What Jurassic Park means to you?

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I thought I'd start this little thread, so we can all share our fond memories of the first time we saw the movies and what made us a fan.

Since I stared this thread, I'll start out.

I first heard of Jurassic Park, when I was about 8 years old, I forgot what movie I was going to see, but I remember seeing the yellow poster in the front window of the theatre and asked my dad what movie that was...well he didn't quite know, so we took a trip to the book store, and she expained it was about dinosaurs and that's all I needed to hear.

June 11th 1993 is when I first saw the movie and have been inspired by it ever since.


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    I was too young when I watched the movies, so I only vaguely remember them.

    However, whenever I hear the name of JP or see the logo, I remember those awesometastic Jurassic Park themed Cheetos (shaped like dinosaurs) I was LOVING when I was little. I always smell corn and spice whenever I see the logo, seriously.
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    Nothing special but i liked that for the first time dinosaurs looked kind of real and Sam Neill was in the film. TT related we might witness the beginning of the homo sine lobus frontalis?
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    I first saw JP when I was 8 years old in 1996 and going through my aunt's VHS collection.

    The things I loved most was the set design, the vehicles, and Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. It was the movie that first got me interested in dinosaurs and I remember many a Sunday morning getting up to watch Bonehead: Detectives of the Paleo World along with Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures.
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    life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...
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    I watched the movies, yeah, loved them, think I had pizza the first time I watched Jurassic Park. Long ago. We played with the toys, the dinos. I made plenty of dino-ramas for school, boxes with make believe dino stuff going on.

    I got dino toys from garage sales. We went to museums and exhibits to see dino bones and that was fun...

    Science center, etc etc...

    My brother really loved(s) JP.

    I grow up with the movies, saw them in theaters...

    I do not consider myself a fan boy. We watch JP one often, but not religiously.
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    Although I'm not a particular fan of the Jurassic Park movies these days (not that I don't enjoy watching them from time to time), I do remember being on holiday in New York and watching the film upon its US theatrical release during 1993. At 11 years of age, it was an intense experience. The special effects blew me away and rather interestingly, to this day are still far superior than most modern film's "special" effects.

    So, there was a period of my childhood where I obsessed over getting all of the toys (I loved my Jurassic Park jeep) but by the time the sequel rolled around and I was long since back in the UK, my interest had waned. By far the most memorable experience for me was having watched the film in New York, some two days later I spotted Steven Spielberg walking through Chinatown (wearing his Jurassic Park cap no less). That was awesome, though I now wish that I'd asked for an autograph.
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    I was too young when it came to the theatres, but when it came out on VHS I saw it the first time with my parents and some friends and was totally blown away. Since then I was a Dino-fanatic, collecting Toys, readin books and watching the film over and over and playing every game I could get my hands on.

    I remember being totally scared and excited when seeing the T-Rex outbreak or the kitchen scene, it was like an adventure every time seeing the movie, this really shows how much of an experience a movie (or a game) can be.

    The Lost world was then the first JP-film I was excited over from the first time it was announced (I remember seeing a poster in a cinema and how thrilled I was) till I finally saw it, although even as a kid despite really liking it, I knew that it wasnt nearly as good as the first film. By the time the third came out, I wasnt that thrilled anymore (thankfully). But still the first film is one of my very most important childhood memories!!!
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    I went to see it with my father, he doesnt watch movies and still doesn't, this was one of the few times he took me to see a movie and one of the only times I can remember, possibly the last... The only other time I can remember him watching movies with me was once when I was really sick he sat down and watched all three star wars movies back to back and made me steak, it had to have been boring for him.

    I would have been 12 or 13 we went to this really really ancient theater the kind that had a balcony and a little lounge area for when movies used to have intermissions. The sound in the theater literally shook the walls and the seats it was an amazing experienced, its something that even to this day with modern digital equipment has not been duplicated.

    The movie itself had me at the edge of my seat a term thrown around way too often, but certainly applies with this film, one of a very short list I feel applies, maybe it was the new at the time special effects but I will always remember the T-rex attack as one of the most intense moments in cinema.
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    I went opening day with my papaw. I was six years old and Jurassic Park was easily the most frightening thing I had ever seen. I don't remember as much of the movie as I do getting up and running to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the movie was playing on most of the screens in the theater and I could hear roars and screams coming through the air ducts. I was terrified and loved every moment of it and am still in love with the movie. I'm currently working on Jurassic Park sleeve on my right arm. The majority of outlines are complete and some of the color. But, there is still a lot left.

    Growing up I wanted to be a paleontologist, but I more wanted to be Alan Grant. This was a main part of my childhood and still a huge part of who I am.
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    I think it brought about a sense of wonder about life without humans. It also made me obsessed about animals in general.
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    it means a lot for me: at first its my favourite movie.. and than it rememebers me my childhood
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