We want Game Of Thrones Season 2 REVIVED !!!

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Hello everybody and Happy New Year !! Just finished playing Season 1 for the third time . I wish so badly we hear some news about Season 2 !!! All GOT community crave for this game,now after the show ending,we have to feed on something . The release of Season 2 will have a massive impact ! Let's gather here to show the developers we are still interested in this game !



  • I feel like they could have told more about the North Grove. I liked the Forrester house family story. But since the last season of the TV show was ruined, there is no hope for Season 2. Iron from Ice.

  • Dia 21/09/2021 e estou jogando pela 5° vez GAMEOFTHRONES. Sonho pela segunda temporada desse jogo :( espero que em breve tenha a 2 temporada.

  • Yes all 6 of us

  • We 100% do

    no we don't

  • shhhhhh

    captainivy1 posted: »

    We 100% do

  • Yeah man, I know how you feel after finishing the game with a big plot hole. I couldn't stand that feeling and I even began to write the rest of the story for myself! But what can I say they no longer have the rights to this series and currently working on TWAU 2, maybe in near future they aquire the rights and start developing season 2.

  • Kevin Bruner saying Game of Thrones 2 is in the works right after S1 wrapped knowing damn well HBO ain't renewing

  • Game of Thrones Season 2 is nothing but a dream which will never be true.

  • Off topic but I like how I said only 6 of us want GoT 2 you get exactly 6 likes lmao

    captainivy1 posted: »

    We 100% do

  • Heh, yeah. Tracks with the original post and my first comment in the thread too. Only 6 of us still resides here :(

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    Off topic but I like how I said only 6 of us want GoT 2 you get exactly 6 likes lmao

  • I don't mind lending my support on this dream. Even if it is a distant dream.

  • Have not been around here for such a long time...
    But even if it is out of respect of the time we all shared thanks to this game,my support would of course be absolute to any rebound or continuation.

    Iron from ice,from what seems hopeless comes strength.

  • How Martin Luther King say: I have a dream! that have a season 2 of game of thrones telltale . :smiley:

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