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Got Netflix?

Here are some things you should watch between now and release day. I have seen all on this list and can personally recommend them.

Jurassic Park 1-3 (duh obviously)

JP 1

JP 2

JP 3

Jurassic Fight Club..
despite the corny name this series of documentaries are fantastic... the scientists use scans and evidence found at the sites of digs to figure out how some of these animals died... they do brain cavity scans and they tell you what some of these dinosaurs were capable of...

Walking with dinosaurs

Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Special

Chased by Dinosaurs: Three Walking with Dinosaurs Adventures

unfortunately not on netflix

Dinosaur Planet

When Dinosaurs Roamed America


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    I doubly agree with JP1-3. If you not familiar with the series it will help you out a lot.
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    Oh BTW... some of those are instant viewing... so I would suggest if you do not have netflix do a free trial and watch some of it for free as early as tonight.
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    I can now also recommend

    Clash of the Dinosaurs

    This one is pretty cool.... sure they re-use a lot of the same CGI footage over and over but the info gained is pretty awesome.... some of the best stuff about their brains skeletal structure and the way they hunted and why.

    Plus doesn't this look familiar?

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    Omg i actually thought the first image was from the game
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    Yeah when I watched that ep I was like... hmmm I wonder if who ever animated that pit in the game was inspired by this ep... BTW in the Documentary that fight ends pretty gruesomely but not in the way you would expect.
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    Does it stab the T-rex in they eye?
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    LOL yes actually. But not so much on purpose, it just ended up there after the Rex pulverized the horn she was getting fresh with.
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    Double posting like a fiend.. But I wanted to bump this thread because I found the T-Rex versus Triceratops vid online from the documentary that is.... AWESOMENESS FOLLOWS
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