(The Petetion Game:) We hereby petetion Telltale games to immediately begin...

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(^^Misspell intentional :p ) No way would I disrespect the honor of "internet petitions" by making by making a forum game mocking them... Oh wait, yes I would :D

This thread is for listing all our (un-)reasonable demands for Telltale games (one per-post please) and what we are going to do if our demands are not met!

(You can also give a convoluted explanation of how telltale can meet your demand, and make fun of a post before yours... This sort of behavior is encouraged in here, just like in a "real" petition. :o )

From here on, every telltale game should come with a free cookie!

Telltale really should be up to date and have quantum particle accelerators to fire cookies through the internet, I mean its 2009!

If my next Telltale game does not come with a cookie, then I will post the "evidence" I took from their 2007 Christmas party :mad:


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    As your best customer, I unreasonably demand that you stop creating your games in 3-D. It was funny at first (look how cute they are, using outdated technology), but we are no longer amused. Seriously, it's time Telltale embraced 5-D technology, which will not only allow a game to be released months before it is designed, but will also negate the 40MB cap for Wii downloads. Wake up and smell the 23rd Century!

    If you do not acquiesce to my demand, I will continue to buy all of your games anyway. I'm passive-aggressive that way.
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    Did somebody say 5-D?!
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    Unreasonable demand? Take down the forums :) feedback and player communities are way overrated.

    If this demand is not met, people will keep posting petetion [sic] threads.
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    I say that using these old-fashioned computer mice should be DONE FOR! From now on, all Telltale games should be played with your mind to move the cursor! :)

    If not, I will do something mean to the website or something.
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    Make a game based on Pepsi Cola starring Pepsi the lovable marketing employee guy trying to make everybody drink Pepsi with harmful mind-rays.

    Or I'll dance. NAKED.
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    Telltale, either you start making adventure games, or I won't buy any of your other products ever again.

    Hey, it worked! Wow, that was fast!
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    I understand why you, Telltale Games, would release the episodic content monthly, but, quite frankly, most people won't take this. So, instead of letting everybody wait, why not just release the source code to relief us from our anticipation.

    If that doesn't work, just post pictures stating "WE'RE WORKING ON IT, I SWEAR!"
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