mike were in on episode 3.
    If you enter the comic shop you see that Gill and Sarah are inside Gill is reading a comic while Sarah found a book in the shop and is reading it ((she ll say its the sequel to the one she was reading before if you talk to her.))
    you can talk to Gill and ask him what he s reading and what he thinks of Howe s .
    after you exit the hub you will hear Jane crying and when you go to check if she s okay Clem discovers about Jane being Pregnant and Clem then comforst her or Ask why she s sad about it to which Jane will respond with one of two responses: 1: If rebecca died in episode 4 she will tell Clem she doesnt want to end up like Rebecca. 2: If rebecca lived thought episode 4 she will tell Clem she doesnt want to bring someone else into a world like this one. You then have a couple of dialogue options to convince Jane to have the baby if you dont convince her she will just tell Clem she s still not sure and she will walk away after that there s a timeskip.
    If you did not Convince Jane she tells you to go check the perimeter with the rest of your group while she s gonna rest a bit Most of the group agree to that.
    When you come back with the Family you hear shouting between Nick, Mike/Bonnie and Jane turns out they actually hadnt left yet so when they saw Jane tying the noose they stopped her ((If Mike is there then its mentioned that Mike is the one who stopped Jane while if Bonnie s there then its nick. I know its a minor thing but i just feel that Mike would be the first one to take action in a situation like this seeing as how he tried to force Kenny out of his anger sometimes when he snapped in episode 4.)) After that they decide to always leave someone watching Jane after that.
    if you convince Jane this scene is avoided. After that you get a timeskip and come back to Clem Talking to Jane about how the Baby dint make it and that it was a dumb idea anyway with Jane thinking it atleast dint have to live in a world as fucked up as the one they re in .
    Their Conversation is interrupted by a loud noise, Jane and Clem then reunite with the rest of the group ((Mike/Bonnie , Nick , Sarah and the family)) and they go check it out.
    They see Tavia with some other people from Howe s ((pretty much just some nameless generic guys)).
    after a brief attempt at negotiation Tavia fires a shot at Patricia killling her and starting the shootout.
    you have a quick shootout section kind of like the one in season 1 episode 3 until the rest of the group starts running out of Bullets with the exception of 2 people: Bonnie/Mike and Nick.
    Nick then tells everyone they should go that he will cover them while they run while Mike/Bonnie denies his requests saying that they should be the one to stay behind ((Pretty much motivated by them still feeling guilty about the times they fucked up.)) you then get 3 choices:
    Leave Nick , Leave Mike/Bonnie or risk going without leaving anyone to cover them.
    Risk it: Clem tells them she s not leaving any of them behind and that there s no time to argue, The group then proceeds to run out.
    ((Jane s in the front followed By Clem , Mike/Bonnie Nick and Sarah.))
    When they re about to reach the Woods Nick looks back telling Sarah they re almost there when suddenly Tavia fires a gunshot hitting Sarah just as Nick finished telling her that, Clem then begins to turn her head but Nick yells out not to look Back and to just keep going they reach the woods and run a little farther until they think its safe Clem then asks Nick where Sarah is with tears flowing down her eyes Nick tells Clem she s gone and Hugs Clem as the flashback ends.
    Leave Nick : Nick stays there as Clem runs off with Jane , Sarah and Mike/Bonnie manage to leave Howe s safely but you hear Nick screaming and just as you re about to reach the forest you see the reason why Nick screamed: Walkers managed to enter howe s and Clem turned her head just to see Nick getting bitten in the neck with Clem starting to tear up as she runs off with the rest of the crew.
    Leave Mike/Bonnie: Pretty much the same as Leave Nick.
    After the Flashback its revealed that the silhuette was Jane.
    Kenny flashback:
    The Flashback starts with Kenny , Clem , Sarita ((If she lived thought season 2.)) and Lily walking thought a forest with Lily Arguing with Kenny About going to Florida Lily thinks they should have stayed Close to Wellington even if Wellington dint accept them because of the advantage of the walkers being slower while Kenny retorts by saying that he dint wanna freeze to death and that if she wanted to she could just turn back and Start walking at the same Time Sarita Tries to defuse the argument and you can either Support Lily or Kenny s opinions ((Or Try to defuse the fight with Sarita.)) when they re suddenly attacked Scavengers wanting to take their Supplies ((About 7 to 8 people.)) You can either Give your bag with Supplies or Refuse but no matter what you choose Kenny decides he doesnt want to give the supplies away and starts firing Killing one of the bandits. Because of that great stroke of Genius the Bandits start Firing too and they alert several walkers to their Position with some of them killing 3 of the bandits.
    The rest of them are dealt with by Kenny and Lily While Clem and Sarita kill the walkers that were alerted by the noise.
    Lily suggests they leave in case more walkers come with the rest of the group agreeing but it turns out that one of the bandits was still breathing as he points a gun at Clementine and Pulls the trigger Lily notices him and Pushes Clem out of the way the bullet hitting Lily in the gut. They try to Bandage the wound but they ve already used up all of the medicine they got From the Wellington supplies and they re not able to Save Lily . Kenny then Yells Goddammit and Kills the bandit with a shot to the head as Clem Looks down at Lily s dead body and the Flashback ends.
    After Returning to Present time its revealed that the silluette was Kenny.
    Wellington flashback: This is the same as the flashbacks i wrote up before with the exception that Brie and Lily/Sarita are with Clem , Leo and Becca as they run away from Wellington.
    When they go back to present time its revealed that If Lily entered wellington that the silluete was Hers while if Sarita was the one to enter Wellington the silluette turns out to be just a walker.
    Not really anything big but id have it so that Clem would trust Javier quicker if you Had the Kenny or Wellington ending while if The Jane ending gets picked she only starts trusting you after the event with Eli if you cover for her ((She d also not free Javier of the Cuffs in the Jane ending because Jane would be there for Backup and she wouldnt need Javier watching her back.))
    So now Let s talk Eli shall we? Id have it so that depending on what ending you picked Clem doesnt really care about Killing him like in ANF ((That being Jane s ending as Clem spent a long time with Jane now and she probably inherited a lot of Jane s mentality because of that.))
    while the other endings Clem would have accidentally Shot Eli and instead of being like: ´´Oh he ded Javi pls tell trip i did nuthing´´
    I think id have her Regret what she did since Eli wasnt a threat or someone who was already dying.
    Tripp then discovers about what Happened and doesnt take Clem , Javi and the S2 Survivor to Prescott s prison cell and the scene goes on as if you picked to tell the truth to Tripp instead of covering for Clem althought she s not angry with Javier in this version.
    Clem then goes to sleep:
    Depending on what ending you picked in season 2 you will have different scenes for this:
    Jane ending: If Nick died then you have a nightmare of Pete haunting you because you failed to keep your promise of Protecting him while if Sarah died then you re haunted By Carlos ((Yes this is something just like the deleted doug and Carley scene.))
    Kenny ending:
    You re firstly Haunted by Lily and Clem can respond by making an excuse or saying she s sorry after that several characters from season 1 shown up and start blaming Clem for their deaths ((Travis will appear saying she saved Molly from walkers so why couldnt she save him if Clem was brought to Crawford and whoever survived episode 1 of season 1 out of Carley or doug will appear haunting Clem for Not being able to save them during the shootout and at the end of the dream you see Ben looking at Clementine sadly as they re back in the lodge with Carver shooting at him.))
    After that Clem then wakes up with Kenny/Jane/Lily asking Clem what happened and comforting her ((you re still in control of Clem at this point.))
    Tripp then arrives telling them to get in the car ((Or if you picked Eleanor she arrives with the horses.)) Clem then enters the car and a timeskip happens to the scene where Javier talks with Tripp or Eleanor before arriving at the junkyard.
    Then you have several different outcomes at the junkyard.
    Hector is Alive but neither Lily or Kenny are there : Hector is the one who goes after Mariana s music player and when he s about to go over to her to give it he is shot in the head by badger
    Hector is dead but Lily is with Javier and the others: Lily will see Badger lining up the shot and shoot him in the shoulder.
    Hector is dead but Kenny is with Javier and the others: He will notice Badger and recklessly Push Mariana out of the way when Badger tries to shoot them which ends up working.

    Hector is dead but Jane is with Javier and the others: Jane tries to warn Mariana but its too late as she gets shot down.
    Hector is dead and There is no extra companion with them: Mariana dies.
    Hector is alive and either lily or Kenny is with clem: Hector is saved in the same way Mariana would be by Lily or kenny.
    The last choice in the episode is the same as in the normal one except Jane/Lily/Kenny will be with Clementine.

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    So here s the Rewrite for part 2 of Ties that bind .
    Went with the family: If you went with the family you get the same scene that you get in the normal game until Clem showns up with Lily/Kenny/Jane.
    Stayed with Clem and Kenny/Jane/Lily:
    You get a scene where you bury either Hector or Mariana and you then leave the Junkyard but if Both of them survived you get a hub to look for the car that Clementine found .
    When you get back to Prescott if hector died at the end of episode 1 you will see Mariana with her music player listening to a song ((Because she has batteries now.)) she seems to have calmed down after Hector s death but if you go talk to her you discover that she s actually listening to Hector s favorite song.
    If hector is still alive he will be sitting in a chair and if you talk to him he will tell Javier about how Mariana was talking to Tripp and the other people from Prescott after she got a pen and a Notepad, Javier can then tell him about the thing Mariana told him about where she wants to write down her memories.
    During the confrontation where Francine is held hostage if you surprender when Clem starts shooting Lily/Kenny/Jane will back Francine up causing her to run off into the woods which makes her survive Prescott s destruction while if you open fire she still ends up dead which causes Conrad to be in debt With Javier and The S2 Survivor which makes the scene where you confront Conrad not happen.
    Hector will be bitten during the invasion but only Javier knowns he s bitten.
    After prescott is destroyed you still get the hub to talk to the characters so im just gonna add some extras for the characters that are still alive:
    Mariana: Mariana will talk about how she s sad about Hector s death if he died in episode 1 or that she s worried about Kate because of her wounds she also mentions that she s started to write down her memories on an annotation book she found in Prescott.
    Jane: If Jane s alive she will tell Javier he s lucky that he still has his Family .
    Kenny: Kenny will either Joke around about Gabe s crush on clem ((Because come on you known that while Kenny has a temper he does have a humorous side to him when he s not going Insane and Salt licking people.)) or He wont want to Talk to Javier if he did not Cover for Clem .
    Lily: Lily will mostly talk about how she thinks they should get a better plan in case things dont end up working out With Richmond .
    Hector: Javier will talk with Hector and ask if he doesnt want to cut the arm off but Hector will reply that he doesnt because they dont have any medical supplies with them and it would be too risky and that he d rather live a few more hours or another day then die a day earlier.
    The scene with Jesus is the same as in the original game.
    Flashback time!
    Wellington group with Clem:
    Lily Clem Leo Brie and Becca make it to a house after several walkers start coming after them Ava showns up and you get a choice between Accepting her offer to go with Richmond or not.
    Lily and Becca want to Refuse the offer but Leo and Brie want to accept it and the final call ends up with Clem.
    Accepting her offer:
    Ava will leave to get her people and Leo will go with Brie and Becca to hunt for food while Clem stays with Lily who states she doesnt trust Ava There is a timeskip and Ava comes back with a couple of people who greet them and they leave the house ending the flashback.
    Refuse the Offer: Leo and Shell are dissapointed at Clem s decision while Becca and Lily tell Clem she made the right call because Ava was too shady to be serious.
    Lily then grabs her Gun and prepares to Go out to hunt for some Food and Becca, Leo , Brie and shell stay in the House . After a timeskip Clem and Lily return to the House hearing the sound of Gunshots and when they arrive they see several people outside the house .
    on one side 5 dead bodies of random people from the new frontier ((Who were on Joan s side.))
    with Rufus and Lonnie there and on the other a Wounded Leo surrounded by the dead Bodies of Becca and Brie with Badger ((With a Knife wound on his shoulder)) Holding a gun at Leo calling him a tough bastard before shooting him Lily and Clem then Point their guns at Badger s crew with Badger saying oh you dont want to do that as Lonnie has a gun pointed to AJ Badger then says he will give them two choices either they go with Him and join the New frontier or he will kill AJ and then shoot them too after that he immediatelly tells Them to not try any shit like her friends did and drop the guns or he cant guarantee the safety of the baby.
    Lily and Clem then drop their guns and start walking with them , Badger then approaches both of them saying that if he hears any word of them saying anything about this in the camp they will still have time to shoot them before he gets caught.
    The Flashback ends with Clem arriving with Lily at the camp and Lying to Ava about what actually happened to the rest of her group saying that the walkers got them.
    With Jane the family Sarah and Nick/Mike/Bonnie:
    If the family s alive: They all agree to Ava s terms and you always go with them.
    If you did not bring the family with you: Then you re at a stalemate and Clem s vote resolves what they do the scene then proceeds the same way if you Refuse except that if Sarah lived thought the first flashback then you come back with only Sarah alive Having a breakdown with Badger shooting her saying that he ´´Saved the best for last´´.
    With Kenny and Sarita: Both Kenny and Sarita agree that they want to go with Ava regardless of what Clem chooses and the flashback ends with no deaths.
    If Javier surrendered himself at Prescott then Conrad tells them he heard what they were talking about but that since they Saved Francine he ll keep quiet about it Clem then proceeds to leave with the S2 Survivor. While if Javier opened fire then different things happen.
    Kenny: Kenny will recklessly attack Conrad making him Drop his gun. Kenny punches Conrad and runs away with Clem.
    Jane: Jane starts talking to Conrad and she tricks him and tries to take his gun away there s a QTE sequence to help Jane and Conrad will be angry at Javier for helping her but he will apologize later on in episode 3 .
    Lily: Lily surprenders and tells Conrad to take her but leave Clem out of this Conrad accepts that and Lets Clem Run away but Clem doesnt want to go and Lily Convinces her that its gonna be okay and that she will come back.
    Javier can ask when they re walking to Richmond why she did what she did and she will tell him that it was too Risky what if he had shot Gabe , What if his finger slipped , If Lily ended up shooting Mark in the 1st season ((Cause old rewrite reference.)) she will also add that she s sure that he would shoot him because she once was in a situation like that where she was the one who was unstable.
    Wellington ending with Sarita instead of Lily: the confrontation is the same as in the normal game with you getting the chance to shoot Conrad or not.
    If the Jane ending was picked when David opens the gate Bonnie/Mike will be with him ((Only if they survived the second flashback))

  • i still hate ties that bind part 2 more than from the gallows.

    MRSHYGUY45 posted: »

    Season 1- Long Road Ahead Even though I liked this episode, I think it's the weakest one from the whole season minus 400 Days. Idk exactly

  • i agree with you Tripp and Ava s treatment in episode 5 was horrible especially since we ve seen telltale can actually do determinant characters justice with Conrad.

  • The last episode should be remade, and this time they should add what was supposed to be in their original version such : possibility to get Javi with the NF mark etc

  • edited June 2017

    I forgot about Conrad, I think if he survived episode 4 that he should do something.

    He'll go with Tripp because Tripp is his pal.

    He won't go with Ava because Ava likes David and Conrad doesn't.

    If Tripp lives:

    If Javi, Conrad, and Tripp go with Kate Without Clem, then David dies. But Conrad might fall off the Bulldozer and die unless you help him.

    If Javi, Conrad, and Tripp go after Kate with Clem, then Gabe and David die. Conrad might fall again, but if you don't help, then Clem will.

    If Javi, Goes after Gabe and David, without Clem then David dies.

    If Javi goes after Gabe and David, with Clem, then Conrad and Kate die. Tripp is depressed because two people died in his hands.

    If Ava lives:

    If Javi and Conrad go with Kate with Clem. then Gabe dies. Conrad might fall.

    If Javi and Conrad go with Kate, without Clem, then everyone lives. But Conrad might fall.

    If Javi and Ava go after Gabe and David without Clem. Then everyone Lives.

    If Javi and Ava go after Gabe and David with Clem, then Conrad and Kate Die.

    I couldn't really think of much more, but Conrad should have an impact on the episode so I just shot out these ideas. If you have more, then please add on.

  • Hang on, I need to edit this.

    TheDerpGod posted: »

    I forgot about Conrad, I think if he survived episode 4 that he should do something. He'll go with Tripp because Tripp is his pal. He

  • anything specific?

    The last episode should be remade, and this time they should add what was supposed to be in their original version such : possibility to get Javi with the NF mark etc

  • Well like you wrote in another topic, Marianna wasn't supposed to die in their orginal version, I don't understand why they screwed so many things from their original and better script to offspring than half version-ish !?

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    anything specific?

  • edited June 2017

    where did you get that Mariana was not supposed to die?
    Althought there were a couple of deleted things in the season like a scrapped scene with Clint/Joan in episode 5 and a flashback of Clementine just before Lee arrived showing how Sandra clem s babysitter died.

    Well like you wrote in another topic, Marianna wasn't supposed to die in their orginal version, I don't understand why they screwed so many things from their original and better script to offspring than half version-ish !?

  • In another topic, I thought you wrote it, but could be someone with the same avatar !
    She was supposed to be kidnapped by the NF

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    where did you get that Mariana was not supposed to die? Althought there were a couple of deleted things in the season like a scrapped scene

  • i think you mean the fact that the reason the New frontier was gonna shown up was because of Clementine instead of Javier in episode 2 and That Tripp knewn Badger.

    In another topic, I thought you wrote it, but could be someone with the same avatar ! She was supposed to be kidnapped by the NF

  • I mean in the original script Marianna wasn't supposed to be killed by shoothead, but being kidnapped by NF

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    i think you mean the fact that the reason the New frontier was gonna shown up was because of Clementine instead of Javier in episode 2 and That Tripp knewn Badger.

  • i dont known about that i havent seen anything about it before in the deleted content that came up thought i might just have missed it.

    I mean in the original script Marianna wasn't supposed to be killed by shoothead, but being kidnapped by NF

  • Yes it wasn't you sorry I checked it is someone called TWDazehnuu
    Who gave that info

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    i dont known about that i havent seen anything about it before in the deleted content that came up thought i might just have missed it.

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    The walking dead a new frontier Above the law rewrite ((Following the other rewrites i posted.))
    The episode starts out as normal with David taking Gabe with him and ((If alive)) Mariana follows them.
    Bonnie/Mike are the ones who talk to Javier about going into the quarantine prison to get checked for bites if the Jane ending was picked and they were taken with you in season 2.
    When they re checked for bites Hector s bite is discovered and they want to shoot him as he s too far gone into the process to cut it off ((He s already beggining to get Pale.)) He tells them that he atleast wants to see if Kate survives this so that he can die with a clean conscience and they let him but they do not allow him to enter Richmond and leave him out there .
    In the quarantine you get a hub to talk to the rest of the group:
    Conrad: Conrad apologizes to you and ((If she s there)) Lily which you have a choice to forgive him or not.
    Tripp: Tripp talks about how he doesnt trust the New frontier.
    Lily: Lily will say she s leaving to find Clem after they get Kate fixed up.
    if you get close to the door then David arrives and takes you to where Kate is but before they talk about either of 3 things:
    1: How Hector got bit.
    2: How Hector died.
    3: How Mariana died.
    the scene on the Hospital is mostly the same except if Mariana s alive she s happy that the family s finally back together and starts writing down on her notes.
    Depending on what ending you got there are differences to some scenes:
    Wellington ending:
    -Becca will be talking to Ava when David introduces you to her.
    - If sarita entered Wellington with Clem instead of Lily she will be Helping Clint with Growing Food for Richmond.
    - Brie will just be keeping watch with Max ((not sure what i can still do with her character.))
    Kenny ending:
    Same as the Wellington ending Sarita would be Helping clint grow the food.
    Jane ending:

    • Gill will be in the background talking to other people in Richmond while you talk to David.
    • Randy would be with Gill .
    • Sarah will be helping Doctor Lingard because Carlos taught her something about medicine before he died.
    • Bonnie/Mike/Nick would be David s liutenants together with Ava .
      David then takes Javier to talk to Richmond s other four leaders.
      You walk in on Clint and Joan s discussion about what s superior while Leo is telling them he thinks both are Good but that the Cake is obviously ten times better than Clint s salad ((Leo became one of Richmond s leaders if the Wellington ending was picked because he already had experience from Leading Wellington.))
      When Leo gets wind that Clementine was involved with Javier he becomes a little more defensive of Javier but Javier and his group still ends up getting Kicked.
      When you get outside you see Hector who is very pale with a high fever but he can still walk and asks Javier what happened and if Kate s okay after the situation is explained to him he tells them he will accompany them to the place and Say goodbye before he ends it.
      If the wellington ending was picked Leo showns up to accompany them to the spot David marked in the map.
      During the encounter with the first walkers Clem showns up with Kenny/Jane if the Wellington ending was not picked.
      Flashback time:
      The flashback is mostly the same except in the different endings the characters from each ending try to defend Clementine but David still kicks her out Kenny/Lily/Jane decide to go with Clem and leave the New frontier while the others stay some to be with AJ in his final moments ((Sarita, Brie and Leo.)) while others have a mix of not wanting to go out there again but also wanting to be with AJ in his final moments ((Sarah , Randy and Becca.)) Gill will want to go with Clem too but he will be stopped by Randy.
      Hector will die during the scene where you get the door up with the car jack .
      Conrad died/Was given the gun: Hector tries to make it thought the door but he is pulled down by a walker like Conrad in his episode 3 death scene.
      Conrad wasnt given the gun: While Conrad is pulled down by a walker Hector kills it and pushes Conrad in he then pulls out a gun and shoots a couple of the walkers but saves the last bullet for himself.
      Leo will stop Clem from firing at David if He s there and open the door for him if he s not there then you still have the choice whether to open the door or not and Jesus does his thing.
      The confrontation with Max , Badger and Lonnie is mostly unaltered except Leo helps David Capture Max while Kenny/Lily/Jane help Javier with Badger.
      Clem still leaves but tells Javier she will come back and that she s just gonna look for Lingard to see if she can get him to tell her about Aj s whereabouts.
      During the choice where you either Leave with Kate or Take her to David s house Both Mariana and Gabe are not willing to go with them But Kate will convince Mariana if you pick to Leave with Kate while the choice where you take them to David s house is unchanged.
      Randy will be there with David when he tries to convince Clint about Joan s plot if the Jane ending was picked and Leo will be imprisoned with David and Javier if the Wellington ending was picked.
  • RIP Flashback it never had a chance from the start.

    DabigRG posted: »

    Actually, I forgot to write out what I had in mind and never got around to it.

  • Basically, the entirety of A New Frontier.

  • its ok.

    Yes it wasn't you sorry I checked it is someone called TWDazehnuu Who gave that info

  • Anything specific?

    Wolfenus54 posted: »

    Basically, the entirety of A New Frontier.

  • I don't think I have to be specific. I think that the entirety of A New Frontier needs a re-write, considering how shite it is in Telltale's standards. But that's just my opinion.

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    Anything specific?

  • I would rewrite all of them since Amid The Ruins.

  • Okay, finally getting back to this. Let's get to the weakest episode of Season 2--In Harm's Way!

    Episode 3 would start out with Clem flashbacking in PTSD sort of manner to Carley or Ben s death and she would come back to it with a hit from Troy s gun telling her to move as to which Clem can either talk back to him or Obey ((Talking back results in troy tryng to hit her again but being stopped by kenny who is then Knocked out by Troy , Carver will then tell them that if anyone goes out of line again there will be severe consequences and they will arrive at the truck from episode 3 and enter it. On the other hand if clementine Obeys him she can talk to either: Sarah,Kenny ,Carley ((if she s alive)) Pete or Nick since they are the ones closest to her as they re walking.))
    The scenes in the truck are mostly the same except if Carley s alive she will speak up telling them that they should calm down and think of a plan only when they get there since they cant do anything from the truck ((And Kenny doesnt listen resulting in him getting his head hit just like in the episode.))

    Nice opening. Especially with the option to talk to someone only if you are compliant. I'll have to review how Carley can survive, tho.

    When they arrive at Howe s they get escorted to the ´´prison´´ and on their way meet Reggie who had finally been able to join the group again ((still missing an arm)) the dialogue between Reggie and the cabin group s the same as the normal episode with the difference that he tells them that he s gonna try to help them as much as he can. Kenny will tell Clem to look around just as he does in the normal game ((and also alvin is still called to Carver s office.)) If Clem looks too much instead of having reggie getting the blame like in the original episode Troy will shown up and say that he will tell bill about what happened.

    So Reggie is out of the pin? Interesting change. Let's see where that goes.

    The following day things start out like normal with Carlos slapping sarah because Carver s a dick.
    And if you Messed around too much while searching for a way out Carver will then pick someone to get punished in her place ((The person who gets punished is either the one Clem talked to if she doesnt talk back to Troy in the beggining of the episode with the exception of Sarah or by Default it would be Nick.))

    What an asshole. "Nice" way to give Nick some relevance, tho.

    In the night Carlos will ((determinantly)) Bring the character that Carver punished.
    Kenny: Will have the same wound in his eye he gets normally.
    Nick: Will be missing his arm and have several cuts on his leg.
    Carley: Will have a broken arm which is fixed by Carlos and several wounds
    Pete: Pete will lose his Leg which Dooms him during the herd scene in episode 3 .

    Wait, what the hell? What kinda shit is that?!

    Kenny will be out of commission for the rest of the night as Clem goes to steal the radio for Luke and gets filled up in the morning when he wakes up ((The other characters arent passed out)).

    So, what does Kenny do if it wasn't him? Does he just go to sleep early like Nick does on the first night?

    There s a hub to talk to everyone before enacting the plan including the character that was punished by Carver or if it was Kenny a scene where Clem tells him to get Better.
    then clem goes to find luke but Carver caught him because he got hungry and tried to steal food.
    If kenny was wounded he s not there because he s still recovering . and Luke gets the beating instead but he s stopped after the first 3 punches by Bonnie who tells him that there s a breach in their defenses. Reggie is in on the escape with Bonnie and will help them escape. Kenny s already awake by the time Night comes up and joins in on the discussion about leaving now or Later ((favoring leaving at that exact moment of course.))

    Good way to put emphasis on Luke.

    Clem goes to activate the PA sistem and it happens the same way as in the normal game.
    After you leave carver s office the other members of carver s group havent arrived in the rooftop yet so Clem moves on towards the meeting point ((You also hear dialogue of Carver talking to them after catches them before entering the window)) Clem enters the window just in time to see Carver pointing a gun to them and telling Reggie that he warned him and then shoots reggie .
    then time freezes and you get a QTE to jump on Carver ((Or shoot him if alvin s dead.)) Kenny Punches carver, Luke takes Carver s gun and hits him with it . Kenny then tells everyone to wait outside as he grabs the crowbar and everything happens like in the normal episode except Carley s tryng to Convince Clem to go with her and not see what kenny will do to Carver ((If Carley s dead Sarita does it like in the normal game.))

    Poor Reggie. Still, I suppose it does make more sense for Carver to actually do so there since he's about to die shortly afterwards.
    Also, how exactly does the Bonnie scenes play out since Carver didn't kill Reggie earlier?

    The scene with the herd s pretty similar to the original but with the difference of the ending.
    If Carley s dead there will be a walker that grabs Sarita and clem rushes to kill it after she kills it Clem sees that she wasnt quick enough and sees that Sarita was bitten ending the episode.

    What happenes if Carley is alive?

    Extra: I just realized i completely forgot Matthew asurvived episode 2 so here s the extras with matthew : Matthew would be Crying in the truck while they re going to Howe s about Walt s death and he would later shown up Trying to stop Kenny and Mike s infighting ((But the window would collapse anyway.))
    Matthew would talk against having Clementine being the one to Carry the Radio because she s a kid.
    During Carver s death scene Matthew will stay to watch it with Rebecca because he wants revenge for Walter.

    Makes sense. And don't feel bad cause I forgot he can survive too.
    I'm guessing he's also available for conversation in certain scenes?


    Lily will be in Favor of Luke s plan to Steal the radios and will be the Loudest person arguing againts Kenny s plan because the two cant spend one second together without their Bickering.
    Lily would volunteer to take the Radio instead of Clementine but Troy would arrive and she wouldnt get the chance to take it and after the scene with Carver being beaten to death Lily will talk to Clem about how she thinks Kenny might be going insane because while He thought her dad was dead when he killed him at the meat locker what he did to Carver was alot more brutal which makes her think Kenny s going insane.

    Also makes sense.

    Good job as always! :smile:

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    Its been quite some time since i last posted anything on my episode rewrites so just following what happened in a house divided. Episode 3

  • Okay, back to ANF: Ties that Bind Part 2!

    Going with The family:
    If you go with the family with the Jane and the Alone ending it will be the same as the Normal Scene you get from Going with the family so im gonna put in the consequences to going with the family while having the Kenny/Wellington ending.


    Wellington ending: Eleanor tries to Fix up Kate with the Help of Edith and Javier in this version you dont get the choice of Having Gabe help as Edith tells him to not look and tells him she will be fine ((To which Gabe with a retort of ´´HOW DO YOU KNOWN YOU RE NOT A DOCTOR! and leave to outside of Prescott where he starts getting mad at himself about Mariana and Kate.
    Unlike Gabe Edith does not Drop the water and the surgery goes out better ((Not alot better since Kate would still need the medicine From Richmond )))
    Javier would Ask Edith about Gabe s whereabouts after that and she will tell him she saw him going towards the gate before she went back to help with Kate.

    I believe it wasn't that he dropped water, but that he grabbed the alcohol bottle by accident and it stung for a bit.

    Kenny ending: At the same time as Eleanor would be helping Kate she would be telling instructions to Javier about what to do with Kenny who was not as bad as Kate because Kenny s a tough nut to crack Gabe showns up and starts helping Eleanor with Kate until Gabe drops the water battle on her and runs out regretting what he did.
    Kenny would be there when Clem enters Prescott again and she would hug him .

    Hm. Nothing much to say, though I'm not sure Gabe grabbing the wrong bottle is mandatory.

    Shortly after the new frontier arrives and Kenny grabs a gun and goes to where Tripp And Javi are talking to the new frontier while Eleanor protests that his wounds are not completely healed and he needs to rest , There would also be a difference in whether you open fire or surprender.
    Open fire: The option goes as normal and Francine ends up dead.
    Surprender: Javi walks out of the gate and at the same time as Clem shoots one of them and Badger points him gun at Francine Kenny shoots badger and Francine runs towards the woods ((Leaving Conrad worried but not as bad as before and in a later scene he thanks Javier for not opening fire.))

    So, does that kill Badger or is he simply injured there? Cause he kinda has to give the unauthorized order for Prescott's raiding and destruction.

    Kenny enters the same car as Clem and his injuries open.
    Eleanor takes him , Kate and Mariana to richmond on the car.
    During the confrontation with Conrad he will back off if you surprendered and tell Javier that he does owe him for Francine and tells him he will keep Clem s secret Clem then walks off and you then find Kenny , Mariana and Kate in the car, The same scene as normal happens except Conrad s still alive and Clem s not there.

    Neat. Waitaminute, why is Mariana there?

    Jane ending: Jane just arrives with her and the new frontier arrives shortly after.
    Staying with Clem:
    This is pretty much the same for all endings except For jane s ((Althought there would be some dialogue about Clem being worried about Kenny if the kenny ending was picked.))
    If The Jane ending was picked then the scene would be mostly the same but Jane would try to convince Clem to take off with her when they find out The New frontier is there but she fails to convince clem and they go back to Prescott.
    Wellington ending: The only thing that would change was that when you get back to Prescott Edith would tell them that Kate s better but she will need more Medicine and a more tecnological treatment ((Like the one in Richmond and also she knowns that because Eleanor told her)).

    Sounds about right.

    Now for the rest of what would happen in episode 2 with these changes:
    Mariana: Mariana would Be Bitten and Javier would get the option to cut her arm off or not.
    If you cut her arm off then she s knocked out and doesnt participate in the conversation with Kate about her wanting to shoot herself but she s awake in the last moments of the episode and ends up meeting her father.
    If you dont Cut her arm off she participates in the conversation with Kate about her wanting to kill herself and tells her not to give up.
    Her state is worse in the final moments of episode 2 and she meets her dad who looks with a sad expression at her.

    Can you remind me how she got bitten, exactly? Anyway, poor thing.

    Edith: Edith would be with Javier, Clem and the others and voice her opinion about not wanting to tie up Jesus also during the conflict with Conrad if you Pick to shoot him then the second Javier starts to pull the trigger Edith would stop him and volunteer to server as Bait for the plan if they Let Clem go to which Clementine would Protest but be convinced by Edith.

    ...Odd choice, but maybe it makes sense if she was with Clementine during her New Frontier days. Plus, they could probably always use another guard.

    Jane: She would be with Javier and the others and would voice her Opinion about how they should not Trust Jesus and tie him up.
    During the Conflict with Conrad when he Grabs Gabe she distracts him until she can closer and shoots him in the Foot after that She and Clem take off leaving them there Conrad would be Angry at them but would go out with them and he would also tell Tripp about Clem being part of the New frontier.
    The discussion about Letting Kate in would be the same as in the version where Javier doesnt accept Conrad s plan ((AKA he shoots him.)) but with Conrad not being dead and being agressive to Max.

    That's also kind of odd. What, did she only hit his unclipped toenail or something? That's gotta hurt, dude.

    Ultimately, I don't quite understand the context of certain things, so some explainations in a reply would be nice.
    Anyway, good job! :smile:

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    So continuing on with the episode 2 of my Rewrite on A New frontier since this thread got Revived so suddenly: Going with The family: If y

  • Season 1- Long Road Ahead
    Even though I liked this episode, I think it's the weakest one from the whole season minus 400 Days. Idk exactly what I'll change about it, but it could approve.

    Yeah, it does probably drag the most.

    Season 2- Amid The Ruins
    I thought this episode was going to be very interesting by looking at Clementine from the episode selection screen. I thought they'd run into some cult or something. But what we got was an entire episode filled with pointless choices and weak character deaths. Not to mention no mention of Carver's camp after this.

    Yeah, I did too. How would you go about rewriting certain elements?

    New Frontier- From The Gallows
    Definitely the worst episode this season in my opinion. Terrible writing, stupid character deaths, plot holes everywhere, and all the different endings. The only good thing was how Clem's flashback choices played a role in the final choice in the episode. I'd gladly rewrite this episode, and Telltale even did just that but it still turned out terrible.

    I expect most of the posts to be either this or the flashbacks in Part 1.

    MRSHYGUY45 posted: »

    Season 1- Long Road Ahead Even though I liked this episode, I think it's the weakest one from the whole season minus 400 Days. Idk exactly

  • the only things telltale really did well were things that pertained to gabe's character because most things pertaining to him seemed less lazy, unlike characters such as kate.

    I'm inclined to agree.

    for instance, kate had an offscreen death, and then really her sole purpose this episode was to piss david off.

    Well that and save Richmond so the survivors have somewhere to hang out for whatever ending you get.

    david goes insane and tries to kill you regardless of how you treated him or kate in the past.

    But yeah, he is the kneekick to this installment after acting as a pillar for throughout most of it.

    also, they could've kept another garcia alive, it was really cheap that we were given a whole group and they all die in a matter of like three fucking days.

    . * cough * Gabe * cough *

    like it's literally so short and provides no closure. characters such as lonnie, max, joan, clint, etc are pushed aside and literally are never mentioned or make an appearance again.clementine's story has no closure, and once again, she's present for fanservice. david's motivations changed this episode as well. after episode four, he was supposed to be tracking down joan/clint because he was fucking pissed due to them trying to fucking kill him. instead, he questions kate's whereabouts, which literally made no sense as she wasn't present at the execution. gabe going after his dad didn't affect anything, as expected. the writers also didn't give you a huge reason to forgive eleanor either, and she just disappears.

    And those a major reason why it sucks as a followup to the previous episode and as a finale to ANF.

    tripp/ava's deaths were horribly executed.

    Tripp's was okay, I guess, but yeah, Ava practically didn't matter.

    i would rewrite from the gallows. the only things telltale really did well were things that pertained to gabe's character because most thing

  • I don't understand what you meant, but if no body's with Kate she dies, if that's what you meant.

    I meant that I noticed you noted Ava being alive if you go with her and Clementine to save Gabe and David. Seemed like an odd thing to note unless she dies, but my bad if that's not what you meant.

    What I meant is if other people have combination ideas, then they should add onto the ending variations.

    I know, I just didn't have anything in mind myself.

    TheDerpGod posted: »

    So instead of Ava dying, there's no car on the road so no worries. With Tripp I'd honestly wish he didn't die so shitty, so after Da

  • Just noticed this.

    He'll go with Tripp because Tripp is his pal.

    He won't go with Ava because Ava likes David and Conrad doesn't.

    Makes sense.

    If Javi goes after Gabe and David, with Clem, then Conrad and Kate die. Tripp is depressed because two people died in his hands.

    How the fuck did that happen? Damnit Tripp, you had one job!

    Good job, though. :smile:

    TheDerpGod posted: »

    I forgot about Conrad, I think if he survived episode 4 that he should do something. He'll go with Tripp because Tripp is his pal. He

  • There were obviously things we didn't know about the cabin group. Maybe Carver's camp would be the place where secrets are revealed and true character development happens. Pffft... right.

    I believe that's what they were originally planning, especially where Carlos is concerned. Though Kenny's presence may have gipped him twice.

    Carver turned out to be another cardboard cut out villain with the same tired "strong vs weak" agenda. Little to no redeeming qualities, none of the charm I witnessed earlier and I failed to see why he was called smart. I'd except someone smart to be more manipulative, something akin to the Crooked Man from TWAU who certainly had a way with words. The worst thing is that Carver had no impact on Clementine's character development. Sure he made this stupid effort to bond with her by stating how they are the same but, thanks to how he had been presented during the episode, NONE of the things he said convinced me to even think about his POV. I was more like "The fuck you talking about dude? Stop wasting time telling me this bs."

    Yeah, pretty much.

    Like Nick becoming a ghost who had nothing interesting to do/say (compare to Carley/Doug, Ben)

    Well, to be fair, I understand why Nick was so poorly done: he had barely any relevance to the story, didn't really have that significant a relationship with Clementine, was given no specific beef with Carver, and was determinant in an episode that had a fuckload of characters, even if a chunk of them were only in one scene. Add in the fact that he was determinant with the associated character being dead as well and there was little they could've done with him.

    Earlier Luke insisted Clem to come with him to the bridge since she's a very "valuable little girl". He also made her talk to the stranger (Matthew), climb up to the tower and wanted her to steal him a walkie talkie. However, when it came time for her to sneak into Carver's office to meddle with the sound system, Luke suddenly went: "Wait! THAT'S the plan?" Er... haven't you been the one who believes Clementine can handle herself? It's like in that moment they just wanted him to conflict with Kenny and thus ended up ignoring his previous traits.

    You know what, I never really gave that much thought. I guess he really was legitimately inconsistent at times.

    This is also when they started to pay more attention to Kenny than any of the cabin group. Like all that buildup about their past under Carver's rule amounted to nothing.

    Yeah, pretty much. A major reason why this episode is so weak is the hyperfocus on making Kenny be the big star instead of developing anything the story was actually supposed to be about.

    • Make Carver more like an intelligent, manipulative villain capable of making his POV sound valid and less like a one-dimensional jackass throwing a fit over berries.
    • Give the Cabin group actual development.
    • Have this whole trip to Carver's fun-house have some ACTUAL impact on Clementine.
    • Basically: Utilize the setting to its' fullest! Don't rush through it. Heck, they got into the camp and escaped during the same episode. There's so much that could have been done in this setting. Maybe even give 400 Days characters more to do than just have cheap cameos.

    All things the actual episode should've done.

    Great thinking here, dude! :grin:

    CreeperX posted: »

    S2 Ep3 In Harm's Way I think this is where the Season truly fell apart. I had issues before with how, for example, the game didn't let us

  • edited September 2017

    so yeah let me just continue my series of rewrites This time for Thicker than Water:
    The episode kicks off with Javier , David and ((Determinantly)) Leo getting taken to the prison.
    If you tried to Leave With Kate then David is angry at Javi while Leo tries to calm both of them down because its not the time for Fighting each other.
    Leo will also mention Brie as an ally when David says he has no allies left.
    David is taken away and Kate comes to help Javier with Mariana .
    If you took Kate to David s house: Gabe s the one who helps Javi and Leo and also David s nicer to you.
    When you get to David s house you get a hub to talk to everyone before you leave to Get the guns:
    Ava: Ava talks about how she s worried about David and that he shouldnt be wasting time talking ((Also Ava always ends up in the house where they are but she will be agressive to Javier if you tried to leave with Kate.)
    Lily/Jane/Kenny: Whichever character who was with you at the end of season 2 will ask you to Look for Clementine while you re out there.
    Gabe: If you talk to Gabe he will just ask you if you re ready and you can tell him yes or that you want to talk to everyone else first.
    Kate: Kate will wish Javier good luck.
    Leo: Leo will tell him that if he Finds Brie to try to get her to help them.
    If you talk to Either Tripp or Eleanor they will tell you they need some space for themselves.
    Conrad s sleeping.
    When you enter the house with the guns you re found by one of 3 people:
    Wellington ending: You re found by Brie who puts her Gun down when you mention that Leo s with them and tells them she will help.
    Kenny ending: Sarita will be reluctantly pointing a gun at Javier but She puts it down when He mentions Kenny . (( what i mean by this is that she s holding a gun at Javier and looking obviously like she s not gonna shoot kind of like Vernon in episode 4 of season 1.))
    Jane ending: Bonnie/Mike/Nick shown up and tell them that Ava already informed him/her of what s going on and tells them to grab the guns quickly because someone might see them.
    Brie/Sarita/Bonnie/Mike/Nick ((Wow that was a long one.)) will work as something of an inside source telling them what Joan s planning.
    Lingard s office is unchanged except for the flashback.
    Kenny ending: Sarita is telling AJ a story while Clem makes figures in the shadow to match the story she s telling.
    At the same time Lily is Standing watch while Kenny tends to the fire.
    Suddenly Lily spots a walker and kills it with a screwdriver ((The one Jane gave to Clem )).
    Kenny then starts talking about how they should think about moving down south because it doesnt seem safe here anymore especially with Wellington being destroyed ((Yeah i made the Kenny ending come after Wellington s destruction Problem?))
    Lily then suggests they go to that City they were originally going towards before Arvo s house while Kenny wants to go to Florida which Lily thinks is an even more insane dream then Both the Boat and Wellington Because Florida will obviously be swarmed with more walkers than their current location Kenny then starts talking about how his plans worked for them until now. He was right about Wellington and the Boat was indeed in savanah the only problem was Vernon and Lily replies saying if your plans worked out fine then why is it that i dont See Luke, Chuck , Lee and Nick standing here with us ((She only mentions Nick if he died in season 2.))
    Sarita then tries to defuse the fight while Clem can support Kenny , Lily or help Sarita with the fight ((Much like the first flashback.))
    No matter who you support Sarita manages to calm both of them down and she tells them that Past mistakes dont matter what happens is that they re still here so stop fighting!
    Lily and Kenny then stop as AJ starts to cry and they see a walker going towards him Clem picks up that one rock from the original flashback and the second she hits the walker Lily Fires a gunshot to the walkers head finishing it off .
    Lily Apologizes to Kenny and proceeds to go back to watching for more walkers while Kenny tends to the fire .
    Clem then starts talking to Sarita about Lily and Kenny s fights with Sarita reassuring her that from now own they will be ok and she tells Clem not to worry Clem then smiles and continues making shadows for AJ while Sarita continues her story as the flashback ends.
    Jane ending:
    ((Its set a week after the group comes back to Howe s .))
    Clem is talking to Jane as she leaves with a cart of Walkers telling her that hopefuly these are the last ones Clem asks if Jane wants her to come with her but Jane tells her she can do it on her own.
    Jane then leaves as Clem hears Nick Calling her over ((Its Sarah if Nick died in season 2 .)) when Clem goes over to Nick he tells her that Sarah found the camera they had in the Cabin because apparently Carver had his men search the Cabin after the group left Sarah and Mike/Bonnie then come up and ask Clem to take a picture of them.
    either Bonnie or Sarah tell Clem to keep it with her.
    Sarah then leaves as Nick starts talking to Clem about Howe s and how he wishes Luke was with them he then apologizes to Clem thinking that he could have helped save Luke in the ice but instead he just stayed there looking as Clem and Bonnie tried to help him after Comforting Nick clem tells him they re gonna be fine now that they re in Howe s that they might finally be safe with the screen fading to black after she finishes saying it. ((If Nick died in season 2 then you have to Comfort Sarah because she misses the rest of the people from the Cabin while if only Mike/Bonnie are there then you talk with Mike/Bonnie as they apologize for trying to run off with the supplies)).
    Wellington ending:
    The flashback starts with Clem walking with Either Sarita or Lily with her.
    Brie asks if Clem wants to stand watch with her while Edith asks if Clem wants to go hunting with her
    Stand watch: Lily/Sarita leave with Edith and Clem and Brie start wondering if Omid and Christa are still alive at this point when suddenly they hear some people talking when they go to look they see that several people have Supply bags and are trying to leave Brie and Clem get spotted they then Get tied up with Leo as more than half of Wellington goes off with Most of their supplies Edith and Sarita/Lily come back and free them Leo tells them that he doesnt known if they can maintain Wellington now while Clem reassures him it will work as the flashback ends.
    Go hunting with Edith: Sarita/Lily stand watch With Brie as Clem grabs a gun and goes with Edith to hunt .
    Edith talks to Clem about how some people have been acting strangely in Wellington these days and that they should keep a lookout for them.
    When they come back they see that the door to Wellington is open and they see Leo tied down with Sarita/Lily and Brie they untie them and Leo once agains tells them that he doesnt known if he can maintain wellington Clem reassures him as the flashback ends.
    The rest of the episode is mostly the same up until the scene with Joan .
    Sarita/Brie/Mike/Bonnie/Nick will call Javier on the radio to tell him that Joan found out somehow and that they got some of their people Javier then Rushes with Clem and the S2 Survivor to where they are while Kate and Mariana stay in the truck.
    If Max was Spared Lonnie will be helping Joan and telling them that David attacked several groups which is the reason why he is being hanged and tell them a sob story about how he regrets what he did.
    the episode ends with The truck Crashing just like in the normal game.

  • How would you go about rewriting certain elements?

    Well, I'd keep the whole "Kenny is dangerous" thing because it gave us some real good scenes between him and Clem and the rest of the group. That and Rebecca giving birth to AJ.

    As for what I would rewrite, I'd rewrite the outcome of each choice. For example, if you stole the pills from Arvo to give to Rebecca, she still dies no matter what. When you save Sarah in the trailer, she'll die anyway an hour later. The choices were awful this episode. Here's how I'll retwrite them:

    1. If you saved Nick in Ep.2, he can be seen with Luke in the trailer trying to get Sarah to leave. He'll help Jane and Luke tame the walkers while you talk to Sarah. If you decide to leave her, Nick will get furious and help Sarah himself. He'll lift her up on the dresser before being surrounded by walkers, sacrificing himself to save Sarah. If you slap Sarah, you get the original scene only with Nick added. So he'll get to live longer if you choose this.

    2. If you decided to steal the medicine, you'll give them to Rebecca, who manages to survive through her injuries and lives in the end of the episode. If you didn't, she'll meet the same fate as she originally does. If you steal, the others will be angry that you robbed someone, but Jane will praise you. If you didn't, the others will start to be angry at Jane for encouraging a child to steal.

    3. Like in #1, if Nick lives you'll save Sarah no matter what. If you didn't and you leave her, she'll be eaten. As for her deck death, that won't happen. In fact, I'd give that death to Nick. Luke will try to help him and you can decide whether or not to help. Nick will tell you to "leave him" and to "focus on the baby". Nick will then get devoured as you and Luke watch with Luke starting to cry. You can decide to either comfort him or do nothing. If Sarah lives, there'll be a scene between her and Clem with the baby.

    4. Arvo and his gang will still show up in the end. If you steal the medicine, Arvo will blame everything happening on you and if you didn't steal, he'll wonder where Jane went (she still leaves). The standoff will still happen too. For the final choice, depending on if you stole the medicine, you must either shoot a turned Rebecca or fire the Russians fire first, killing Rebecca.

    I'd also add much more "Luke vs Kenny" drama in here too. Luke will start to question Kenny's sanity while Kenny starts to question Luke's "leadership". This is pretty much similar to Kenny vs Lily, but Luke will be more calm than Lily. The group will then be somewhat divided; one side siding with Luke and the other with Kenny, depending on the dialogue choices you say about them to others.

    That's all I got. So the only thing I'd change are the choices so hopefully they have a longer affect than previously. I can do Episode 5 too if you want.

    DabigRG posted: »

    Season 1- Long Road Ahead Even though I liked this episode, I think it's the weakest one from the whole season minus 400 Days. Idk exactl

  • In Harm's Way: an episode that sucks so bad that it requires multiple full rewrites.:lol:

    Let's see what else you decided to add.

    Firstly i would have put the 400 days survivors to be with Clem so you get to known them more while still attempting to escape Howe s .
    For example Wyatt would be the one watching over Kenny and Mike during their argument.
    Wyatt saves Clem s life and unlike Troy who just talks like Clem s a hindrance he s more understanding and checks if she s okay while telling her to be more careful.

    Eh. I suppose some of them could use the screentime and/or development, though.

    Reggie would be Determinant if you Take the blame for him during the scene with Sarah and him with the Berries ((Carver would force Reggie to slap Clementine holding him at gunpoint if he doesnt.))

    Also "Come on, Reggie. Prove your usefulness at something by proving that one arm isn't useless."

    During the scene where Kenny gets his shit beaten out of him by Carver the 400 days survivors are all there watching with Horror ((Wyatt and Shell being the most affected by it and yelling at Carver with Bonnie while Russel and Vince see that its fucked up but dont want to have Carver s rage directed at them.))

    I get the feeling you really like Wyatt.

    When Bonnie tells them that she s gonna help them out of Howe s she tells Clem she s gonna try to get some ´´Old friends´´ to come with them.
    Depending on how you treated them in the episode the 400 Days survivors can either Come with you or Stay there but not Alert the others that they re there.
    After Carver is Killed the 400 days Survivors shown up and you have to convince them to come with Clem s group:

    I believe this is an uncommon idea for fans of the 400 Days cast, so I'm surprised this is probably the first time I've seen it here.

    Wyatt will always want to go with them because he wants to search For Eddie and he knewn that Carver was Crazy and he s not gonna stay in a group with someone who s nuts.

    I suppose that makes sense from what I remember about him.

    Shell and Becca will Go with Clem if she was nice to them during the episode.
    Vince and Russel will only come with you If you have some sort of reassurance that it will be better out there.

    Makes sense for most of them. Not sure about Vince, though.

    If you manage to get all of the 400 days survivors with you and Reggie alive there would be Different outcomes to later episodes:


    If Reggie s alive he will stop Nick from leaving to warn the others because its too Risky but he will die Holding the walkers off So Clem and Jane can get Sarah out of the Trailer.

    How exactly can he survive the episode?

    Vince and Wyatt will drop down to Help Sarah out of her Retarded 2nd death scene.

    Okay, that definitely makes sense for Vince and maybe even Wyatt.

    During the shootout with the Russians Becca and Russel will die.

    Poor Russel.

    Vince will leave with Mike and Bonnie ((If she did not die in the ice lake.))
    Sarah will get Bitten while trying to escape the Car with Clementine and she s mercy killed after the fight with Kenny and Jane.


    Wyatt will arrive with Shell to try to stop Kenny and Jane s fight but Wyatt can be accidentally shot at by Clementine who would not have seen them coming in and tried to shoot Kenny to make him stop attacking Jane.
    Shell will proppose they vote to where they go next ((Jane will vote For Howe s , Wyatt and Nick will just go with whatever they want, Shell wants to head back South and keep surviving there while Kenny wants to keep looking for Wellington.))
    Clem will be the one to decide where they go in the end.

    So basically, Shel want's to go to Texas? :lol:

    If you go to Wellington only 3 people will be allowed to enter and Kenny will choose Shell to enter with Clem and AJ because he doesnt trust Jane and Wyatt wants to stay with the Group.
    If you pick Howe s they find the Family which Wyatt and Kenny will let enter Howe s Ignoring Jane s Warning that they might be Dangerous .
    If you Pick to head south you wil get a short cutscene Similar to the Alone ending but With Jane suggesting they use the walker guts to get past the herd and The others Comply with Wyatt retorting that he still thinks this shit is gross.

    Okay then.

    Good job! :smile:

    UrbanRodrik posted: »

    ok since everyone seems to be Rewriting in Harm s way why not try my hand at it too? Firstly i would have put the 400 days survivors to be

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