The Walking Dead Meme and Fun Thread (Mobile warning)

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A place to share Memes and spread fun in this community :)

Please, try to give credit / share source

Let's be creative!

Edit: I wanna say thank you for brighten my mood every day, over and over.

How to post images (courtesy of Milosuperspesh):

  • Upload image to photo bucket or imgur (or use the address/URL of the picture)

  • Once you have the link, post in the comments and then either highlight the address and click on the tab that looks like a landscape.

  • Copy and paste the address/URL as it is into the text box.

...or just post the link in that box instead of posting it in the comments

Mod Announcement - Sept 3rd 2018

Hey all! Friendly reminder - Forum Guideline 1.3 says

Avoid posting content that is obscene, gross, violent or otherwise NSFW. Also avoid discussions of topics that lead into controversial or inflammatory discussions such as politics or religion.

We're getting tons of reports of people flagging creepy posts, with people ironically linking to gross fan fiction (and/or weird memes) related to sex (obviously not the normal kind if you're picking up on the tone of this announcement). We've deleted posts up until now but we may start banning people for discussing creepy stuff, even in the context of shock humor as opposed to genuinely liking it.

Please try to keep the meme thread a somewhat clean and "Safe For Work" place.

If you ever stop and have the urge to post memes/fan fiction links/etc commenting about weird types of sex, then - in the words of McDonald's Spokesperson Micheal Jordan (I think he also did something else) - "Stop it. Get Some Help."



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