The Path of Honour: An Interactive Story



  • [Leave King’s Landing Immediately]
    [Kiss her on the Cheek]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part II Tobor shook his head, “I won’t make Ser Barristan’s life any more difficult. We won’t tell any G

  • [Leave Kings Landing immediately]

    [Kiss her on the cheek]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part II Tobor shook his head, “I won’t make Ser Barristan’s life any more difficult. We won’t tell any G

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    Tobor will [Leave King’s Landing Immediately] and [Kiss her on the Cheek]

    I’m slightly surprised by the Kings landing choice. I was convinced you guys would want to stay with Corlys and Os a few more days considering that Tobor leaves Kings landing, goes home and then the events of the story take place, meaning this is the last time Tobor sees Cor and Os.

    I was also slightly reluctant at putting in the Tazhyn choice as I was unsure of the reception, but I ended up thinking as Tobor would: It was quite probably the last time he would see her and he kinda likes her.

    The next month will be slow writing for me, I have a few tests and exams at University until early January so I might be able to do 4 or 5 parts but not much more than that. Unless I have a bit more spare time over Christmas. I hope to get this next part out in the next 2 weeks. The next part will show the beginning of Tobor’s ultimate and most difficult test in the fighting pits so far. This will truly test his faith.

  • Sooo, with December over, can we expect a new part soon? Don't want to rush you and I'm definitely not impatient, just very curious and excited =)

    Voting is closed! Tobor will [Leave King’s Landing Immediately] and [Kiss her on the Cheek] I’m slightly surprised by the Kings landin

  • @LiquidChicagoTed Do not worry! I have my final exam on Wednesday, after which I will sit down and get this next part out as soon as I can. I have been doing a fair bit of planning over the holidays, but little writing. I am very much considering having a Kallum Hightower POV chapter to explain what is going on at home (Oldtown). I think it would be interesting, fun and pretty vital to the story, otherwise a lot of what happens at home will be exposition and that's just boring!

    A lot of important and exciting things happen in this chapter, so I want to make absolutely sure I make the right narrative decisions for the best story I can write.

    Sooo, with December over, can we expect a new part soon? Don't want to rush you and I'm definitely not impatient, just very curious and excited

  • Ah, I am very glad to hear this! Good luck with your final exam, may you succeed at it :) I'm excited for the next couple parts, glad to hear it won't be too long until it returns. And well, if you consider the storyline at Oldtown worth telling, why not? I'd be more than fine with that, means more to the story, which can only be a great thing. I do agree that it sounds like it'll make things more organic when Tobor himself eventually learns about them, as you don't have to spend tons of sentences on simple exposition and retelling of a storyline we could see instead. So, go for it if you want to, I'm fine with that!

    @LiquidChicagoTed Do not worry! I have my final exam on Wednesday, after which I will sit down and get this next part out as soon as I can.

  • Thank you! Yeah my main reason is that it’ll be more organic, because I know I don’t like reading exposition as much as I like reading the events. Plus I really like Kallum as a character so interested to write more about him. I hope to get the part out either Wednesday evening or thursday evening.

    Ah, I am very glad to hear this! Good luck with your final exam, may you succeed at it I'm excited for the next couple parts, glad to hear

  • Crucial Fights and Tested Faith
    Part III

    Tazhyn’s eyes met with his own, and Tobor spoke. “Tazhyn, wait.” He said and walked towards her. Tazhyn held the door with both hand and looked into Tobor’s eyes. “Yes?” She said.

    Tobor put a hand on her shoulder and reached up to brush a strand of hair from her face. “I want to thank you. For helping me even at your own peril. I’m not sure if I would still be here if it weren’t for you. So, thank you.” Tobor said softly. As Tazhyn smiled, Tobor planted a small kiss on her cheek. Her smile grew and she turned to walk away.

    Tobor grinned as she left.

    Time passed slowly in the days that followed. Tobor was confined to his cell, unable to leave save for meals. The solitude gripped and ate away at his resolve, but Tobor healed. He could see that the wounds on his chest were healing, some sort of herbal poultice had been applied and was removed and changed with linen bandages by a woman who visited daily. She was from the Temple of Graces according to one of the guards. But she wasn’t Tazhyn.

    Tobor couldn’t see the wound on his cheek, but he could feel it stinging underneath his eye. It was as though a needle was prodding at his cheekbone. The woman told him that his sight should not be damaged. Tobor didn’t like the sound of ‘should not’.

    Worst of all was Tobor’s hand. It was bandaged all the time, but when the woman changed the bandages Tobor could see where the tooth had entered on his palm. Around the wound the skin was red and furious, but the cut itself was hideous. Ruined flaps of skin wept blood and fluid. It hurt. It was agony to the boy, unable to flex his hand. A guard who saw when the woman changed bandages had taken to calling it ‘a demon’s cunt’ amidst hysterical laughter.

    Tazhyn didn’t visit again, although Tobor told himself it was because she couldn’t. Tobor found himself thinking about her more and more, much to his own annoyance. He should be thinking about the coming fight that Tazhyn had told him about, yet all he could think about was the daughter of the man trying to kill him.

    One morning, when Tobor was woken by the sunlight creeping past the bars of his cell window and the clattering of wooden wheels on the cobbled streets, he heard a hushed voice. “Tobor.” It said. And again. “Tobor.”

    Tobor sat up bleary eyed and rubbed the tiredness from his face.

    “Hey. Cock-brain.” The voice said. Tobor looked around to locate the speaker and settled on the window. A face peered at him, with black-red hair. It was Mina. She was sat cross-legged casually with arms interlocked with the bars. She almost lazily played with her fingers and the metal.

    “I’m not keeping you from anything am I? You look like a very busy man.” Mina said, sniggering.

    Tobor rolled his eyes, “I was just about to go for a walk around this beautiful city.” He said warmly, laughing. Mina looked taken aback momentarily. Tobor saw just a split-second flash of surprise in her eyes.

    “What?” Tobor asked, confused. Mina shrugged, “Nothing, it’s just… I expected you to snap at me or be annoyed. I mean, you hated my jokes last time we met.” She laughed nervously, as if realising how juvenile she sounded.

    “Well I mean, I was in fear for my life last time we met. I was trying to uncover the person who wants me dead.” Tobor said lightly. Mina chuckled and nodded.

    “I suppose that’s true.” She admitted. Tobor stood up from his bed, letting the blanket fall to the floor. That was one perk of healing, the woman brought him a blanket to sleep with. Granted it was thin and one corner looked suspect to rot, but it was nice nonetheless.

    Tobor looked at his hand underneath the bandage. It was looking better, less red than usual and it was no longer bleeding. Mina shook her head in annoyance. “Would you put some clothes on?” She said curtly.

    Tobor grinned and shrugged, “But I just woke up.” He said, in mock innocence. Mina raised an eyebrow. Tobor sighed. “I’m wearing smallclothes.” He said. It was Mina’s turn to roll her eyes.

    “Fine, fine. I’m putting them on.” Tobor said, as he pulled breeches and shirt over his smallclothes.

    Tobor grinned to himself and Mina pounced, “What?” She demanded. Tobor shrugged and grinned again. “I believe that may be the first time a girl has asked me to put clothes back on.” He laughed. Mina scoffed, “I’m convinced it isn’t.”

    “Why so doubtful?” Tobor asked. Mina laughed, “I’ve seen you in your smallclothes!” She replied. This prompted a giggle to burst from Tobor’s lips and the two of them sat and laughed together.

    When Tobor’s breath was regained, he looked at Mina and spoke. “So, do you always go and watch scarcely clad boys sleep or is there a reason for your visit?”

    Mina laughed sarcastically. “Ha Ha. I just wanted to come and say ‘hello’, let you know I wasn’t dead and that I haven’t found the hooded man yet.” She explained. Tobor nodded, “Well, thank you for letting me know.”

    Mina smiled, “Welcome. There was one other thing.” She said. Tobor gestured for her to continue. “You told me to look out for his face, and this burn mark. Well, how did he get the mark?” She asked.

    Tobor’s gaze grew dark, “I told you. I put a poker to his face.” He said brusquely. Mina nodded quickly, “I know. I just wanted to know why. Even in Meereen we don’t go around burning people with household objects.”

    Tobor sighed, “I suppose you’ve earned the right to be told. You are risking your life after all. Very well, I will tell you. It began on a day in King’s Landing, that’s the capital of Westeros. I was in service of a great Knight there, and I was given a task by him.” He told her.

    Mina sat listening intently as Tobor detailed the tale to her. He spoke of the Queen, Ser Barristan and his friends. How they were told to patrol the streets of King’s Landing and about Ser Jayson. He told her about the ambush, about Jayson’s death and then about the return to the Red Keep and the order from Janos Slynt to capture Ser Barristan.

    When Mina heard this part she gritted her teeth, “Tell me you did not go and search for your old friend! Tell me you didn’t betray him.” She demanded. Tobor held up his hands, “Don’t worry I didn’t, I went to my quarters and that’s when it happened. I was attacked by a man and we fought. He gained the upper hand and strangled me but my friends saved me. They ripped him from me and I grabbed the poker. I think you can imagine the rest.”

    Mina nodded, “So, you’d never seen this man before?” She asked and Tobor shook his head. Mina tapped her fingers on the bars. “Do you have any idea why he would attack you?” Tobor shook his head again.

    “You sound as if you have good friends.” Mina said.

    “They are.” Tobor responded.

    “I would like to meet them one day.” Mina said smiling. Tobor grinned, “I hope so too.” Mina winked, “You misunderstand, I want to ask them why they were friends with such a weak one to let himself be caught and taken into slavery.”

    Tobor showed Mina his middle finger. “I didn’t let myself.” He said.

    “How did you get caught then? All the way from King’s Landing to here, quite a fall.” Mina said.

    “After I was attacked, I realised I didn’t like King’s Landing anymore so I left immediately, despite my friend asking me to stay longer. I returned to my home of Oldtown but I wasn’t as welcome as I had thought. My father, he… I decided to join the Night’s Watch- an order that protect Westeros from wildlings. But on the way, the ship I was in was attacked by pirates and they took us to sell into slavery. That’s when you saw me.” Tobor explained.

    Mina nodded, “I hate slavery. I’d do anything to destroy it.” She said venomously. “I’d tear it down brick by brick and force each Slave Master to work for a thousand lifetimes just for what they did to...”

    “Why do you hate it so much?” Tobor asked. “I mean, I’ve been a slave for two, three months now? It’s hard to keep count. But I don’t hate it with as much of a passion as you sound you do.”

    Mina’s eyes turned to stone. “I-I can’t say. I won’t say.” She said, almost whispering. “I need to go. I have to get back to my brother, Grezan.” She said. Tobor nodded, “Good fortune with the hooded man. But Mina, be careful.” He said.

    “Thank you, Tobor, I will be.” As Mina stood up and turned to leave she stopped in her tracks. “Wait, I have something for you.” She said, and reached into her cloak. She brought out an object wrapped in brown paper. “What is it?” Tobor asked.

    Unwrapping it, Mina scowled, “Wait a second, would you?” She said. Tobor chuckled, “My apologies.”

    “I got it from the bakery today and by ‘got it’ I mean stole it. It’s not much but I’m sure it’s better than the shit they give you here.” Mina explained and forced it through the bars. It was a loaf of bread, still warm as Tobor broke it apart. “Thank you, Mina.” Tobor said, eyeing the loaf eagerly.

    “Don’t mention it. I thought you’d need it.” She said. Tobor took half of the bread and held it up to the bars. “Here, have some.” He offered. Mina smiled oddly, but took the bread.

    Tobor took a great bite from his half of the loaf, the freshly baked bread steaming. As he did so, he heard Mina’s footsteps. “See you around, Westerosi.”

    Tobor looked up and she was gone.

    A crash reverberated around Tobor’s cell and jolted him from an uneasy slumber. Jumping to his feet, Tobor glared at the doorway and the origin of the sound. Reznar zo Loraq stood before him, a golden and scarlet tokar wrapped around his proud torso. His hair was sleek back on his head, his eyes filled with menace. A handful of guards flanked his shoulders.

    Reznar strolled about the cell, his sandals slapping quietly against the cold stone ground. He brushed a hand along one of the empty beds and sighed. “They call you ‘Arghurys’ now. Did you know?” He drawled.

    Tobor stared, silent. He could not bring himself to talk. Defiance and fear curdled into one emotion, one state of mind inside him: Bravery.

    Reznar sighed once more. “Answer me, ‘Arghurys’.” He ordered, using the name mockingly. Tobor dragged the word out. “Yes.” He said quietly. Reznar nodded, “I thought so. Tell me, when you beheaded my champion did you have any idea of the consequence it would have?” He asked, dangerously quiet.

    Tobor frowned, “What consequence? You already want me dead, I know that much.” He said.

    “I told you as much, it is true.” Reznar admitted, shameless. “I do not mean to kill you simply because you killed Ātsio, it is a minor inconvenience. I will find another champion. I am going to destroy you, not just kill you. Your slave friend Miro? He will find himself in the pits after attacking one of my guards. Can you believe it? That is so unlike him. He will not last long in the pits I’m afraid.

    “Bradon, he will die. Painfully too. Fortunately, I do not need to worry about Tazhyn’s feelings with him, unlike with Miro. So, I can make him disappear. It isn’t decided how he will die yet, but I assure you. You will not envy it.”

    Reznar was smiling now, a dark twist of his lips that dripped with venom. He continued. “I will send Tazhyn to the Temple of Graces, where she will live out her days as a Blue Grace, healing those in need. After you caused her scarring it is impossible to find a match with another Great Family.”

    Tobor interrupted, “I didn’t cause her scarring that was Herazal.” He protested. A guard stepped forward to hit Tobor with a cudgel but Reznar waved him away. “No, he needs to be in good condition.” He looked back to Tobor. “Herazal has been punished for his involvement, but you have not yet. Ideally you would have died in the pit but no matter.

    “Your reckoning is at hand. I take pleasure in telling you that you will return to the pit now. You will receive a weapon of my choice, and in accordance with your foreign gods, you will have a Trial of the Seven. There will be seven fighters. You are the Warrior. There will be a Maiden, Crone, Mother, Father, Smith and Stranger.” Reznar said, delighted.

    “Will the weapon be blunt this time?” Tobor asked snidely. Reznar’s face tensed with a sudden annoyance. “That was not intended.” He said bluntly. “Whichever slave sorted the weapons for the fight that day must have swapped them out. I wanted you to die with a real sword in your hand, well in the knowledge that you had failed.”

    Tobor scoffed, “And yet I prevailed. I defeated your champion with a blunt weapon.” He boasted, eager to defy Reznar. The Master scowled, “Do not test my patience, slave. Were you not fighting soon I would have beat you half a hundred times by now, but if you continue I will send my guards to Miro’s cell.”

    Tobor shut his mouth. Reznar clapped his hands and gestured for his guards to bring him. “Think about your fight, ‘Arghurys’. Think about your life, while you still have it.” Reznar drawled as he left Tobor with the guards. One had a blue cape, emblazoned with a harpy, that fell down his back. He had short black hair and olive skin. The other had skin as dark as teak and wore only a loincloth.

    Tobor was led along the passage that ran under the Pyramid to the pit. His stomach felt light and butterflies flitted around inside. Would this be it? Tobor had managed to beat his opponents so far, but that was one on one, how would he fare against six others? As he walked, Tobor could not stop himself thinking about the fight to come, whether it would be one fighter facing Tobor at a time, or if it would be a melee of all seven fighters.

    Forcing himself to think about something else, Tobor thought of Tazhyn and tried to picture her, but his mind kept jumping back to Reznar and what he’d said. “I am going to destroy you, not just kill you. Your slave friend Miro? He will find himself in the pits after attacking one of my guards. He will not last long in the pits I’m afraid. Bradon, he will die. Painfully too.” Tobor wondered if Bradon was still alive.

    Reaching the door to the weapons room, the guards leading Tobor turned to him. “We’ve been hearing a lot about you, Arghurys.” The one with the blue cape said. “There’s talk of you being the Master’s new champion if you survive this fight.” The other added. “A lot of us guards, we’re rooting for you, Hunter.” Smiled the one with the cape. Tobor forced a small smile back.

    The guards left and Tobor entered the room. There was the Weapons table where it was before, upon it was a Dothraki Arakh. Tobor picked up the arakh and lightly ran his fingers across the edge of the blade to check it’s sharpness. With a wry smile he thanked the gods that he had at least a sharp weapon this time. His smile turned bitter when he saw dried blood covering the steel. Tobor considered this could be the arakh of the dothraki he killed in his first fight. Blood had covered that blade when the horselord slit his horses throat.

    The arakh was a beautifully wrought blade, with a black leather-wrapped hilt that fit Tobor’s hands like an embrace. The pommel was a sphere with a small spike on the bottom, protruding outwards. The blade consisted of half a foot of straight, sharp steel then the infamous crescent, curved shape that the arakh was known for. Tobor held it with both hands and swung at around. The weighting of the blade was almost perfect and it suited Tobor’s style of combat much more than a sword, as Tobor preferred to hack and slash rather than thrust and stab.

    Tobor held the blade up to the torchlight to check the quality of the steel. He could see that it had been forged skilfully, wrought with steel that had been folded in on itself and over itself many times, to give it strength. Tobor glimpsed a spark of silver behind the torch, in the metal basket where the flame was and frowned.

    Tobor placed the arakh down and reached behind the torch, careful not to get burnt. There was a knife there. Tobor picked up the knife. It was half a foot long itself, including both hilt and blade. It was sharp too, but not as sharp. What was it doing there? He asked himself. Nonetheless Tobor tucked it in his belt, he couldn’t wield it alongside the arakh which was a two handed-weapon but it could prove useful.

    Tobor took the arakh in his hands and breathed in deeply. In and out over and over. “I’m going to see the Wall.” He repeated to himself, like a mantra. A wave of anger burst over him. Anger at Reznar for making him do this fight, anger at Bradon for betraying him, anger at himself for not being strong enough, even anger at his father. Had he treated Tobor better perhaps he would never have left.

    Tobor jammed his eyes shut and faces swam before him, his father, Reznar, Bradon, Mina, Tazhyn. Tobor yelled in anger and brought the bloodstained arakh down onto the table in front of him, hard. The blade bit deep into the wood, Tobor yanked it out and struck the table again. Over and over, steel sunk into wood, throwing splinters to the floor.

    Tobor hit the table with all his rage and the arakh embedded itself so deep in the table that he had to pull with all his might to free it. Tobor fell back and slammed into the wall. Sinking to a sitting position, Tobor cursed and dropped the arakh, putting his head in his hands.

    All the rage and anger flowed out of him and was replaced by an empty void inside him. Tobor Hightower sat in the sand and wept. Tears trickled out of Tobor’s eyes and fell to the sand below which drank thirstily. The hopelessness of his situation hit him like a brick, how would he, a boy, defeat up to six attackers at once?

    “Even Tazhyn doesn’t think I can win, and she’s my only ally in this cursed pyramid!” He said to himself. Yet even as the words left his mouth, he knew that was wrong. Tobor remembered the crowd shouting “Arghurys” over and over after he won. He thought of the Beast helping with the guard at his cell, calling Tobor his friend. Tobor thought of the guard outside saying that a lot of guards are rooting for him. Finally, Tobor pictured Tazhyn and her curly brown hair.

    Tobor Hightower stood up and held the arakh in his hand. Outside he heard the cheers of the crowd die down. Reznar must be about to speak, Tobor thought. He heard some of the Low Valyrian words, muffled by the door. “Welcome to this…be spilt and lives will… Trial of the Seven… to you, The Warrior!

    In front of Tobor, the door was ripped open and the bright light of the arena blasted through the small weapons room. Tobor blinked and covered his eyes. He walked out into the pit and the sand crunched beneath his boot, Tobor looked around him.

    The box where Reznar stood was filled with wealthy looking folk, most likely heads of other families all wearing brightly coloured tokars. Tazhyn sat several seats away from her father and was looking right at Tobor, as was Reznar who wore a white tokar. Tobor held up a hand and waved, which confused many of the tokar wearers, and drew a smile from Tazhyn but an angry, dirty look from Reznar.

    Tobor smiled to himself. He would win.

    Scowling, Reznar continued speaking in Low Valyrian. “The ‘Warrior’ is the god of murder and corruption, a god revered in the savage culture of Westeros. This is the chosen fighter to represent the ‘Warrior’!” He said pointing to Tobor, who shook his head. Reznar had spoken in Low Valyrian except for when he named the Warrior, for which he spoke in the common tongue. He was painting Westerosi’s as savages.

    “Entering the pit is the champion of the goddess of infidelity and promiscuity. The ‘Maiden’!” Reznar shouted. A door to the right of Amaya swung open and out staggered a young girl, perhaps a bit younger than Tobor. She was sobbing and clutching a spear. Tobor clenched his jaw in white hot rage at Reznar. The fool couldn’t even pit real fighters against Tobor.

    “The next of these savages’ gods is the ‘Crone’!” Reznar bellowed. A door far off to Tobor’s right opened and a dark-skinned woman with grey hair stumbled out, a guard had clearly shoved her. She held in her quivering hands, a short sword. Tobor’s gaze darkened as he realised what Reznar was doing. “The ‘Crone’ is the goddess of death and disease, who old witches pray to in order to curse others.” Reznar shouted.

    “Here we have, the ‘Mother’. Who murders infants in their beds. This is her champion!” Reznar heralded as a door opened further to Tobor’s right, past the old woman. Through the door came a figure, stepping cat-like into the arena. Tobor realised with a sinking feeling that it was Amaya armed with a sword-staff. Two feet of steel extended from a pole, that Amaya was twirling with speed and ease.

    Tobor tightened his grip on his own blade, he had heard stories of Amaya’s prowess in the pits. It wasn’t a wonder she was still alive, with how easily she dispatched her enemies in the stories.

    Tobor’s worries were interrupted by Reznar’s booming voice. “Our next champion coming into the pit worships the ‘Father’, god of lies and deceit!” He shouted. Out of the door on the opposite side of the arena of Tobor, next to Amaya, marched a pit fighter Tobor had seen but never talked to. He carried a pair of axes and Tobor could hear the fighter’s distinct laugh ringing around the pit.

    Reznar was busy introducing the next fighter. “… follower of the god of fire and destruction… The ‘Smith’!” He thundered. Out of this door walked a tall bald man, holding a large smith’s hammer and sword that glowed red. Tobor blinked, the sword was a bright orange-red colour and all he could think was that it was either freshly forged or had been heated up again.

    Then Tobor looked at the man’s face. Herazal. Tobor smiled. Reznar had said Herazal was going in the pits, but Tobor was happy to see him here. Every other time they’d met, Herazal had held the power, whether with a blade or a whip. But this time they were on even terms. Tobor would kill that man himself, no matter who got in the way. Herazal glared at Tobor, who raised his arakh and pointed it directly at the old head of guards.

    Tobor looked at the last door, whoever came out of there would be the Stranger’s champion. Tobor glanced at Reznar who was staring at him, fury blazing but Tobor saw something else… Delight.

    Confused, Tobor saw the door begin to open and a figure walked out, holding a longsword. Reznar began his announcement. “The final fighter, my dear friends.” Tobor’s heart pounded. “Worshipper of the Stranger.” Tobor saw the figure’s face. “The god of betrayal and death.” Tobor’s stomach sank. “Here are your champions. Let the fight… Begin.” Reznar finished.

    It was Bradon.

    Tobor stood, his feet rooted to the spot. He stared at Bradon who tore his gaze away from Tobor towards Herazal, who had begun sprinting towards Bradon. Tobor looked around the arena. The old woman had put down her sword and walked towards Amaya with her arms outstretched in peace. Tobor barely noticed it even as he watched.

    Amaya nodded at the woman and they embraced, the old woman kissed Amaya’s cheek. They stepped away from each other and Amaya buried her sword-staff into the old woman’s chest. Her corpse fell to the floor.

    Tobor looked to his right and saw the young girl who was the Maiden’s ‘champion’. He sighed and began walking towards her. She was still sobbing and when she saw Tobor approach, she wailed and pointed the spear towards him. She was shaking so much that the spear point wobbled all over from her fear.

    Tobor stopped about ten paces away from her and placed his arakh on the floor. “Listen.” He said in Low Valyrian. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He said kindly. The girl continued pointing her spear at him. Tobor took a step towards her. “Let me help you. If you stay with me, I will protect you.”

    The girl jabbed the spear towards him. He wasn’t near enough to be hit, and the girl knew it. It was a defensive move that screamed, ‘get away from me’. Tobor remained calm and kept eye contact. “You can trust me. Just stay behind me. I swear it by every god there is.” He turned around and picked up the arakh. The girl followed.

    The pit fighter was marching towards Amaya, “Here!” He yelled. “Amaya, I will fight you, kill you and take your place.” Amaya twirled her sword-staff, blood flying from the blade, and ran towards the pit fighter. Bradon and Herazal were locked in combat, sparks flew as Herazal’s glowing blade collided with the longsword.

    Tobor ran towards Bradon and Herazal, he wanted to kill that guard. The girl followed Tobor. “Herazal!” Tobor roared. The old head of guards faltered for a moment and Bradon struck, hitting Herazal’s hand. Herazal bellowed and dropped the hammer, cursing and staggering back. The blow had severed a couple of his fingers, which had fallen to the floor.

    Bradon grinned and turned to Tobor, “My revenge!” He laughed. “You came to help me.” He said. Tobor ignored him and kept his eyes locked on Herazal. Bradon didn’t need to know it had nothing to do with him. Tobor still hadn’t forgiven Bradon for betraying him. “The girl is with me.” He said and ran at Herazal, he grasped the glowing sword with his uninjured hand.

    Tobor’s arakh sang as it whistled through the warm afternoon air. The noon sun beamed down on the pit and reflected from the blade of the arakh as it collided with Herazal’s red hot sword. Sparks singed Tobor’s skin as they darted from the collision. Tobor launched another flurry of blows, all charged with the rage at Herazal.

    Tobor pictured his whip striking Miro’s back, over and over. Herazal struggled to defend the lightening quick strikes that Tobor threw at him. Little wounds were showing up where he couldn’t block quick enough. Tobor then pictured Tazhyn’s face and how the blood had poured when Herazal whipped her. Tobor gave an animalistic howl and brought the blade crashing down onto Herazal’s parry. The head of guards, fell to the floor on one knee. He held his blade across, above his head.

    Tobor brought his arakh down onto the sword in a blinding rage. One, two, three times. On the third hit, Herazal lost hold of his blade and the burning sword fell to the ground. The sand hissed and steamed as the blade hit it.

    Herazal stared at Tobor, hate gleaming in his eyes. “Fuck you, Westerosi dog.” He growled. Tobor glared back with the same loathing. “Eat your food, worm.” He snarled and brought the arakh around for a killing blow.

    Herazal fell to the sand, his eyes darting wildly around as he clutched at his throat. The arakh’s blow had sliced deep into his neck, painting a red smile into the folds of his neck and watering the sand with scarlet.

    Tobor looked towards Bradon and the girl. Bradon’s face was unreadable, Tobor wasn’t sure what he was thinking. The girl was no longer crying but she still clutched the spear like a lifeline.

    Tobor looked over to the middle of the arena where the pit fighter and Amaya were fighting. The pit fighter was desperately defending Amaya’s frenzied attacks. She moved quicker than the blink of an eye and yet he was holding his own.

    Tobor stepped forward but was interrupted by the girl’s shout. “Look out!” She squealed. Tobor turned and took a sharp breath when he saw Bradon swinging his sword towards Tobor. The boy just managed to parry in time. “Bradon what the fuck are you doing?” He snarled, in between blocks.

    “Only one of us can live.” He said punctuating each word with a slash. Tobor grunted and launched his own attack. Bradon was forced back, his eyes wide as he realised Tobor’s skill. With a manoeuvre of his arakh, Tobor disarmed Bradon, who wasn’t skilled with a sword. The blade landed in the sand.

    “Bradon, you betray me every time.” Tobor said simply. The sailor looked to the ground, sad. “Just kill me.” He said. Tobor shook his head. “Not unless I have to.” He said. “Bradon listen to me, we can get out of this. I know we can.” They were empty words and Tobor knew it, but he had to persuade Bradon to help. Tobor didn’t think he could beat Amaya alone. Bradon was too far gone, Tobor could never trust him again, and he would never forgive the sailor. But right now Tobor needed to use him.

    “I’m a dead man and we both know it. Kill me.” Bradon told him. Tobor shook his head angrily, “No Bradon! Get the fuck up and help me, you’ve wronged me enough to owe me this.” He shouted. Bradon lumbered to his feet and looked at his feet, shamefully.

    “There is no time for this Bradon, we have to win.” Tobor said as he led them towards Amaya. Bradon rushed to join the fight, but Tobor grabbed his shoulder. “No. We wait until one of them wins.” He ordered. Bradon nodded. “Ok." He responded quietly, barely audible over the screams of a crowd who wanted blood. Tobor made to respond but closed his mouth when Amaya plunged her sword-staff into the open mouth of the pit fighter, the blade burst out the base of the man’s skull with a shower of blood.

    As the two axes fell to the floor, Amaya yanked the staff from her opponent’s face. The corpse joined it’s axes. Bradon charged at Amaya with a yell. He swung his sword hard at her and she dodged it easily, bringing her staff round she smacked Bradon upside the head with the wooden pole and he fell to the sand.

    Tobor sprinted at Amaya bellowing her name to keep her from Bradon. She hissed and leapt at Tobor. He could see straight away that he was outmatched. Her speed and agility were unparalleled. She moved like a cat, pre-emptively moving away from his strikes before Tobor knew.

    Tobor swung at her chest but Amaya tipped it away with a parry. Surprising her, Tobor lashed at and punched her in the face. Amaya snarled and kicked the inside of Tobor’s calf muscle, forcing him to one knee. With a whip of her staff she smashed Tobor’s arakh and send it spinning out of his hand. Amaya chuckled, “I am sorry Westerosi. You fight well.”

    Before she could strike, Tobor whipped out the knife from the weapons room and slashed at her face. Amaya dodged back but Tobor caught her underneath the eye, cutting deep into her cheek.

    Amaya snarled and thrust her blade at Tobor’s face who dodged to the left of it. Following up, Amaya tilted the staff quickly and brought the wooden part barrelling around and struck Tobor in the throat. Choking Tobor fell to the sand.

    Bradon had re-joined the fight and was swinging wildly at Amaya, who gracefully dodged. Tobor looked at them both, and then at the girl behind him, wide-eyed with fear. He then looked to the box, where Tazhyn sat, her hands clutched together. He stared Reznar in the eye and felt that same rage from before.

    “Stop!” Tobor bellowed. Amaya paused and kicked Bradon’s feet from under him. Bradon collapsed on the floor and Amaya brought her staff back ready to finish him. “Amaya. Stop!” Tobor yelled once more. Tobor couldn’t let his friend go, and he couldn’t kill him.

    Amaya placed the blade on Bradon’s throat. “Why Westerosi? I need to kill you all to survive this.” She said softly. Tobor glanced back at the girl. “It’s ok.” He told her. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Reznar on his feet, furious.

    “Amaya, this is what Reznar wants. He wants us all dead, we can’t give in to him.” Tobor said. The crowd were booing now, they screamed their disapproval. Amaya looked at Tobor, “What do you suggest then Westerosi?” She asked.

    Tobor didn’t know what to say. He was stalling until Bradon or he figured out something to do. “Well?” Amaya snapped. Tobor stroked his chin, “Well, if you step away from Bradon. Then we can…” He trailed off as he noticed something in the crowd. There was an abnormality. Tobor had been in the pit enough to know that the crowd wore bright colours as a status of their richness. Everyone owned bright colours.

    And yet, Tobor could see a large group of people wearing black, and other dark clothes, many wore masks. Tobor frowned and squinted at the crowd. Scattered amongst them all, were people wearing dark clothes.

    “We can what? Westerosi, my patience wears thin. Spit it out!” She said angrily. Tobor looked at one of the black figures, making their way to the front of the crowd. His eyes grew wide as he saw the hilt of a sword, showing over his shoulder. “Stop.” He said sharply. “There’s people with weapons in the crowd.”

    Amaya looked and shook her head. “Where?” She asked. Tobor looked around. “Everywhere.” He said. Amaya drew her blade back and let out a deep breath, she’d seen them.

    Reznar had had enough. “What is going on!?” He screamed in Low Valyrian. “You will kill each other now. I command it.” He bellowed. Tobor nodded at Amaya. “I’ve got this one.” He said. “Follow my lead.”

    Tobor turned away from Amaya, who helped Bradon up. After picking his arakh up and placing it in his belt, Tobor reached the girl and asked her for the spear. She handed it over and Tobor gave her the knife.

    “Reznar.” Tobor shouted. The master scowled furiously. “Get back there and fight, slave.” He snarled in the common tongue. Tobor shook his head. “I don’t think I will. Because you are a spineless, dirty runt who couldn’t recognise honour if it fucked you up the arse. You deserve a thousand deaths because you are the most dishonourable, detestable cunt I have ever had the misfortune of knowing.” He said lightly.

    Reznar began to respond, and then the colour drained from his face as he realised what Tobor had said, and in which language. “Y-you speak Low Valyrian?” He stuttered. “This whole time?” He bellowed.

    Tobor nodded and held a middle finger up. Since the Beast had become Tobor’s friend, the two of them had spent many mealtimes teaching each other the most colourful phrases in the other’s language and Tobor wanted to put the new words he’d learned in Low Valyrian to use.

    Tobor glanced behind him and saw some of the black clothed figures jump into the pit. He looked back at Reznar who hadn’t noticed. Enough stalling, he told himself.

    Tobor grinned and grasped the spear in his right hand. He drew his arm back and launched it towards the box, aiming for Reznar. The spear buried itself into a golden tokar and blood spilt over the fabric.

    Tobor swore as Reznar threw the body of the man he’d used as a shield to the ground of the box. “Guards. Guards get in there and kill that wretched slave!” Reznar screamed.

    Tobor smiled as a handful of guards jumped into the pit. His plan was working, ideally Reznar would be dead, but working nonetheless.

    When Tobor had seen the armed men, he’d concluded that the hooded man must be behind it, and had grown tired of Reznar failing to kill him. So, Tobor realised that the only way they would survive this would be if there were guards in the pit with them, as they should protect Reznar’s property. Admittedly they would try to kill him now, but with the black figures attacking this was his only chance.

    As the guards advanced Tobor edged back towards Amaya and Bradon. The guards were no longer armed with wooden cudgels, they had spears. One charged at Tobor and jabbed at him, Tobor whipped his arakh around parrying the spear to the side and slicing across the guard’s chest, who fell to the floor shrieking.

    Another guard threw his spear at Tobor, who dodged it and continued backing up. The guard drew a sword and charged at Tobor, along with another. Tobor stopped backing up and attacked, parrying one guard quickly and dodging the other’s spear strike. Tobor alternated between blocking the spear and the sword.

    Desperately defending the simultaneous attacks, Tobor was on the back foot constantly. Parrying then blocking, then parry again. Each opening he saw was missed because he had to defend against the other. He had to keep them both towards his front, if he let one get around the back it was over.

    The one with the spear thrust at Tobor and he smacked the spearhead with the flat of his blade, it hit the ground and Tobor stamped on it, ripping it from the guard’s hands. Parrying the swordsman and then quickly swiping at the other guard, he cut along the man’s face sending him lifeless to the floor.

    Another guard charged at Tobor from the side with spear in hand, and Tobor grabbed hold of the wood of the spear and yanked it away from his own chest, down his side and into the swordsman’s gut. The man let out a pained shout and fell to his knees. Tobor slashed his throat and turned towards the other man who jumped back and drew a sword. Tobor lunged at him, but his blow was blocked. Tobor stepped back, then kicked at the ground. This launched sand up towards the guard who yelped as it entered his eyes. Tobor buried the arakh in his chest and he fell to the ground.

    Tobor looked at the last guard and went to attack him but he fell to his knees, blood bubbling from his lips. From behind him stepped a man clad in black from head to toe, holding a sword. He swung at Tobor, but the boy parried the blow and swiped across the man’s stomach sending a burst of blood into the sand and onto Tobor.

    The man fell to his knees, “P-please don’t.” He whispered. As Tobor sliced his throat, he noticed that the man had spoke the common tongue, supporting the theory of the hooded man, as he was from Westeros. Looking around the pit, Tobor could see more and more guards flooding through the doors and looking into the crowd, Tobor could see men clad in black jumping into the pit.

    Guards fought the invaders to try and repel them, but they kept coming. The arena had turned into a battlefield. Waves of men crashed together, singing a song of blood and steel. Tobor ran to where Amaya, the girl and Bradon were. Amaya was surrounded by a barrier of corpses, both guards and black clothed men alike.

    “Amaya, we need to go! Make for the door!” Tobor screamed. Amaya pulled her blade from a guard’s stomach and nodded, “Let us go Westerosi!” She yelled gleefully. Tobor grabbed the girl’s hand as he passed her, she had a grim look set on her face and there was blood on the knife Tobor had given her.

    Amaya led them, slashing as she ran. Tobor dragged the girl behind them and Bradon took the rear. They ran away from the box and towards the door that Tobor had come through. From there he knew the way out to his cell and from there he would retrace the steps he took with the Beast the night he caught Mina. From there they’d need to go through the serving quarters then cleaning quarters, after that out of the slave complex and out of the guard’s quarters.

    That was what the Beast had told him, Tobor had memorised it for just this very occasion. They were going to escape. It was the only option, after what he’d done. Reznar would have an excuse to execute Tobor and Bradon, and probably Amaya and the girl too.

    They reached the door, and Tobor wrenched it open, letting everyone through. A man in black rushed at Tobor before he could go himself. Tobor blocked the attack and slashed at the man, who jumped back. Tobor attacked and cut deep into the man’s leg. He yelled in pain but was cut off by Tobor’s blade.

    Joining Amaya and the other two, Tobor stepped into the weapon’s room and out into the wide hallway. Where Amaya stood holding a boy against the wall by his throat. “Why shouldn’t I kill you?” She snarled.

    “Woah, woah Amaya. Put him down, he’s a friend.” Tobor said recognising Miro. “Thank you, Tobor. I do not know it is you. I hear all of this fighting outside so I get weapon for myself. But I am ordered to stay here by master so I stay. Then people come through so I try to defend myself.” Miro explained nervously.

    “It’s alright, my friend.” Tobor said. Miro smiled, “You used the knife I hid with your weapon?” He asked. Tobor grinned, “That was you? Thank you, Miro, I would not be alive without that!” He laughed. Amaya chuckled, “And I would not have this.” She pointed to the cut on her cheek. Tobor smiled guiltily.

    “Miro. We are escaping this place, you should come with us.” Tobor offered. Bradon snorted and Amaya frowned. “Escape?” She asked. Tobor nodded, “That’s right. Beast told me how to, and we can’t return, Reznar will kill us.”

    Amaya looked unsure. Tobor put a hand on her shoulder, her cheek was still bleeding from where he’d cut her. “Come with me, when I get out of here I will sail for Westeros. My homeland is perfect for someone like you. A fearsome warrior who will make a great fortune there.” He said, trying to persuade her.

    Amaya bit her cheek, “Is it prosperous.” She asked. Tobor laughed, “Fat and prosperous.” He said. Amaya smiled wryly, but then shook her head. “I cannot leave. I had a friend once, she walked out on me. She walked out on all of us. I cannot do that to Beast, or my friends.”

    “Very well.” Tobor nodded. “I can’t stay. And neither can Bradon, so we will leave. Miro do you want to come?” He asked. Miro nodded eagerly. Amaya looked approvingly at Tobor, “You have gained my respect today, Westerosi.”

    Tobor nodded, “And you mine.” Bradon stepped forward, “I need to apologise Tobor. I do not deserve your forgiveness but I apologise all the same.” Now that Tobor was out of the pit, he did not need Bradon’s help so he would be truthful with him.

    “Bradon. You were once my friend. But you’ve betrayed me too many times, you do not have my respect or my forgiveness.” Tobor said coldly. “When we are out of here, we will get separate ships to Westeros and I will never see you again. Understood? Good.” He commanded, without waiting for a response. Bradon looked at his feet and stepped backwards, towards the weapon’s room.

    He looked towards the girl. “Are you alright?” He said in Low Valyrian. She looked back at him, “What is it?” She whispered. “We are going to escape.” Tobor said. The girl smiled weakly. “Thank you. Thank you.” A tear rolled down her cheek, she still clutched the bloodstained knife.

    “It’s alright, you’ll be alright.” Tobor reassured her. She nodded. “What’s your name?” She asked. “I’m Tobor.” He said kindly. “What’s yours?” Before she could answer, next to Bradon the door to the weapon’s room burst open and several men dressed in black burst in. Bradon drew his sword to fend them off. Further down the hallway, a group of guards came sprinting along and Miro stumbled back and fell to the ground.

    Amaya grabbed the girl and fended off a man dressed in black. Tobor looked at Miro who was at the mercy of the guards. Then he looked to his left and saw Bradon dodge a spear but take a slash from a sword in the arm.

    Bradon’s hiss of pain echoed in the hall, the sound of Miro screaming for help rang along the passage. Tobor could only hear his heartbeat.

    [Save Bradon] [Save Miro]

  • Oh yeah, that is one long part! I read and read and it just kept coming, that was amazing. Definitely has to be the longest part so far, well worth the wait =)

    Anyways, it was not only a long part, but also an epic part! I loved that talk between Mina and Tobor in the beginning, that was legitimately sweet. At the same time, the fact that Mina called him Cock-brain legitimately is my favourite thing of this day so far :D That was perfect. I mean, I complimented you on the way you write her before, but this talk was my single favourite scene of hers so far. The snark was spot on, but I also liked the softer moments, where she showed that nicer side of hers and naturally, that excitement over hearing Tobor's stories was adorable :)

    Onwards to the talk with Reznar, I must say one thing he mentioned made me super curious. He said that he never intended to switch out the weapons and in the context, what might seem like a pretty weak defense becomes downright unnecessary. I mean, he already gloated, admitted to being unfair and doing whatever he can to kill Tobor. Why would he lie about this in this particular moment? Sure, he'd lie in front of Tazhyn, but she wasn't there. And he gave him a real weapon this time, so I guess he is actually honest here, he wants to defeat Tobor, but also wants to prove that he is too powerful to resort to cheats to win this. So, I am actually inclined to believe him, as weird as it sounds, means someone else switched out the weapons, quite probably the one who wants Tobor dead.

    And then the arena fight. Oh bloody hell yes, the arena fight! This one, I feel, was a bit easier than the fight against Ātsio, mostly because Reznar gave him a real weapon and therefore a fighting chance. Also, half of the fighters in this trial weren't actual fighters. Amaya was the threat here and considering she is a canon character, I was a bit concerned for Tobor here. However, hail the hooded man's assassins, the unlikely (and probably very unwilling) saviours. If not for them, Amaya would have likely killed Tobor right there, so it's funny that he failed the moment he decided to take matters into his own hands. This time, Reznar would have won, but instead, they kinda hindered each other and Tobor used that to put himself into what I believe to be the best position he has been in ever since arriving in Slaver's Bay. With freedom almost achieved, I am super excited for what is to come! However, first, the choice.

    [Save Miro]

    Tobor said it himself, he does not forgive Bradon for betraying him. In fact, Bradon tried it again when he almost killed Tobor in this fight. I don't hate him, nah, but I really don't think he deserves to be saved over Miro, who has been completely loyal, as far as we know, as well as helpful. He put himself at serious risk and as such, I think he deserves to be saved more than Bradon, who has been a pain in the ass most of the time.

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part III Tazhyn’s eyes met with his own, and Tobor spoke. “Tazhyn, wait.” He said and walked towards her

  • Yes thats why I couldn’t get it out yesterday! It’s 8000 words this time, the previous longest part was 6000. I wanted to get a choice in there but I couldn’t think of the correct place. And I feel that this long passage perfectly leads up to the big choice between Miro and Bradon. A break in between may have changed that.

    Yeah I’m really liking how Tobor and Mina’s friendship (kind of friendship, I don’t think they’re quite there yet) is blossoming. Two people shoved together by one murderous hooded man. I liked the sound of her calling him Cock-Brain and their banter-filled relationship worked perfectly with her waking him up by insulting him!

    Now, about Reznar. I’m glad you brought this up because it’s a chance to highlight why Reznar said what he did. So, Reznar did not actually order anyone to switch the swords. I actually explained how in a part of the last chapter. When Tobor confronts Bradon, this is an excerpt from that scene.

    ‘“It started about after Herazal cut my fingers off. I was marched to Reznar’s office and when I got in there, Reznar was sat with some Westerosi. I couldn’t see much of his face, he wore a hood. He and Reznar told me that they wanted you dead, and that I would help or I would die. Reznar said that you couldn’t be killed outside of the pit, because his daughter is sweet on you or some shit like that. So, you had to be killed in the pit. They said that the hooded man had paid Reznar a lot of gold to kill you, and that if you died, I would be set free. I think that’s what you overheard yesterday.

    “On the night before the fight against the dothraki I was supposed to put a slow acting potion in your food, that disorientates and confuses the drinker. But I didn’t, and because of that they beat and whipped me.” Bradon turned around and showed Tobor his back, angry red lines crossed over his back, half healed. When Tobor made no reply, he continued.

    “I’ve been receiving notes from the hooded man, at least I think it’s from him. If it was Reznar he would just talk to me, wouldn’t he? I think that the hooded man is in charge of Reznar, and I don’t think he completely trusts him. Because Reznar wasn’t aware of the plan for... for when you fought Ātsio hen Gryves.”’

    Now the part to pay attention to is the last line. Bradon says Reznar wasn’t aware of the plan for when Tobor fought Ātsio. Meaning Reznar didn’t know about the switching of swords. So what must have happened is the hooded man sent Bradon a message to do it. That means the hooded man went over Reznar’s head. As if the hooded man didn’t trust Reznar to get the job done. That’s why Reznar hates Tobor even more. Because he keeps on winning.

    Reznar is a very proud man. He loves what he’s built with his slavery and he believes himself to be powerful. So he wants to prove to himself and everyone else that this disgusting slave that defied him can be killed. Then there’s the added bonus that this hooded man wants Tobor dead too so Reznar gets payed. Even if the hooded man wasn’t doing this, Reznar would still want Tobor dead.

    I had planned this particular arena fight ever since I started creating Tobor’s character. I knew that I wanted this Trial of the Seven before I knew which house Tobor would be! I love the idea of Tobor’s Master hating him so much that he’d use Tobor’s religion as a twisted way to force him to fight. It has had many iterations, and has changed many times. It started off with the “Stranger’s” champion to be Pate. You remember the boy in the cell next to Tobor on the pirate ship? This was when Bradon was originally going to die earlier in the story.

    There was another point where the Beast would be the “Father’s” champion but I didn’t want too many canon champions in there. Other changes include the fact that it was going to be a free for all, then it changed to Tobor fighting 7 different champions (so he wouldn’t be the warrior, I had a character called the Manticore as a pit fighter) but then I looked at it from an outside point of view. It looked cool for Tobor as a narrative but if I was some person watching in the crowd, why is this random Westerosi boy getting a massive trial where he has to kill 7 people in a row?

    Yes Amaya would probably beat Tobor one on one, she is seriously quick. I mean, I decided that she was. In the telltale game she doesn’t do an awful lot of onscreen fighting. But I figured, if she leads the pit fighters, she’d better be an incredible fighter.

    Yep the hooded man screwed up by sending the fighters in. However, the next couple of parts will hopefully explain why what happened.. happened. If you know what I mean! :D

    Yeah the last time Tobor was in this good a position was when he managed to escape from the pirates. Let’s hope this one doesn’t end like that one! Whipped and chained again!

    Very glad you enjoyed the part!

    Oh yeah, that is one long part! I read and read and it just kept coming, that was amazing. Definitely has to be the longest part so far, wel

  • That part was freaking awsome! Defenitly (save miro) he was always loyal and brandon tried to kill tobor again e few minuts ago so .... Yeah ill take the loyal friend of the two.

  • [Save Miro]
    Like the others have said, Bradon has done nothing but betray Tobar over and over again. After all he almost killed him, in this very fight. All Miro has done is help Tobar. In fact, if Miro didn't sneak him a knife for this fight, Tobar would be dead.

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part III Tazhyn’s eyes met with his own, and Tobor spoke. “Tazhyn, wait.” He said and walked towards her

  • By the way, I just thought of this. I wonder what Tazhyn thinks of Tobar now that he threw a spear at her father with the intent to kill him.

    [Save Miro] Like the others have said, Bradon has done nothing but betray Tobar over and over again. After all he almost killed him, in thi

  • [Save Miro]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part III Tazhyn’s eyes met with his own, and Tobor spoke. “Tazhyn, wait.” He said and walked towards her

  • [Save Miro]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part III Tazhyn’s eyes met with his own, and Tobor spoke. “Tazhyn, wait.” He said and walked towards her

  • At the moment, Tazhyn just has no idea what to think. She still doesn’t know if she believes Tobor about the hooded man trying to kill him. She doesn’t want to believe her father is trying to kill Tobor. So she isn’t too happy about Tobor trying to kill Reznar

    By the way, I just thought of this. I wonder what Tazhyn thinks of Tobar now that he threw a spear at her father with the intent to kill him.

  • Voting is closed!

    Tobor will [Save Miro]

    Not very surprised about this choice, Bradon wasn’t a good friend to Tobor after slavery. Tobor doesn’t completely hate Bradon though, he can see that Bradon wanted to see and protect his family again, he was twisted by slavery. And Tobor wasn’t the best to Bradon either.

    Regardless, Tobor is losing a (previous) friend and that will hit him hard. Next part we see Tobor attempting to flee the pyramid. It may well be a fairly short part compared to the previous few.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Well I got here too late to vote but I wanted to quickly say I really enjoyed this part! Personally I would've chosen Bradon.

  • Ahh that’s interesting, thanks! What are your thoughts behind saving Bradon? I’m intrigued!

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Well I got here too late to vote but I wanted to quickly say I really enjoyed this part! Personally I would've chosen Bradon.

  • No super in depth reasons I just like him more. I know he's screwed Tobor multiple times but I just think him and his whole dynamic with Tobor was more interesting and complex.

    Ahh that’s interesting, thanks! What are your thoughts behind saving Bradon? I’m intrigued!

  • When is a new part coming ? Im hyped!

  • I second this!

    Nolonius posted: »

    When is a new part coming ? Im hyped!

  • It’s coming together as we speak. The next 3 or 4 parts will be fairly short ones. I’m talking like maybe 1000 words each, there are a few choices that I’d like Tobor to have over the next few parts which means each part is shorter. The silver lining is that you get more parts quicker! (In theory)

    The main reason this one is taking longer is because I’m trying to work out a way for it to all fit together. Like a jigsaw puzzle, I’m working out all the pieces and once that’s sorted, it’ll come together quite fast! I hope I can get the next part out in the next couple of days, and from there I hope I can get like 3 parts out in a short amount of time!

  • edited February 2018

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith
    Part IV

    Tightening his grip on the arakh, Tobor turned his back on Bradon and launched himself down the corridor towards Miro. The boy was scrambling backwards on his behind and hands, sheer fear in his eyes. The guards edged forwards with an assortment of spears, cudgels and swords raised, one guard ahead of the other’s preparing himself to lunge forward with his spear.

    Tobor grabbed onto the collar of Miro and yanked backwards, hard. Miro slid along the floor and collapsed backwards. Before he’d stopped moving, Tobor’s arakh was slicing through the air towards the attacker.

    The razor-sharp blade sheared off the spear head and in a split-second Tobor brought the blade crashing down onto the neck of the spear-holder. The four other guards snarled and shouted at Tobor, huddled together in a diamond formation making it hard for Tobor to attack.

    The guard’s body hit the floor with a thud, leaking red. Tobor scrambled to pick up the spearhead that still had a foot of splintered wood attached, as the guard’s stamped slowly towards him. With his dominant hand, Tobor launched the spear head at the formation, turning end over end as it sailed through the air.

    The guard on the left of the diamond it was flying towards cursed and raised his arm in front of his face in protection, the metal bit deep into his forearm and he yelped. Tobor took the opportunity and leapt at the guards head on.

    He quickly dealt with the man who lead the formation, fending off the man on the right while plunging his arakh into the stomach of the leading man. Taking hold of the man’s sword as it dropped, as the light of the leading man’s life faded, Tobor sliced across with his sword into the cheek of the man on the right. The two men fell to the floor together.

    Two men remained, the man with the spearhead in his arm had taken it out now and clutched his blood-covered cudgel with a fervour and the man who brought up the rear of the, now decimated, diamond structure.

    The man with the cudgel swung it towards Tobor’s face. Tobor leant backwards, leaving his arakh buried in the first man’s stomach and grabbed hold of the wooden weapon. The impact stung and flung Tobor off balance. As he flailed wildly, the last man jabbed at Tobor with a spear. Tobor brought the sword he was holding in a sweeping arc with a flick of his wrist, knocking the spear harmlessly to the floor while wrestling the cudgel with the other man.

    With his sword pointed towards the floor and away from the man with the cudgel, Tobor launched a savage blow with the hilt of the sword. He brought the weapon up sharply, leaving the pommel of his sword to collide with the man with the cudgel’s face. Tobor heard a crack and felt the man’s cheek crumple.

    Tobor stamped on the spear moments later, ripping it from the other man’s grasp as the man holding the cudgel stumbled back, letting go of the cudgel and falling to the ground, unconscious. The man who held the spear growled and jumped at Tobor, grabbing hold of the hand with the sword, cutting off Tobor’s ability to use the steel.

    With all his focus on the blade, the man forgot the cudgel that Tobor now held, which was his undoing. The man was hunched over Tobor’s wrist, trying to steal the sword. So, Tobor let him. As the man straightened up Tobor pounded his face with the wooden cudgel. Blood and teeth covered the floor and the man dropped the sword. Tobor grabbed the man by the throat and beat him again.

    The wood collided with cheek, with bone, with face, sending out waves of noise and blood. Tobor remembered the day he was sold, he’d felt much like this then. But now he had actual power. There was no slave owner to force him to stop, to beat him. The man became Reznar, the one who had caused so much hurt. Then he became Herazal. Then he became Bloodtaker, then the man who had come to kill him in King’s Landing. Every man who had ever wronged him, every single man. And Tobor beat them with that cudgel.

    Then the man became Bradon, the one who had betrayed him. Tobor recoiled, disgusted. He dropped the man who fell against the wall and slid to the floor, motionless. His face was covered in blood, swollen up beyond recognition. A drool of blood fell out of his open, toothless mouth, pooling onto his shoulder.

    Tobor dropped the cudgel. It fell with a wooden clatter on the stone floor.

    Tobor stood, watching the body. His moment of disgust was over. He knew that man wasn’t who he'd seen, it was a guard trying to kill him and Miro. He deserved it. That’s what Tobor told himself. Noise had reduced around Tobor, all that mattered was that body. Tobor studied it, the way the blood dripped and flickered in the torchlight, the way the man’s eyes were dull. Or rather the man’s eye. One eye was so swollen the skin had closed over it, leaving it in darkness.

    Tobor felt a sudden pain on his shoulder, he snapped into action and grabbed at the source of pain. “Westerosi?” Said Amaya incredulously. Tobor was holding her wrist in an iron grip. She wrenched her hand free and scowled at Tobor.

    Tobor remained silent. Amaya frowned, “I see you saved your friend. You are a skilled fighter to best five men.” She said softly. There was something in her tone that made Tobor worried.

    Tobor looked down the corridor towards the arena. Bodies were strewn about the entrance. Most were black, in fact all save one were dressed in black. Tobor saw the one. “Bradon.” He whispered.

    Striding over, Tobor approached the body. Bradon was propped up against the corpse of a man dressed in black, with laboured breathing. There were a dozen wounds covering his arms, torso and legs, but the source of his pain clearly came from the foot of steel in his stomach. A spearhead was so deep in him that all that showed was a foot and a half of splintered wood.

    Bradon’s frightened eyes were locked on Tobor’s as the boy knelt down beside the sailor. “L-little brother.” Bradon coughed, a trickle of blood rolling down from his mouth down his cheek, like a red tear.

    Tobor opened his mouth but no words came out. What do I say? He asked himself. Bradon answered him, as if reading his thoughts. “Y-you don’t need to f-forgive me.” He spluttered. “I did bad th-things. I just hope y-you know I did it for my fam-family.” Every word was laboured and punctuated with a fleck of blood from his mouth.

    Amaya put a hand on Tobor’s shoulder, he didn’t feel pain this time. “When the guards and black men came at the same time, you went to the guards. I grabbed the girl and kept her behind me. Bradon charged to the men, he was very brave. He held them off for some time, but when I began to see he was losing and you were doing fine, I joined the fight.” She said kindly.

    “He took many wounds, and yet continued fighting. I have not seen many better men in the pit. Not many would choose to give their life right away, with no thought of getting me to help, or to run. It is not the instinct of many men.” She finished.

    Tobor looked up at her, why didn’t you help? He wanted to ask. But the words formed only on his lips, and he fell silent. Bradon reached up and with great effort, put a hand on Tobor’s cheek. “I-I should have protected you here. I realise that…” He fell into a fit of coughing which brought a look of agony to his face and a fresh wave of blood from his mouth.

    “I realise that if I’d have helped you, I probably would have escaped here with you. Th-there’s an amount of irony there.” He said dryly. He fell into another fit of coughing. “You’re a good man, better man than I am.” Bradon whispered. “I know you’ll get out of here, little brother. I know you’ll beat the hooded man. I hope you fuck h-him up. And one day, you come back here and you kill Reznar, slowly. That bastard d-deserves it.” Bradon took Tobor’s hand.

    “Whatever you think of me, T-Tobor, remember me as I was on the Stag’s Fury. Remember? Wh-when you drank the whiskey?” He asked. Tobor shook his head, “It was rum.” He whispered. Bradon laughed, a terrible wheezing sound that racked his body with pain. The laugh turned to cough.

    “Just know that I’ve never w-wished you pain. That is, I’ve never wanted you to hurt. I just love my family. A-and that’s not an ex-excuse. My actions can’t be excused, the Father will j-judge me sorely for that. You love your family. You can understand? Tobor? I just want to see my family. I-I love my family. You can understand? Y-you can under-understand?” Bradon whispered, sounding weaker and weaker.

    The grip on Tobor’s hand faded with Bradon’s mumbles of ‘You can understand?’ and Tobor could hear Bradon’s breathing becoming shorter and shallower by the second. Bradon looked Tobor in the eye once more, smiled and spoke. “I hope you understand, little brother.”

    Tobor looked at the ground.

    ["I understand" (Tell the truth)] ["I understand" (Lie)] [Say Nothing]

  • So, this part came together much quicker than I thought it would! Hooray! The shorter part next time means the next one will hopefully be out in 4 or 5 days (he says tentatively). I am pretty confident in this timeline however it does depend on how fast people vote, how fast I actually write it, whether my plan for the next part works in reality. It works in theory, which is always a good thing :D

    So with this part's vote, I am actually really interested whether people understand Bradon's actions, not in the way that I'm asking do you understand what he did, it's pretty obvious (I hope) that he betrayed Tobor far too many times in order to see his family. I'm curious whether Tobor understands why Bradon did what he did, and obviously Tobor doesn't forgive Bradon, but understanding makes a person well on the way towards forgiveness.

    So if more people vote that they think Tobor understands why Bradon did what he did, then Tobor will end up understanding and vice versa. Also if you vote [Say Nothing] feel free to include whether you think Tobor understands with your vote. That will count towards whether Tobor ends up actually understanding in the story.

    So anyways, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the vote decision, things are about to get all Great Escape up in here! (depending on choices that is an easter egg and a teaser for future events, or just a random reference)

  • ["I understand" (Tell the truth)] He made poor choices but Bradon wasn't a bad guy. I'm sure Tobor can understand his actions without agreeing with them. Plus it'd be so shitty to lie to him now of all times.

    So, this part came together much quicker than I thought it would! Hooray! The shorter part next time means the next one will hopefully be ou

  • ["I understand" (Tell the truth)] i think tobor understands

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part IV Tightening his grip on the arakh, Tobor turned his back on Bradon and launched himself down the

  • ["I understand" (Tell the truth)]
    I think he understands that he did those things so he can see his family. It doesn't excuse his actions tho.

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part IV Tightening his grip on the arakh, Tobor turned his back on Bradon and launched himself down the

  • ["I understand" (Tell the truth)]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part IV Tightening his grip on the arakh, Tobor turned his back on Bradon and launched himself down the

  • It took me a bit longer to come up with my vote, apologies for taking so long :)

    Anyways, this was a surprisingly sad part. I did not expect Bradon's death to be that gut wrenching, because I really did not particularly like him after what he pulled on Tobor. However, him dying was definitely not an easy scene to read. He has been in the story from the very beginning, he has gone through a lot, both in terms of events and development and right now as he's dying and having his final words, I can't keep on disliking him. There were times where I did, but this scene made up for it. Still, I believe between him and Miro we picked the right choice.

    ["I understand" (Tell the truth)]

    I agree with Agent here. Having heard his final words and reasoning here, I believe Tobor can understand this. The way I see him, given the right circumstances, namely the stuff Bradon has been through, he could have potentially even acted similarly. At least the reasoning sounds like something Tobor could agree on. So, let's ease his final moments here, make things easier for him and stuff.

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part IV Tightening his grip on the arakh, Tobor turned his back on Bradon and launched himself down the

  • I have to say, I agree 100% with what you’ve said. Even I as the writer did not think Bradon going would be this sad. But as I was writing it I just put myself in Tobor’s shoes, this man who has been with Tobor since leaving Westeros is basically all Tobor has left at the moment. Amaya, Miro, Beast, Mina are all there yes, but Bradon is the biggest part of who Tobor is. A Westerosi. Not to mention that he was like an uncle to him, and yet still betrayed Tobor.

    It is very easy to dislike a character, and yet their death holds a certain retribution for them. Bradon didn’t exactly sacrifice himself for Tobor, as he was kind of fighting for his own survival, but it was in aid of Tobor. I don’t believe Bradon made up for his sins. As the man said himself, the Father will judge him harshly!

    The whole reason I did the ‘Whether Tobor lies or tells the truth about understanding’ is because I personally don’t know whether Tobor does. It’s such a tricky choice for me to make as a writer to make this young, fairly immature boy make this choice so I decided to open it up to all you guys. I’m glad I did, because I personally would have voted for a Tobor to understand, but at the same time I have my doubts. However this does cement it, Tobor definitely understands Bradon’s reasons.

    That does raise an interesting point, if Tobor had been approached by the hooded man and Reznar, and asked to slip Bradon a potion to make him weak in a fight, and to swap his weapon for a blunt one, would Tobor have betrayed him for the offer of freedom and to see his family again?

    It took me a bit longer to come up with my vote, apologies for taking so long Anyways, this was a surprisingly sad part. I did not expec

  • Voting is closed!

    Tobor will say [“I understand”] to Bradon and he’ll be telling the truth. I really wasn’t sure what you guys would think about this, which is why I did the vote for truth or lie.

    As I’ve said before, the next part will come out pretty soon, since it will only be a short part. I’ve actually got most of it done so I’m hoping to get it out tonight or tomorrow, the day after tomorrow at the latest. It will feature the next reader submitted character to feature in the story.

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    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith
    Part V

    “I understand.” Tobor said quietly, almost choking on the words. Bradon’s smile was betrayed by his sad, disbelieving eyes. With a shuddering breath, Bradon’s hand slipped from Tobor’s and the sailor was no more.

    A drip of blood fell from Bradon’s lip as his head lolled back, leaving his eyes to stare glassily at the ceiling of the passageway. Tobor stared at his former friend, the sight imprinting itself on his mind.

    Amaya stepped closer to Tobor, “Westerosi, we must go.” She said sternly, yet not with malice. Tobor obeyed, standing without retort. “We need to take him.” Tobor said softly. Amaya scoffed, “Now is not the time for sentiment, boy.”

    Tobor stared her down, “We need to take him. I’ll take him myself.” He said intensely. Amaya didn’t blink, but she stepped back. “You will get yourself and us killed.” She pointed out forcefully. Tobor ignored her, pulled the spearhead gently out, putting it on the floor and placing his arms under Bradon’s corpse. He heaved and strained, but could not lift the weight.

    “Help me.” Tobor ordered. Amaya rolled her eyes. Miro peeked out from behind her, “We must leave, Tobor. Or we die now.” He pleaded. Tobor ignored them and fruitlessly struggled with the body.

    Amaya and Miro looked at each other worriedly. “Westerosi, we need to go now!” Amaya said harshly, grabbing Tobor by the shoulder and dragging him away. Tobor snarled and leapt to his feet. “Let me fucking go!” He screamed. “I need to take his body, because… because…” Tobor’s words failed him as he searched for a reason.

    “Fuck it, you’re right. Why do I even care?” Tobor said angrily. “He’s merely my only friend in the entirety of Essos, and yet he betrayed me. He stabbed me in the back at every opportunity he had. And when he died just now. I told him I fucking understood. I told him I understood it all. He didn’t even believe me. Maybe he’s right, maybe I don’t understand. If I’m honest, I don’t think I do.” The lie stung Tobor but he continued.

    “After all, why should I understand it? He conspired to kill me! His fucking friend! I-I’m happy he’s dead. He didn’t deserve to live, not after what he’s done to me.” The lies sprang as fast as the angry tears that burned Tobor’s eyes, threatening to spill to his cheeks. “And you.” He said menacingly to Amaya, “You tried to kill me too. In the pit, and you would have if not for Miro.”

    Amaya glared at Tobor, her shoulders bristling like a wild cat preparing to pounce. “That is different.” She growled. Tobor continued, tightening his fists. “You tried to kill me. He tried to kill me too, and look where he is.” Tobor threatened, pointing at Bradon with a quivering finger. “So many people have tried to kill me, I don’t know friend from foe now.” He said incredulously, almost laughing.

    “A pirate, a dothraki, countless pit fighter’s, Reznar, some Westerosi bastard. Some are dead already, but the others. I will find. I will kill them all. Anyone who doubts me is the same as those that doubted me in the pit each time I fight. Wrong. As sure as the sun rises tomorrow, I will make those who wronged me pay.” He swore pointing the spearhead he couldn’t remember having picked up towards Amaya, Miro and the girl.

    Amaya raised her weapon, “Put it down Westerosi.” She barked. Miro stood in front of Amaya. “Tobor, please. We are your friends. You are sad, and I see that. But we help you now.” He said shakily.

    Tobor dropped the spearhead like it was molten metal, desperate to avoid touching it. He staggered back and slammed his back against the wall. “I’m sorry.” He whispered simply. Tobor jammed his eyes shut and laid his head back against the wall, seemingly oblivious to the world.

    Images swirled around his head; a dragon with an antler through the heart, a tower surrounded by a field of wheat, a wolf climbing the tower. Just like in his dreams. In it’s mouth this time, the wolf carried a body. Tobor screwed up his eyes. The body was Bradon’s. The corpse was dropped at the foot of a door. Slowly, the body’s head turned to face Tobor. Bradon’s eyes were sunken into it’s head, and his face was broken. Beaten by a cudgel. Blood dripped down his eyes. “I hope you understand.” It rasped.

    “… Dangerous!” Came Amaya’s voice. “His friend died.” Miro responded. They were arguing, Tobor realised. But what about? Tobor opened his eyes, he felt dizzy. “… care, he will put us in danger.” Amaya snapped. Miro shook his head desperately. “The other slaves see him as symbol. They whisper ‘Arghurys’ in the food hall, in bars, in passage. He needs life.” He protested.

    “I don’t give a shit, Naathi. I’m leaving. You can come with me. Or you can die with him.” Amaya said angrily. Tobor stepped forwards, clenching his fists and digging his nails into his palms. The pain cleared his head. “Amaya you need our help. You’ll die.” He said. Amaya shook her head. “I am not escaping. I will go back out there, help the guards and kill as many of these men dressed in black as I can. I will feel their blood on my blade.”

    Tobor opened his mouth to talk, but Amaya butted in. “Be careful Westerosi. When you find yourself in a journey of revenge, you should begin building a funeral pyre for all your enemies, and one for yourself. You will not survive this path.” She warned him.

    Amaya turned away from him, stepped over the bodies littering the hall and opened the door to the weapons room. The noise of battle raged on beyond the door. As the door began to close, Tobor called out to Amaya. The pit fighter stopped, holding the door but facing away from Tobor. “What is it, Westerosi?”

    “You’re wrong.” Tobor stated. Amaya let the door shut behind her.

    The three slaves ran down the corridor, feet slapping on the cold stone. Tobor lead them, followed by the girl and then Miro. Once the three of them reached Tobor’s cell, the Hightower boy slowed down and stood still, staring at his prison. The door was locked, but Tobor could see the remaining items he owned in this world. A pair of breeches and a white cotton shirt.

    Tobor looked down at his body, his bare chest was covered in blood. A mixture of enemies and Bradon’s. His breeches were sandy and bloody. He wore black boots and that was it. Through his belt was the arakh from the arena, he’d pulled it from the stomach of the guard he’d killed. Blood stained the silver blade.

    As Tobor glanced up at the small window, he thought of Mina and wondered if she was ok. With a jolt, Tobor panickily questioned whether she had caused this. Perhaps she’d been caught, tortured and given up that Tobor knew. Perhaps the hooded man was doing this because Tobor had been selfish enough to make Mina tail him.

    But Tobor hadn’t told Mina about the fight, had he? But would it make a difference? Maybe the hooded man knew anyway. Maybe Mina had nothing to do with this. Tobor’s mind ran in circles, worrying.

    His troubles were interrupted by Miro. “Tobor, we must go. I hear guards.” He said, worried. Tobor snapped out from his thoughts and nodded. He could hear them too, echoing down the hall. “We need to go.” Tobor said softly.

    As he made to continue running, Tobor heard a shout from the far end of the hallway behind him in Low Valyrian. “There they are. Slaves loose!”

    Tobor swore and yelled at the other two, “Come on!” They all sprinted away from the guards. Tobor could feel the hard impact of the stone on the soles of his boots as he pounded down the passageway. His heart beat terribly against his ribcage and his lungs burst as air tore in and out with each breath.

    Miro let out a cry, “Tobor, down here!” And took off down a short side passage, dragging the girl with him. Tobor slowed to a stop and followed. The guards were too far behind to see where they went. The passageway was dark and the three slaves melted into the darkness.

    They watched the troupe of guards run past them. Holding their breaths until the last one passed them by.

    Tobor let out a breath of relief. “That was too clo-“ He was cut off by the cold bite of steel at his neck. He felt a sharp pain at his throat as the steel bit slightly. He felt a warm breath at his ear as the owner of the knife spoke.

    “I’m Sibas the Restless. Who the fuck are you, and why shouldn’t I kill you?”

    Choice 1
    [“I’m Tobor Hightower”] [“I’m Arghurys”]

    Choice 2
    [“I’m trying to escape"] ["If you do, you'll meet my friend The Beast”] [“I’m on the run from the guards”]

  • [“I’m Arghurys”] [“I’m trying to escape"]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part V “I understand.” Tobor said quietly, almost choking on the words. Bradon’s smile was betrayed by h

  • edited February 2018

    [I'm Tobor Hightower] I think it'd be best to avoid the possibility of Tobor having an identity crisis.

    [I'm trying to escape]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part V “I understand.” Tobor said quietly, almost choking on the words. Bradon’s smile was betrayed by h

  • ["I'm Arghurys"]
    It's probably a good idea to introduce yourself as someone the other slaves are aware of and respect.

    ["I'm trying to escape"]

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part V “I understand.” Tobor said quietly, almost choking on the words. Bradon’s smile was betrayed by h

  • ["I am Tobor Hightower]
    ["If you do,You'll meet my friend the Beast]
    Bring the Beast back!!!

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part V “I understand.” Tobor said quietly, almost choking on the words. Bradon’s smile was betrayed by h

  • Oh man, Bradon, the feels :( Still a bit surprised how he ended up at least somewhat sympathetic. Gotta say, it was also cute how Tobor ended up worrying about Mina =) I can't say I'm not worried, but I believe he is overthinking stuff here a bit. The Hooded Man seems to be well-connected and Tobor's participation in this fight hasn't really been kept a close secret, if I am not mistaken, as Reznar is likely to want to use his name to attract a crowd to the fight. That being said, I really hope Tobor is indeed wrong here and that she's fine. She might not be an expert at avoiding trouble, but I have faith in her skills at escaping anything that might come up.
    Finally, that Sibas guy, I am not sure about him yet. I mean, Tobor and his companions just enter a small side passage and he threatens to kill them? I mean, maybe he shouldn't kill Tobor because killing people because they simply enter a small passage is more than just a bit excessive. We'll see about him in the next part, I guess, then I can give more of an opinion on him.

    [“I’m Arghurys”]

    So, I don't think this will give Tobor any sort of identity crisis. It's simply more of a pragmatic choice here. Tobor's real name isn't necessarily common knowledge, he is to the people of the city mostly known as Arghurys. So, if he gives his name as Tobor, Sibas is likely to not recognize him, but maybe he respects Arghurys and will be more willing to cooperate.

    [“I’m trying to escape"]

    I don't think it's all that much of a good idea to threaten the guy who has a knife to your throat. So, trying to escape, that's what Tobor is attempting and paired with him giving his name as Arghurys, Sibas should get a pretty good idea what is going on there. Obviously, we don't know a thing about him yet, but if he is sympathetic to Tobor's goal, he might be persuaded to help.

    Crucial Fights and Tested Faith Part V “I understand.” Tobor said quietly, almost choking on the words. Bradon’s smile was betrayed by h

  • Just a small note on this Sibas chap, just for a bit of context on why he’s immediately gone for threatening Tobor. You have to imagine that with this attack on Reznar’s fighting arena going on, it’s just like for example a prison riot.

    The place is in an utter panic; guards flooding the corridors, slaves have been rushed back to their cells from the eating hall and from service and locked up without explanation. Meanwhile there are rumours of an attack on the pyramid by hooded men, there are whispers of a slave rebellion and there are murmurs of Reznar being murdered.

    Everyone is on edge, not knowing what is going on at all. All that this Sibas guy has seen is three people covered in blood sprint into this passage, and then a bunch of guards run past as if missing them while they hide. He’s gone into defensive mode, as you can never be to careful in the world of game of thrones and decided to take the advantage while he still can.

    Just an insight into why he’s done what he has. I feel that it’s a reasonable (if not violent) response and one that Tobor would carry out had the circumstances been reversed.

    Oh man, Bradon, the feels Still a bit surprised how he ended up at least somewhat sympathetic. Gotta say, it was also cute how Tobor ended

  • edited February 2018

    Voting is closed!

    Tobor will say [“I’m Arghurys, I’m trying to escape”]

    I like that the vote has gone with Arghurys. To me, it says that Tobor is actually coming to terms with himself as a pit fighter. We’ll see how that progresses in the story. Who knows, maybe Tobor will stay true and honest, but when you call yourself Arghurys you start to believe it. And Arghurys is hunter, so Tobor may start to believe it.

    I was leaning towards predicting the escape as well. I didn’t think that on the run explained the situation well enough to a stranger. Also, Tobor isn’t the most intimidating figure, threatening the guy holding a knife to your throat when you’re a 15/16 year old kid isn’t going to do much, regardless of if he’s heard of the Beast.

    The next part will show the aftermath of firstly, what happens with Sibas and secondly, the aftermath of what happened in the arena. The place is still very much on high alert and pretty chaotic. I haven’t started writing yet but it may well end up being a very short part as there is quite an instrumental choice that will occur quite soon in the time after this last part.

    Now, in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for submitted characters. I always love submitted characters as it brings a bit of a new dimension to them, as you guys can spend more time on each individual character whereas I, with so many characters I need to come up with for the whole story, end up skipping over their backstory as much.

    The sorts of characters I would need are some such as these examples below:
    -Sellsword soldiers
    -Sellsword Captain
    -Westerosi Knights
    -Westerosi Common-folk
    -The family of the head of a house (I already have the Lord, so I'll need his wife, children, brothers etc.)
    -An Ironborn Captain and a couple high ranking soldiers for him/her

    Any ideas at all would be awesome, if you aren’t really sure if I could use one of your ideas just shoot me a message saying just a small bit about their backstory and where they are, then I’ll let you know if it seems like it will work. Then if you want, using the link on the first page submit a longer version with more detail I can put into the story.

    Looking forward to it!

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