Should Jurassic Park The Game have a season 2?



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    I think it would fit because now they have released Jurassic world so they could continue with new characters and a new story line.

  • If we completely (or mostly) ditch the constant QTE nonsense and had a solid script in place before going forwards it might work. Aside from the terrible gameplay issues that plagued the original game, the writing felt rather weak especially in the final episode. On the other hand, I really don't know where they could go unless they drop everything from the previous game, characters and all, and went for a fresh take using the Jurassic World setting. I mean, the question of what happened to the embryo can was always something that my family would bring up when we discussed the original film and now that's kind of been dealt with. I can't really think of any other questions that've been burning regarding the other films.

  • there should be a second season to the story i liked the first season i would like
    to see where the next part goes for Jessica harding and her father
    whether Jessica still causes trouble for her parents whether she still steals stuff
    or whether she still smokes or not if she does do we actually get to see her
    smoking from start to finish also find out if nima and her daughter stayed with
    them or find out what they been up to or just find out what nima's been up to

  • I think if they do a sequel they should use Lewis Dodsen as the main antagonist. He was featured more prominently in the books, and after his appearance in the film he just sorta disappeared from existence. Same with Biosyn. So much potential

  • Yes I would like a season 2 but moreover reading through this thread I can’t help but feel like most of you are kids or some shit. I’ve read some dumb shit online but damn. Some of these posts give me a headache.

  • I don't think s2 would be a smart financial move.

    However, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom releasing around now, why not update the graphics of the first game and release it on consoles and pc. I'm sure just making the QTE's smoother, fixing a few animations, and upping the graphics would sell and not cost too much.

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