Fabletown Lounge (potentially new forum)

Hello there,

as some of you may already know, we've had a talk with some of the TWAU vets from this sub about preserving our little fam and letting it thrive after this forum eventually closes. We've come to conclusion that hosting a new forum might be a decent idea, so we could have a place to potentially migrate to after Telltale's site shuts down for good. Of course we don't want to pull anyone away from this forum for as long as it stands, but I thought it would be good to share the link to our newly established forum ahead of time so if anyone wants to hang around you'd know where to find us (some of the regulars from this sub are already there): http://fabletownlounge.com

I did my best to make the new place as cozy and comfortable as possible, so there are multiple color layouts to choose from, a liking system for posts (tho the total likes counter on the profile does not work properly as of now, however I'm working on a possible solution), all the usual stuff like quoting ,spoiler tags, PMs, embedding youtube, twitter etc., multiple ways to set up your avatars including Gravatar, direct upload or gallery and more - all of it is in order so it shouldn't feel too far off.

Of course we designed it to be a place where both Fables fans and TWAU fans could band together, so there are categories for both plus some extras. Again, I don't want to pull anyone away from this forum by any means but if you'd be on board for keeping our little TWAU community alive, then the registration is now open to public and I invite you to join and perhaps bookmark the link for the future.

That's all from me for today - have a nice day!

PS. Gonna tag some veterans just out of principle @RammsteinFürImmer @LukaszB @JJwolf @DragonButter @GreatWhiteWolf1 @MetallicaRules @TheZorkij @JamesDalton1995 @freelancepolicefan11 @MasterStone @thedreamcatcher @leatherwolf89 @KCohere @pudding_pie @Acheive250 @HazzatheMan @Pipas @CoolGuyJ @Blind Sniper @Poogers555


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