Should Jurassic Park The Game have a season 2?



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    Of course, a 2nd season of the game would be great but please : change the game play !!!
    the JP universe is so huge to explore and PS3, X360 provide bigger capacities....
    I think it's a good idea to stay on the JP1 movie story.
    Why not a mix of a Doomlike/Uncharted Gameplay in the park ?
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    Tone down some of the cornier moments with actual science-rooted discussions as seen in Chricton's books (less Dr. Sorkin... basically). I liked the interactive movie aspect and though the story, in general, did a good job of capturing the spirit of the series. The mix of wonder and terror is imortant, and no one else has really nailed the tension. I might suggest ditching the weird frame-based navigation for more traditional adventure game character gameplay though, it was kinda awkward.

    Also, for the love of all that is holy, no more generic guy names. Please. No more Billy's. Or Timmys. Or Suzies, etc. This goes triplicate for supposedly hard-core merc murderers. I was actually ok with the QTE emphasis myself, since it helped keep things looking cinematic, but I wouldn't mind if they were de-focussed and instead focus was placed on the puzzles, with the QTE sequences becoming cutscenes instead (or leave it as optional for people who want to watch hilarious death scenes).
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    Yes, it should be.
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    I want to see a completely new story that takes place after the events of all the movies kind of like a jurassic park 4 starring Jerry Harding, Sarah harding, Jess Harding, Nima and Jeff Goldblume! :D not sure if thats how you spell Goldblume but, what evs :cool:
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    They should have made this story into a film. I think the game is brilliant.even with the few glitches.I would love to see a second season come out.since the game is the beat thing to happen to the franchise since the second film.
  • No the game for me just wasn't memorable. But who knows with the success of Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, maybe they can create a better experience.


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    NO game not too good for season 2 unlike wolf among us and the walking dead and Tales of Monkey Island atleast these 3 games will prosper and many will play for good storyline

  • YES, part 2, please!! I've been waiting for so long to play Jurassic Park similar to that. Maybe I'd wish to have an open world to explore; but I would be very happy with a similar version, too!!
    Don't listen to such bad comments like in here, some people aren't happy with anything, they are criticizing everything, but don't see how much work is in it. In my opinion, you did a great job and it's a great game, where I can feel back to the first part of the film! I like to play it very often and I'm looking forward to a new game part!
    thanks, go on like that

  • Yes it should, the game is awesome.

  • I think they could have a sequel from the lost world following Anjay who somehow escapes the raptors in the tall grass and meets the characters from tresspasser trying to escape the island (my vote is yes)

  • Also maybe some decisions

  • If Season Two is anything like Season One, then No.

  • sim,por favor o a segunda temporada seria muito legal,e seria muito bom se tivesse a continuação com os mesmos personagens que teve na primeira.

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    YES it would be great to have a 2nd season

  • I definitely want a season 2 of Jurassic park because this game has a lot of potential
  • I hope so! I'm a huge Jurassic Park fan and though the first was lacking a bit I still very much enjoyed it. They need a new writer for it though, same person who worked on either TWD or TWAU would be amazing. My opinion is bias I will admit because anything that is Jurassic Park I will find a reason to like it, if they made a season 2 I would buy it in a heartbeat but I would expect a lot more coming from Telltale, they had something with JP to begin with but they only partially executed it in the first one I think, the music and all was there and it did look and feel like Jurassic Park but the heart and soul of the original was not there and that's what I felt as though we were promised. I do want this to happen though, just need a better writer, no offense. It was good...not great and after playing through these other titles by Telltale I expect greatness because these guys are geniuses and with JP being my all time favorite anything lol, I just want to see it done justice.

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    Cmon surely jp made enuf money to warrant no 2 with the new Jp world out next year u can make a killing

  • Maybe it's an idea to have Season 2 tie into the release of Jurassic World? like a prequel game? or perhaps during the movie.
    I would spare no expense to get the full deluxe edition of the second season as well, just as I did for the first; it has a ton of goodies and awesome stuff, so I really hope they'll do it. I mean, with 10 pages of replies to this, and so far the most comments are pointing to a "yes!"

    What I am hoping for is 2 things; either return to Nima, Jess and Gerry, or, like before, base it off a small background character without too much backstory. Rooting it into the JP universe is a HUGE plus.
    Also; I would love to see a Stegosaurus in the next game, or the Ptera's. So much potential is there that I get pumped to even think of it.

    Has anyone considered discussing with Telltale to start a kickstarter for it? It might be the little motivation they need.

  • I interviewed Joe Pinney when the game was still released for a radio show I was doing and, at the time, he said they were tossing around the idea. I still really hope that TellTale is considering it. While the gameplay itself wasn't great, the story (as is with nearly all TellTale's work) was exceptional. I still consider the game the BEST JP [story driven] game out there, and would be absolutely ecstatic if TellTale were to ever announce a season two/another JP game of some kind. Personally I'd love to see a story telling of the evacuation of Isla Sorna, but really I'm sure that TellTale could think of any kind of story and it'd be awesome.

    With Jurassic World around the corner, and them seemingly accepting the game as canon ( has a few nods, I think, towards a few events/details in the game) I hope that it's a big booster to TellTale to go forward with another quality game. I understand that right now the TellTale people are probably super busy doing GoT, TWD, and other titles... but I hope they go back to JP. At this point the type of gameplay they were testing out in JP has been perfected by TWD in my eyes. All the issues they had should be gone. If a JP game from TellTale came out with the mechanics and storytelling level of TWD... I think I'd cry.

    Please, please I hope they do a second game of some kind. Even if it was a short one (ala the 400 Days add on) I'd be happy.

  • There should never be a second season to this "game"! I LOVE Telltale! The Walking Dead is my favorite game of all time! But Jurassic Park is the WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! It sucks on SO MANY LEVELS!

  • So... was it bad because it had the title Jurassic Park, or centered around that universe? Or was it the game play? Most people complain about the game play, which- okay, I can kind of understand. But TellTale has obviously perfected that style of gameplay with TWD so... I don't understand why shouldn't they have a second go at JP knowing that they can correct the mistakes of the past? Just because people think the first game wasn't that hot doesn't mean the second game can't be improved upon.

  • I would love a Jurassic Park game but it should be different than the first one, It needs to be reinvented, Maybe on Isla Sorna or they could do a tie in with Jurassic World, I think there's a lot of potential but they have to re invent it, and change it from the first one, Even if it's a long time, I would love another game as long as it's different.

  • I would love for this game to come out for ps4! I'm glad more games are crossing over to ps4 for telltale games, love the way they are formatted and definitely looking forward to more seasons of this game!

  • Yes, no doubt.

  • Yes, of course I want.

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    It definitely needs a season 2 preferably with a connection to how you finish season 1 like the walking dead has so it can tell who is still alive so they can use Nima jess Gerry and Marquita with what happened previously though it would need to have the same characters making it tie in with Jurassic world by having those 4 go to the island to see if its actually safe or they went because they they thought would be safe and wanted to see what it was like maybe for jess's birthday or something like that

  • Yes. Also Maybe once in a week theme resort where fans can visit, for a realistic feeling! Part one of the game had some of the best voice acting, and amazing grammar.

  • @kainloki2000
    I can just imagine a (by that time 60+) Gerry talking a 36 y/o Jess. "Jess, you remember how I took you to Isla Nublar when you were a teen, right? all the fun we had there? ...well, since it's your birthday, I thought, let's go there again~" that'll go over all too well. I can also imagine Nima as this grumpy old lady constantly droning on about how they ruined the island.

    personally, if you're going tie it into JP:TG, you will probably need to leave the older generation of characters at home. but Mariquita might be a good idea to put next to Jess in this story :P

    It definitely needs a season 2 preferably with a connection to how you finish season 1 like the walking dead has so it can tell who is still

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    Yes, I would love for a second Season to happen, so Telltale...please consider it.

    I know the chances are slim to none, since the first game was not well received, but with Telltale's new technology Season 2 could actually be a pretty good game, removing issues of the first game (bad gameplay, mediocre graphics, almost no decisions, too many QTE, inconsistencies with canon) and keep the good things (good story, interesting characters).

  • weird question, especially considering the time passed, but what inconsistencies with the story? you mean after what happened in Jurassic World, because the original JP and JP:TG don't really have any inconsistencies, the only plothole being in the very beginning where Jess and Gerry see Hammond's guests in one of the jeeps, which should've been a tour-vehicle. And even that is just barely an error, since it's only the wrong kind of car and has no impact on the story whatsoever.

    Yes, I would love for a second Season to happen, so Telltale...please consider it. I know the chances are slim to none, since the first g

  • I highly suggest you read through this

    enter link description here

    That article is not yet influenced by JW. Obviously, with JW there's the plot hole in the game where Isla Nublar is supposedly napalmed like in the novel, which doesn't happen in the movie universe. If you can overlook that, then you can still somewhat make it canon...but it's really pushing it.

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    weird question, especially considering the time passed, but what inconsistencies with the story? you mean after what happened in Jurassic Wo

  • I would love for there to be another season. Maybe this time on Jurassic World. Having the same characters would also be nice so you could see where they got to in the years between. If a second season was made, I hope it is made bigger and better than the first for the long time between the two.

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    Sure. I think it would be an interesting concept if taken to light.

  • I think they should make a Season 2 for both Back To The Future and Jurassic Park even though I haven't completed BTTF yet and haven't touched Jurassic Park at all. It would be nice to see them with the new style of telltale games.

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    This game had one of the best TT stories thus far. I liked all of the characters, except for Sorkin, yet she was believable. The scenery and levels were very well done and scary. The dinosaurs were very detailed and scary. I'll list what I didn't like about this game.

    1. The QTE moments were rarely programed well. I love QTE moments. I was first introduced to them in 2005 with God of War. In this game they were poorly done almost 80% of the time. The analog should never be used in a life or death QTE moment. The analog isn't as reliable as a single button. Some of the QTE moments were odd as you had to wait until the button prompt was glowing before you could correctly press the button. I've never encountered this in any other game. Some of the QTE moments were just annoying. The worst was the bare handed fight in episode 4 as I had to replay that fight at least ten times.

    2. I didn't like playing as every character in this game. We should have only been allowed to play as Gerry (The veterinarian dad) and Nima (The female mercenary). They are similar, yet different, and would provide the player with a sense of a dad trying to protect his daughter and a mom trying to build a future for her daughter. The problem with playing as everyone is that at QTE moments, I didn't know who I was going to play as while the cutscene was ending. As a result, I'd fail a QTE moment.

    The game would have been better had those two themes been incorporated.

  • I would love a season 2 for Jurassic Park. Maybe what they could do is take elements from the Lost World book by Michael Crichton, like Biosyn coming to Isla Sorna before InGen does, possibly to get the dinosaurs for their own sinister purposes. I said this before elsewhere, but maybe some differences from the book could feature the return of Jess and introduce us to Nima's daughter Mariquita. Also to me it seemed that a romance was blooming between Doctor Harding and Nima, so I think it would be fun if we could see where that went. Even if Jess and Mariquita aren't stepsisters, I think it would make for a fun relationship if the two of them acted like they were sisters. Maybe Dodsen could appear as a main antagonist.

    Also, I think it would be a great opportunity to introduce some dinosaurs that were featured in the book like Maiasaura and Carnotaurus. I just thought of this, but maybe they could also tie in a plot line revolving around the mystery of the Spinosaurus, like finding a hidden lab that was dedicated to creating the creature, as well as files as to why InGen created this dinosaur, and whether or not Hammond approved of it or if it was something the company did behind his back. Maybe make the Spinosaurus creation a tie-in to some of the InGen plots from the Jurassic World film(s). But that's just my thoughts.

  • I think it would fit because now they have released Jurassic world so they could continue with new characters and a new story line.

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