Today is my Birthday...

DanHDanH Telltale Alumni
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...and I'm having trouble coming up with a good birthday wish. Any suggestions?


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    world peace? bone comics? sam&max comics? some obscure adventure game from ebay? a quality dvd box? some nice music? whatever you're interested in?
  • DanHDanH Telltale Alumni
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    Well, world peace would be my choice. But we all know that I don't have enough birthday karma to pull that one off.

    I enjoy all the things you mentioned apignarb. I'm just having trouble with my wish because the ones I had lined up came true before I had a chance to blow out my candles.

    First it was to work for an exciting game company, then I was considering to wish for the successful completion of Out From Boneville, after that, I figured I'd wish for Telltale to get the Sam 'n Max license, but they all came true before my birthday.

    So now I open it up to you clever folks in case this wish comes true as well. Make it a good one!
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    I guess you could wish for LucasArts to just hand over all of it's adventure game licenses and materials to Telltale. But I'd hate for you to waste a wish. Better go for that world peace one. That one will probably happen sooner.
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    I thought you were shopping for present ideas. But if a wish is the case, I tend to go with things that I believe are accomplishable. And if you already got those outlandish wishes granted, I'd try hard not to push it any more. How about just a backrub, or something else small that makes life worthwhile :)

    Or since we're at the Telltale site, why not wish that they'll break into the mainstream with the CSI game, sell bucketloads of that, and keep us supplied with a steady stream of quality adventuregames every other month for say... a decade or two to come?

    Happy birthday by the way.
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    Cake. Lots of cake. A mountain of cake. Or the rebirth of Adventure games as more than just an obscure genre which everyone whines about being dead. Although cake seems more likely. And I really like cake.

    Happy Birthday
  • DanHDanH Telltale Alumni
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    Thank you for the well wishes!

    Apignarb, I went with your wish (the last one) I guess I better get back to work and make it happen.
  • HeatherleeHeatherlee Telltale Alumni
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    My wish is that it would be Daniel's birthday at least once a week so his fiancee would come back and bring us more cupcakes!

    (Those were some goooood cupakes!)
  • DanHDanH Telltale Alumni
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    Don't forget about the helium... that's some good helium!


    Happy Birthday Franki!


    yes, my birthday and my fiance's are 2 days apart, and if it wasn't for her, Telltale would have never gotten through the sugar crash of '05.
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