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I figured this place could use a puzzle thread seeing that adventure games contain many puzzles. I'll get this started (I've got work now but will return in roughly 6 hours to resolve actions. I've also got some riddles to post too. :) )

I gave this puzzle to a group I've been DM'ing. The people on the forum might like this one.
You find yourself in a small room. The voice of a small child fills the room

"There is one way out
But you can't get the key
The treasue is for you but the real fun is for me"



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    a good classic:

    What does man love more than life,
    hate more than death or mortal strife;
    That which contented men desire,
    the poor have, the rich require;
    The miser spends, the spendthrift saves,
    and all men carry to their graves?

    The man who made it didn't need it.
    The man who bought it didn't use it.
    The man who used it didn't want it.

    He who makes it does not keep it.
    He who takes it does not know it.
    He who knows it does not want it.
    He who gathers it must destroy it.
    What is it?
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    Uhm, take the axe, smash the glass box, get the key, use it on the door? :) Or does the key not fit the door? (is there just one solution to this?)
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    you try and take the axe but it won't move. It appears to be rusted to the armor.

    that would have been too simple :p
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    Pick up the wooden chain and smash it against the glass?

    Pick up the chest ans smash it into the glass?

    Pick up the marble statue and smash it into the glass?

    It seems that I enjoy smashing glass. :) A hint, maybe? (I've never done one of these puzzles before!)
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    everything seems to bounce off it with little effect
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    There's a key hidden in the chandelier. You just have to work out how to make a high pitched noise.
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    not quite. but a good idea.
    think of it like an adventure game. You actually have to do things to solve it instead os saying what you would have to do in theory =P
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    I'm looking at a large number of objects in a room, many of which don't seem to be any help in solving the puzzle. Is there a lot of information we're not given to start with?
    Is it designed to be a sort of "interactive puzzle", where we ask or try things and you give a response of some sort?

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    There is nothing saying that "one way out" is referring the door.

    > Check under the bed?
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    Under the bed you find nothing but cobwebs
    You open the chest and there is a screw driver and hammer inside
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    The plot thickens...
    OK. Well, I try to unscrew the case to retrieve the key. Failing that, I attempt to use to use them as a hammer and chisel on: The door lock, the case, and the hand holding the axe.
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    you start to wonder how the key ended up in there since there isn't a lock on the case and there doesn't seem to be anything to unscrew.
    you try and get the axe free with the hammer and screwdriver. (not quite what I had in mind but sure why not)
    After some hard work you manage to get the axe free.
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    Stand on the chair and use one of the various things I now have (screwdriver, axe, hammer) to release the bolt holding the chandelier up.

    Then check the shattered remains...
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    You stand on the chair but it breaks under your weight.
    When you try and stand on the chair with the cushions a voice says
    Mommy says no standing on the cushions
    and you feel a force push you off
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    I examine the small object that appears to be under the glass case.
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    this isn't a pixel hunt. =P The objects are the ones listed.

    *that mark is the signature of the artist
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    I use the sharp axe to cut the rug and look underneath.

    (Can you tell I like destroying things yet?)
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    the rug is nailed to the floor. for some strange reason it does not cut with the axe.
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    I suppose the door and the case are made of axe-resistant materials?
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    yes they are
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    pick up the shells and pebbles from the fountain and throw them at the chandelier to release the key.
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    small bits of glass off the chandelier fall to the floor
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    hint: almost all items in the room can be used to get new items or used to get out
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    Put the fish in your ear. :D

    Check under the pillow / mattress of the bed?
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    when trying to grab a fish you find an oyster
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    Open the oyster.

    If it won't open normally then use the hammer/chisel.
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    Put the screwdriver in the keyhole. Hit it hard with the hammer. Or if that dont work, hit the bottom of the door hard with the hammer.
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    the door holds when you try hitting it
    you manage to open the oyster using the hammer and screw driver. Inside is a black pearl
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    Man. Allright so logic is out, it has to be something more ellaborate.
    Did anyone try just opening the door?
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    abdallah wrote: »
    Man. Allright so logic is out, it has to be something more ellaborate.
    Did anyone try just opening the door?

    The image says "A locked door through which you entered", so I guess that means you can't. But don't think anyone has actually suggested trying it yet!? :confused:

    Ok then.....err......check the statue of the snake charmer for somewhere to put the pearl?
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    There isn't a spot for pearl for the preal.
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    I take the hammer and the chisel and screwdriver and pry loose the bolt, bring down the chandelier, and see if there's a key
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    Try everything on everything.

    There, I solved it ;) :D

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    I'll give you a hint.
    You use the hammer to pry off the nails off the carpet you now have some nails.
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    Use a nail to pick the lock of the door!
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    the lock is too complex to pick with nails
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    ok so this thread crashed and burned a bit. The puzzle wasn't as fun as it looked in the book.

    Anyway here is what to do next. Use the nails from the carpet on the bed to make a bed of nails. Put the snake charmer on the bed of nails to activate the snake charmer who plays the flute to make the carpet rise. Then when you can use the axe on the rope to cut down the chandelier that everyone wanted to get to. Search the remains of broken glass and discover a diamond. Use the diamond on the case to cut out the key. Exit room.

    Alternate solution to the axe. Use the oil from the lamp to loosen the axe.
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    Here is a fun puzzle we did in AI class. Have fun.

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    A random article I found while on google about designing puzzles. Thought the people here might find it interesting (no I haven't read it all myself yet but it doesn't look bad at first glance)

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    Back with another puzzle I found on digg. Fun stuff. Check it out.

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