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    More a riddle than a puzzle:

    You throw away the outside to eat the inside.
    Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside.
    What is it?
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    is it some sort of fruit?
    you throw out the outside because no one wants the skin and eat the inside
    but then you eat the outside but you can't eat the inside because it is the core or pitt of the frut.
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    Not a fruit. You'll have to be more specific. You're close, though.
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    how about an animal like a chicken.
    you throw out the outside (feathers)
    eat the flesh
    throw out the internal organs and bones.
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    You know, that's close enough. It wasn't a very good riddle.
    The answer I was looking for is corn. But yeah.
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    That riddle is quite old but still fun to think about. Like many riddles there are a few answers that work. ;)
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