Download sent to my PC or disc?

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I recently reserved the Jurassic Park game for PC because i did not want to wait for the fall to get it for the console. I have a few questions that i hope you guys can help me with. 1) Is the download for the game sent to your email address? or when the game comes out will it be in my games under my tale account that just links me to the game? 2) Can i play it on any PC or just one because its a download? 3) Do i receive a disc version at the end of the season?

Thank you for your time! Lets hope this game is worth it!!!


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    1) When the game releases, it will be listed under 'My Games' on your Telltale account where there will be a link that, when clicked on, starts the download directly to your computer.

    2) You would have to re-download the game onto another computer using your log in information in order to play it on another computer.

    3) Yes.
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    Q: What about my free DVD?
    A: When you buy the game, you get the season DVD.
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    Thanks alot really i appreciate it!!
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    Wait... So I preordered the game, and after 5 season they will ship a DVD worldwide?
    No. Shortly after the season ends, pre-orders will open for the DVD, at which point you'll have to go into the Telltale store, add the DVD to your cart, and proceed through checkout. The DVD will have a price of $0, and you will only pay for shipping.
    Ah, there we go, seemed to good to be true. :)
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